In this article I will talk about the types of PANDORA charms and bracelets — this information will be useful primarily for beginners who do not quite understand the difference between charms, clips and separators, what they are for and what is better to choose.

Bracelets. The most popular and most practical is the silver bracelet — the basis of PANDORA SILVER BRACELET, 590702HV. It is quite durable — at least for me, no matter how much it clings to different objects — it never torn. There are its variations in gold and bicolor. There is also an option in oxidized silver, but it is not very good in operation — the blackening quickly peels off. The classic clasp of the bracelet is a barrel-shaped latch, there is also a Pandora bracelet with a clasp — carabiner.

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The hard bangle PANDORA BANGLE is also very popular, it looks very impressive on the hand. Bangles differ from each other only in clip-on fasteners.


PANDORA LEATHER BRACELET leather bracelets are very popular, especially since their large range of colors allows them to be combined with any clothing. Such bracelets undergo a special treatment that protects jewelry from scuffs and wear, but you need to be careful and try to avoid water — so the bracelet will last longer. There are bracelets for 1, 2 and 3 turns around the arm, in smooth leather and wicker.


Textile bracelets, in my opinion, will suit young girls and girls — very gentle and cute.


How to choose your bracelet size correctly here.

Charms — (beads, charms, pendants for a pandora bracelet) come with thread (screw on the bracelet) and without it — openworks. Charms are silver, gold, bicolor (silver and gold), with stones (natural and artificial), charms are pendants. Their diversity is amazing and it is possible to describe them for a long time.

Charms are chosen according to certain associations that they evoke, or simply according to mood. There are whole series of charms: travel, family relationships, animals, zodiac signs and much, much more. The most inexpensive are the silver openwork charms. Prices start at $25 per charm.


I like very much charms with enamel — look unusual, with such bright patches on the bracelet. At first, I was wary of them — I was afraid that the coating would be unstable, but I was pleasantly surprised — the enameled charms proved to be excellent — nothing peeled off for a long time of wearing (almost without removing) — the workmanship is pleasantly pleasing.


Murano — beads created using ancient Italian technologies of manual processing, cutting and coloring of glass. These charms amaze with a variety of patterns and an ever-growing assortment. If you want to build a themed bracelet in a specific color key, this is a great place to start. I advise you to buy them in pairs or pick them up in similar colors — it looks more harmonious on the bracelet.


Very popular lately faceted murano — they are bright and juicy — they attract the eye and create beautiful accents on the bracelet. Each of them has about 70 facets — a delicate and beautiful work of masters. Also available as pendants.

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Clip-on stoppers — a special type of beads designed to separate and secure ordinary charms on a bracelet. The clips are snapped onto two thickenings (threads) of the bracelet, thereby dividing it into 3 parts. This makes it possible to fill the bracelet with charms evenly section by section, preventing the rest of the pendants from moving freely. They come in the form of charms and pendants.

If you want to wear clips on a leather bracelet or on a bangle bracelet, where there are no thickenings, then you should use special silicone stoppers for clips.


Security chains (connecting) — put on a bracelet and, if it is accidentally opened, do not allow the bracelet to fall to the floor. But, to be honest, I have never had a case for the bracelet to open — the lock is very reliable. I would consider the connecting chain only as a beautiful element of the bracelet. They come in different lengths, as well as in the form of charms and clips.


Separators — small narrow beads, more like small rings. They are used as decoration elements when creating a bracelet, to shade and highlight large charms and pendants, or to fill free space on a bracelet if a regular charm does not fit in this space. There are silver, gold, with stones.


According to materials: all charms and bracelets can be purchased in gold, silver, bicolor (a combination of gold and silver) and rose gold (Pandora Rose), a great alternative to gold, at least for the price.