Stylish accessories that can transform a woman’s image are properly selected jewelry. Regardless of whether a woman follows fashion trends or dresses in accordance with her own style, they emphasize individuality, express mood, taste, describe the priorities and advantages of their owner at the current stage of life, perform the role of an amulet that brings success.

We will talk about what types of women’s jewelry exist and how to choose them successfully in this article.

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<h2 dir=What is the effect of correctly selected types of jewelry?

Certain types of jewelry for women or men can create an atmosphere of uniqueness. It is not for nothing that great style icons of the last century, as well as modern stylists, often say that a woman can be recognized by her attitude to accessories. Their presence or absence will tell in detail about:

  • does she like to be the center of attention;
  • self-confident;
  • prefers simplicity and minimalism or her world is created by retro fashion, luxurious, stylishly aged vintage jewelry.

The neckline, wrists, ears and face are extremely elegant places that feel great in the company of a pearl necklace, a reflective bracelet, a ring with a precious stone or earrings that subtly emphasize the color of the eyes. They can completely change the look of even a modest plain dress, plain blue jeans and a white T-shirt.

What are the jewelry for women?

The most popular names of jewelry and bijouterie:

  • Earrings — models on a pin, with thread, English, French, Italian clasp. Most women choose small screw earrings every day, and large decorative or dangling earrings are worn on important and solemn occasions. Ladies who do not have ear piercings usually replace traditional earrings with elegant clips.
  • chains, necklaces, necklaces, necklaces — one of the most popular types of neck jewelry for men and women. They are worn alone, in combination with a pendant or pendant. A wide selection of different weaves and shapes means that wearing such accessories can have a symbolic meaning that only the owner knows.
  • Bracelets from precious metals or plastic. Often worn on the wrist, but also on the ankle. One of the most popular models are charm bracelets — small pendants of various shapes.
  • rings of gold and silver with precious stones are more often preferred by older women. Young girls choose not only large plastic models, but also wear several different rings on their fingers and toes.
  • Watches — the type of jewelry that has changed the most in recent years. Previously, the most important parameter when choosing a watch was its functionality. With the advent of mobile phones, their appearance has become more important because they replace bracelets.
  • piercing — the general name for the types of jewelry worn in the nose, mouth, tongue, eyebrows, navel, nipples, and private parts.
  • Hats — hoops, wreaths, crowns, tiaras, diadems, hairpins.

The dictionary states that costume jewelry is the name of women’s and men’s jewelry made of inexpensive materials. Bijouterie and jewelry earrings can be dangling or small. Necklaces are divided into short and long necklaces, chokers, various types of collars and collars.

What jewelry to choose for women and girls of different ages?

A huge assortment of jewelry with different names makes it difficult to choose them, especially for a gift. A dilemma often arises: whether to bet on silver, gold, wood or plastic.

Many women have special preferences, so there is a risk of making a mistake in the choice. A win-win option is to give similar models to those who wear them often or even every day.

In their youth, girls buy mainly inexpensive, but bright and noticeable accessories. Voluminous necklaces with butterflies, dots on bracelets and earrings in the shape of cats are a great way to add a little relaxation and humor to the image. Schoolgirls and students will be happy with original and stylish jewelry — long earrings with tassels in boho style, a chain with a pair of pendants or a bracelet with pendants that can be changed depending on the mood.

The older a woman gets, the more importance she attaches to the design and symbolic meaning of jewelry. Then personal shopping becomes more thoughtful and conscious. As a gift, they receive jewelry from loved ones only on special occasions: birthdays, engagements, weddings, and her anniversary.

For many women, the first and only jewel in life is the diamond on their engagement ring. Previously, it was believed that rings with a small stone were intended for virgins, today this is no longer relevant. Many women like modest models of jewelry. Sometimes earrings made of white, yellow, rose gold are added to the everyday set. They are a universal gift if a girl or woman has pierced ears.

Some ladies like to give themselves such gifts: on the occasion of promotion, they buy watches, earrings or the ring of their dreams.

Those who prefer to stick to the typical classic forms can opt for fashionable transparent necklaces and earrings. This type of women’s jewelry gently reflects light and adds shine. Lovers of luxurious traditions will surely be glad to see the return of colorful brooches, which disappeared from fashion for several years and are now back in trend.

Names of jewelry for certain clothes

Women’s jewelry accessories can be an excellent addition to clothes. A large watch and a simple silver bracelet go well with chinos, loafers and a shirt.

Exquisite pendant earrings with Swarovski crystals or cubic zirconia and several large rings will effectively complete the evening look with a lace dress and stilettos.

Determine which jewelry you like the most, choosing the appropriate ones by name, design, style and color range — and you can create a universal set. Its elements can be worn separately, combined with each other and with clothes made of different materials.

For those who love pearls, the good news is that even lace, angora, wool, silk are combined with it. It can be safely worn with a cardigan, velvet or business skirt, woolen pants. Pearls look especially stylish in combination with cubic zirconia, which gives the products a noble and serious look.

Modest jewelry in a metal frame — earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants made of silver or medical gold — are combined with dark blue, gray or black business suits.

Chains of various weaves and necklaces are selected according to the shape of the collar of shirts or blouses, according to the neckline, but they can also be worn with sweaters and put on over a turtleneck. They look original in combination with flared or pleated skirts, boots or ankle boots.

Previously, it was not customary to wear silver with gold, but today it is permissible to combine products from both metals, made in the same style.

Plastic bracelets, necklaces and rings have become a hit in recent years. They are inexpensive, light and practical, and their original shape or color can add character to the whole style.

Wood products are also an interesting option. They are very light, often painted by hand, which makes these parts unique. This type of jewelry is more suitable for summer, when you do not want to overload the image with unnecessary accessories. Light products will not cause problems when removing and will not cause irritation and burns on the skin on hot days.

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