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“And turtles, of course, all turtles are free, perhaps all creatures should be like turtles. »

Be inspired by the peaceful creation of deep blue, the magnificent sea turtle.


Whales, dolphins and sea turtles swim together in the Pandora Ocean, the theme of the Summer 2020 Collection. Released as an online exclusive, the Pandora Summer 2020 Collection is only available for a limited time.

The pinnacle of the Pandora Ocean Summer 2020 collection is the stunning Pandora Murano Glass Sea Turtle Dangle (798939C01), which is already a hit with fans and is on sale.

Like many other Pandora fans, I adore the beauty of Murano glass. Pandora expanded their creativity and for the first time created a Murano glass charm, embodied in its design.

A large Murano glass bead forms the main part of the Murano Glass Pandora Turtle Charm (798939C01). Its sapphire glass case perfectly reflects the color of the sea.

A beautiful filigree pattern with an intertwined love heart adorns the back of the Murano glass sea turtle. When light passes through the azure glass, it creates a delightful shimmering effect.

Tiny beads form the claws on the silver flippers of the sea turtle charm, and its dainty tail peeks out from behind its beautiful glass shell.

Blue crystals of aquamarine and ice green alternate on the base. And of course, Pandora’s signature «S925 ALE» logo is engraved on one side of the base.

«I felt that time was a great sea, and I floated on the back of a turtle, and no sails obscured the horizon.»

Janet Fitch

My first Murano Glass Sea Turtle Styling (798939C01) is a beautiful seascape theme, with a limited edition Seashell Clasp leather bracelet (598951C01) forming a turquoise line on the horizon.

Forming a splash of color in the centre, the Murano glass sea turtle is flanked on both sides by the Seahorses (798949C00) and Starfish, Shells and Hearts (798950C00) openwork pendants. Sparkling clear Pavé lugs (791817CZ) complete the design, while their silicone grip ensures the charms stay in place on the leather bracelet.

Style 2: Sun, Sea and Sand

“Maybe I’m a turtle, able to live just about anywhere, even underwater, for short periods, with my house on my back. »
Kurt Vonnegut

“When it’s over, we’ll go to the rainforest, or the pyramids, or the bone-white beach.
We’ll eat grapes from the vine, we’ll swim with sea turtles, we’ll walk miles of cobblestone streets.
Let’s laugh, talk and confess.
We will. »
Jody Picult

“The beach is in our blood. Everyone in our family instinctively returns to the beach like sea turtles. »
Sandy Archibald

The Pandora Murano Glass Sea Turtle Charm (798939C01) is perfect for both bracelets and necklaces. My second style emphasizes its versatility and is set on the basis of the letter O pendant (398296) and the classic silver curb chain (590515) .

Murano Glass Sea Turtle, along with the Starfish Pendant (398945C00) and Iridescent Palm Tree Pendant (791540CZ), the amulets represent the three S’s to make the perfect stay; sun, sea and sand! The Shining Cowrie Shell charm (798131CZ) pierced through the chain of the necklace adds a stylish note to the design.

«Stay a little and learn the secrets of the seahorse…»

A charming symbol of eternal love, more powerful than the tides.


The Pandora Summer 2020 collection is my favorite summer collection to date. Aptly named «Pandora’s Ocean», the collection is full of adorable sea creatures. Including Pandora Seawork Horses Heart small seahorses (798949C00) .

Released as an online exclusive, the Pandora Summer 2020 collection is only available for a limited time. In many countries, it will only be available until July 29, 2020. But we will have it available later!

The intriguing little sea horse captures the imagination, reminiscent of the mythical creature of antiquity. I have been fascinated by these tiny seahorses since childhood. Consequently, the Pandora Seahorses Heart charm (798949C00) was easily caught in my shopping cart!

A pair of seahorses adorn both sides of the Pandora Seawork Horses Heart Charm (798949C00) . Rope detail forms a heart shape around a pair of seahorses and a tiny starfish on the charm’s band.

A circular disk hangs at the bottom, engraved «WHEN WE HAVE EACH OTHER» on one side and «WE HAVE EVERYTHING» on the back. This is an appropriate and wonderful feeling, as they say that seahorses mate once and for life.

The openwork Seahorses Heart charm has classic Pandora quality with great attention to detail. The wave design adorns the top side of the charm, while the dark oxidization on the inside adds depth.

Pandora’s standard ‘S925 ALE’ sterling silver badge is clearly engraved on one side of the Seahorses Heart openwork charm.

Style: Sea friends

“There is a little seahorse in the warm salt water, which is like a tiny gymnast doing somersaults on an invisible mat.”

Jennifer Keats Curtis

“Seahorses have one mate for life. Every morning they come together, dance, change their color, wrap themselves around with their tied tails, and then separate for the rest of the day. »

“When a seahorse finds a mate, they wrap their tail around each other so that the wave does not separate them. »

The Pandora Fishnet Seahorses Heart (798949C00) charm is perfect for illustrating the relationship of Ariel and Eric in the Disney classic «The Little Mermaid». Decorated with a sparkling Mickey Disney x Pandora Moments (590731CZ) bracelet, this style symbolizes the love between two «Mates of the Sea».

Our favorite mermaid sits quietly in the center of the bracelet on the Ariel & Seashell Dangle (791895EN111) with Green Miniature Edges (791499SGQ) and Ocean Mosaic Pavé Ball (791261MCZMX) charms on either side. Next to the Openwork Seahorses heart mirrors in the shape of the heart Pandora 2016 Club Charm (791912D).

Also from the summer collection 2020 are the sweet Shimmering Dolphin (798947C01) and the pretty fishnet Starfish, Shells & Hearts (798950C00) charms. Along with them, Ariel’s Signature Color Murano (791641) charms provide shine and color. Vibrant teal and turquoise enamel details on the Disney The Little Mermaid Flounder (798230ENMX) and Ocean Life (792075ENMX) charms add an extra pop of color.

My verdict on the tracery charm of Pandora’s seahorse hearts? This is a friend for life!

«Adventure is out there!»

Embark on an epic adventure with the incredible Disney x Pandora Up House & Balloons charm.



Disney’s «On and Up» Charm Charm Flying House with Balloons (798962C01) was released as part of the Disney Summer 2020 Collection.

This is a very popular charm, because. it’s been ready to be bought since we first looked at the official images, it’s also my favorite charm for 2020!

Pandora Disney Balloon Flying House (798962C01) bright and colorful, the hot air balloons form the main part of the charm. One side of the charm is embossed with the famous quote from Disney Pixar’s Up, «ADVENTURE IS HERE».

Carl Fredricksen’s house hangs under balloons and takes off on magical adventures. The house is a major part of the On and Up cartoon and is iconic in its striking design. Despite being small, Pandora managed to beautifully recreate Carl and Ellis’ colorful home, complete with porch and bay window.

«Pandora» and «© Disney» tags are engraved on the back of the roof on the Up House & Balloons Charm (798962C01) .

Different shades of enamel are applied to the balloons by hand: blue, tangerine orange, pale gray, bright green, purple. Scattered among them are plain silver balloons that obscure the Disney Up House & Balloons Charm.


“I really want to be with you and by the sea, where we can freely communicate and build our castles in the air. »

Inspired by the ever-changing ocean, this Murano glass charm captures the beauty and power of deep blue.


As a big fan of Pandora Murano pendants, I’m fascinated by recent Pandora glass pendants. In addition to the stunning Murano glass turtle (798939C01), the Pandora Summer 2020 collection also features a new Murano glass charm. Pandora Wavy Dark Blue Murano Glass Ocean Charm (798938C00) perfectly embodies the rolling of the sea.

Released as an online exclusive, the Pandora Summer 2020 collection is only available for a limited time.

As with many Pandora Murano pendants, Murano Ocean Ocean Charm (798938C00) wavy dark blue glass varies in color when viewed from different angles. The blue black core creates a dark background comparable to the deepest depths of the ocean floor. And yet, when viewed from an angle, the glass looks like a cold translucent blue.

Tiny bubbles appear all over the Wavy Blue Murano Glass Ocean Charm, suggestive of hidden aquatic life below the surface. While shards of iridescent glitter sparkle in the glass, reminiscent of nature’s bioluminescence.

Soft dimples create a wonderful texture on the surface of the wavy dark blue Murano Ocean Charm, reminiscent of ripples on the water.

The usual sterling silver Pandora ‘S925 ALE’ and ‘PANDORA’ hallmarks are engraved on one side of the wavy navy blue ocean Murano glass charm. Like most Pandora Murano pendants, the wavy navy blue Murano has a threaded core.

The Pandora Summer 2020 collection is absolutely stunning!

Style: Deep Blue!

«My soul is full of longing
for the mystery of the sea,
and the heart of the great ocean
sends an exhilarating impulse through me.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Look at this sea, girls — all silver and shadow and a vision of what was not seen. We could no longer enjoy its beauty if we had millions of dollars and diamond ropes. »

Lucy Maud Montgomery, Ann Green Gables

«Listen, now listen to the sailors cry,
smell the sea and feel the sky
let your soul and spirit fly.»

Van Morrison The Mystic