What will change even simple clothes and everyday hair styling? Jewelry! Stylish earrings are in fashion in 2021 — bright accessories in the maxi version, shimmering in different colors.

Jewelry manufacturers are competing to create ever more beautiful and original designs. Earrings made of silver, gold, with pendants, voluminous rings, cuffs — in 2021 you are sure to find something for yourself. Check out the current jewelry trends in this article.

The main features of fashion for women’s earrings 2021

Everyday jewelry trends do not undergo such dynamic transformations as creations on the catwalks, but designers try to make changes consistently, both pampering models of past seasons and presenting new items with an element of surprise.

The reality of the pandemic has turned the world upside down, and most of our lives are spent online. Events around the world have led to a change in priorities, values ​​and habits, including shopping habits, which have moved into the digital sphere. Travel and youth parties have turned into virtual walks.

Jewelers faced a difficult task — to create such jewelry that will make you want to wear it, even spending most of your time at home at the computer. After all, over time, more and more people are moving to remote work and communicate with each other via video conferencing. Such virtual meetings are most often accompanied by close-up shots from the shoulders up, which gradually resulted in the need to decorate the ears with spectacular earrings and necklaces. There was even such a term as «Zoom Look» — a view from the waist up.

Our mothers and grandmothers have always said that it is impossible to combine gold with silver and accessories from other materials. This is considered bad manners. But the zoom bow, these prohibitions no longer apply. You should forget about the unwritten rule «the less jewelry, the better.» No need to limit yourself and your desires. Trends are favorable — the most fashionable jewelry in 2021 is XXL size items (see photo). They are colorful, spectacular, and therefore have an attraction for the eye, attention and magical power.

Earrings of the current 2021 are long and heavy, and bracelets are those that will successfully replace cuffs, you can safely wear several necklaces at once.

After all, the hottest trends in jewelry are:

  • shine,
  • femininity,
  • big sizes,
  • unusual shapes,
  • layering.

This is a whole art, the development of which requires time and patience. This requires a sense of style and an artistic approach to the combination of various jewelry elements. But believe me: the result is worth the effort. Be sure that if you master a few simple principles of combining jewelry, you will no longer sit in front of the mirror for hours, carefully trying on one accessory after another in search of the perfect combination. It actually makes it easier to complete the look and creates a trendy style.

Tiny studs with stones and miniature stud earrings are no longer in trend in 2021. From now on, massive models with beautiful ornaments are favorites. An interesting trend is to wear mismatched i.e. different earrings.

Asymmetry returns again: the combination of a small broach and a large earring on one ear or on different ones is normal. It is also fashionable to wear a single, but spectacular earring with a half-ear hanging.

A novelty in jewelry will be colorful geometric stones that will slowly replace classic beads, of course, they will appear in the only possible combinations, that is, in combination with gold and pearls.

Earrings and other jewelry related to the style of the 70s and 80s have become trendy again in 2021. Then bright extravagance reigned in fashion. Girls and women wore large, massive and spectacular accessories of original forms — large hanging flowers, abstract geometric ornaments in the form of inserts with precious stones, models in the form of screws and pins.

What earrings are trendy in 2021?

Pearls in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes are once again a hit. As before, in 2021, large stylish reversible round earrings, including asymmetrical ones, are in fashion. They will always draw attention to your face and make you stand out from the crowd, even when worn with a simple T-shirt or turtleneck sweater. By purchasing several pairs, you can wear them all year and look phenomenal.

In her collections, designer Simone Rocha showers her models with pearl jewelry from head to toe.

Chanel and Albert Ferretti were inspired by the sea. It doesn’t end with being on the wave. Beautiful and stylish and what is under water. Hence the popularity of jewelry made of shells and pearls.

Swedish fashion house Acne Studios once again attached pearls to striking gold hoop earrings in 2021.

In the trend, in addition to pearls, wealth is classic and timeless multi-colored Swarovski crystals. They attract attention with their radiance and shimmer brightly with the reflection of the reflected sun.

What earring shapes are in fashion in 2021?

After decorations in the form of eyes, hands and other parts of the body, it’s time for hearts. It’s hard to find a more romantic spring/summer 2021 jewelry trend than heart-shaped pieces. Remember Dior pendants of this shape hung on thin gold chains in the late 90s? This year, the French Isabelle Marant adorned them with hoop earrings.

Y/Project offers a stylish new 2021 round snail earrings that are paired with sporty bomber jackets.

Good news for those fashionistas who love congo earrings. They go with almost any outfit.

Earrings are considered the most fashionable in 2021 — huge circles that even reach the chin. Both classic thin rings and massive, thick circles.

Hanging earrings do not lose their relevance in 2021.

Fabulous long models, decorated with flowers, for the coming seasons, were presented to the world by the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, asymmetric earrings — Valentino.

Whether you choose circles, squares, flowers or crystal garlands, you will look great. Some models can even reach the shoulders. They look fantastic with short hair. JW Anderson, Simone Rocha, Paco Rabanne are dominated by large inserts with pearls, iridescent stones, metal with a clear “mint” texture, feathers and ear cuffs with a chain over the whole ear.

Trendy earrings in 2021 — what materials?

  • Silver. But instead of miniature models with cubic zirconia, you should choose original, large jewelry with diamond, ruby, turquoise, which will make sure that no one passes by you indifferently. An interesting alternative to classic silver is oxidized or rhodium-plated silver with an aged effect. Openwork earrings and a ring paired with a bracelet and choker add vintage sophistication to the look.
  • Gold. This year, stylists recommend betting on jewelry with large stones or original-shaped models. Big, streamlined hoop earrings, timeless Victorian models with natural gemstones in beautiful shades of pink, blue and green will be relevant. These earrings look especially elegant in combination with a gold bracelet and an elegant necklace. Thanks to this set, you will look presentable even in ordinary jeans and a T-shirt.
  • Jewelry.Plastic clip-on earrings used to be considered gaudy symbols of the 80s and 90s. In 2021, they return in a new look and live up to the expectations of women. Their main advantage is that they can be put on and taken off at any time. This type of jewelry is an ideal accessory for all kinds of sweaters and turtlenecks. Models of irregular or geometric shape will emphasize the everyday look, while slightly longer ones will perfectly complement our evening outfit.
  • Earrings in boho and ethnic style — drops, wings, crosses, fringed tassels, decorated with feathers, beads and ties. They are combined with both folk outfits and regular jeans.
  • Punk Earrings and grunge from palladium, titanium, surgical steel. We are talking about black jewelry, as well as gold or silver earrings in the form of studs or spikes.

As you can see, the choice is huge. You will definitely find something for yourself. If for some reason these trends do not suit you, remember the classics. She never goes out of fashion. You can successfully wear your favorite models of earrings that you have collected in your jewelry box or order your favorite new clothes in our online store. Choose the ones that suit you and your character, considering them as an addition to that part of the wardrobe that is fashionable and appropriate for the season.