Modern women’s watches are the highlight of the image, an expression of individuality, style and character, a kind of visiting card of the owner. They are once again at the peak of popularity — this is one of the main fashion trends among decorative accessories in mid-2021. Stylists, designers and fashion couturiers predict that it will not only move into 2022, but will dominate the next 5 years. What women’s stylish watches in 2021 are most in demand among stylish business women, glamorous ladies and just women and girls who love high-quality and stylish things — read in this article.

The main trends of fashionable women’s watches in 2021

This year, bracelet watches are still in fashion, richly decorated with crystals both around the circumference of the case and on the dial itself. But the most fashionable women’s watches of 2021 are XXL models with a gold strap or men’s style. They are called «boyfriend».

An interesting trend was the triumphant return to fashion of products in the Art Deco style and with an unusual indication of the phases of the moon and the starry sky on the dial. In spring and summer, minimalist models in pastel colors were in favor, in winter — dark ones.

However, in street style, now fashionable women’s watches 2021 should be noticeable, especially their large 3/4-width wrist cases. Again, girls and women are happy to wear watch combinations with bracelets and straps. Not necessarily on the wrist, that is, on the arm, but also on the sleeve of a sweater, blouse or glove.

The main trends of fashionable women's watches in 2021

Classic fashion watch for women 2021

Aside from being considered a prestige accessory or piece of jewelry, the main focus of this and the next fashion season will be on its functionality, readable numbers and wearability.

Casual wearers should choose trendy women’s watches with a medium or large case, a simple dial design, in light or dark, muted colors, with a leather strap. They will look stylish and appropriate everywhere — at work, on a walk, shopping or in a restaurant. If the work is related to the formal style, then the aforementioned classic is the best solution that is not subject to the main seasonal trends. In a few years, it will look as good as on the day of purchase. Just out of time. This is a profitable investment.

However, the classic look does not necessarily mean that the greatest convenience in a watch will be only with a second hand and numerals (Arabic or Roman).

If you like modern solutions or need them in everyday life, this is not necessarily a phone or tablet. A novelty of recent years is women’s watches with many useful functions or with partial smart properties (hybrid), or the smart watch itself. Through Bluetooth connection, the smart watch will automatically synchronize the time with your smartphone, alarm phone calls, remind you of appointments, etc.

Those who are physically active should choose a more sporty option. Then the best solution would be models with rubber or silicone straps. They are usually equipped with a stopwatch function, lights and waterproof protection, which allows you to swim at a depth of less than 50 m. A designation like «30 m» does not indicate depth at all! In practice, this means resistance to accidental wetness in the rain. 50 m gives resistance to immersion in water, bathing in a bath, but diving to a depth in such a watch is not recommended. Only at a mark of 100 m can you confidently swim, and 200 m — scuba dive.

Fashion watches for women 2021

The main fashion trends of women’s decorative watches

Decorative watches are the solution for those women who do not like a lot of jewelry, but prefer to wear one element that subtly emphasizes their femininity. If they are to be strictly decorative, then additional functions are not taken into account when choosing them, but only the effect that they create in combination with clothes and bracelets.

In 2021, women’s watches are again relevant with the addition of precious stones on the rim, strap and on the dial itself, which is not always well read. Such decorative products have a dual functionality. They replace or complement jewelry.

Luxurious models of women’s watches in the prestigious fashion of 2021

Previously, status accessories were considered the prerogative of men, but this trend is increasingly noticeable among women. For them, too, brand awareness and the latest first-class design have become the main ones. Trends in this area have always been dictated by luxury brands. They most often focus on what is associated with the Swiss watch industry — on the demonstration of traditional craft methods.

Luxurious models of women's watches in the prestigious fashion of 2021

What women’s watches are now in fashion in terms of functionality?


Quartz or battery movements have been popular since the last century. They are easy to recognize by the jumping second hand (smooth rotation is the lot of mechanical models). They are relatively accurate and don’t need to be wound, but it’s worth using good quality batteries so you don’t have to change them every year.

Classical (mechanical) — are divided into mechanisms with manual winding and automatic. If you don’t like hand-wound models, which are characterized by smaller or larger deviations in readings, you should pay attention to automatic movements.
This type of watch draws energy from wrist movements. The obvious condition for their good work is regular wear, and in some models additional winding or the use of a rotomat. This is a timer placed in the drum. It rotates around its axis with given cycles. This winds up the drive spring, which keeps the movement running continuously. A self-winding watch rotates a rotor that stretches the mainspring as the hand moves. If you don’t wear them, they will stop on their own after a while. In the latter case, resetting the timer on its own can cause malfunctions in the mechanism.

Solar mechanisms and their more advanced Eco-Drive versions from renowned brand Citizen can generate power from any source of light — natural or artificial, bright, dim, even weak — to keep the watch running without the need to change batteries. They are normal enough to wear a watch on your wrist — they will be charged using light. After being under sunlight for 8 hours, the mechanism will work for more than six months. The power saving feature in total darkness allows the clock to run in the background. Time is still accurately measured, the clock is activated after catching the first rays of light and shows accurate readings.

Envelope and shield (frame)

The most popular are round envelope mechanisms. But they make rectangular, square, oval and non-standard shapes. Usually envelopes and shields are made from the same materials as bracelets. On the back cover (or buckle) of some models, an engraving or logo is applied if the watch is branded, corporate or purchased as a special gift. Watches with a rectangular or square case have a geometric shape that attracts attention, they are fashionable this season and stylists predict that they will be popular for a long time.

Strap or bracelet

Elegant belt made of leather or eco-leather. This is one of the most convenient options. It is suitable for both work and everyday wear. Doesn’t snag or tear clothes. If necessary, it can be easily and quickly changed to another. But the leather strap has its drawbacks:

  • he doesn’t like water
  • absorbs sweat
  • discolors easily,
  • may need to be replaced after 2-3 seasons.

In addition to leather, belts can be made of silicone, rubber and carbon fiber. When choosing a watch strap, the shade is important, which should be as close as possible to the color of other items of clothing. A brown leather watch strap, combined with the color of a handbag, trouser belt or shoes, will make the image harmonious.

A bracelet is the best solution for those who need a stylish accessory. It is durable and has a variety of designs. It is made from stainless steel, titanium, mother-of-pearl, plastic or ceramic (light and very durable).
Among the interesting women’s solutions for the 2021 watch in the photo in many fashion magazines is a chain option or a ribbon tie.
Models with leather straps are suitable for work. With chain bracelets — for going to the theater. Sports — for a trip to the mountains.

Dial color

A dark blue or sky dial will add casual and versatility to your look. Pastel colors — powdery pink, mint — will add lightness and romance to the set. A black watch is an addition to both minimalist and glamorous styles.

Additional functions

These are the options that allow you to measure additional parameters:

  • alarm;
  • automatic backlight;
  • stopwatch (chronograph or tachometer);
  • seal;
  • dual time (electronic scoreboard plus classic dial);
  • altimeter, pedometer, calorie counter;
  • heart rate monitor;
  • Moon phases;
  • annual calendar;
  • EOL (End of Life) is a function of an electronic watch that informs about a low battery charge. It manifests itself in the fact that the second hand moves less frequently (for example, every 4 seconds for 4 seconds);
  • GPS navigator;
  • Eco-Drive — a system that allows light to pass through the watch face and be converted inside into energy that powers the watch;
  • rotating bezel (rim) hours;
  • fashionable women’s smart watch — many possibilities after pairing the watch with an iOS or Android device. Activity and sleep monitoring, camera shutter release, motivator, silent night mode, GPS, weather forecast, cloud storage;
  • Alpha GEL — increased resistance to shock and vibration;
  • antimagnet.

Some tips for using and caring for your watch

Do not expose your watch to extreme temperatures, especially extreme temperature fluctuations. Do not store them in a place subject to magnetic fields, such as near a radio, TV, computer or smart phone. Putting the clock on the refrigerator is also not a good idea.
The mechanism of non-waterproof models may be flooded with water even when washing hands.
If a watch with a battery is running low or running late, it may be due to a dirty mechanism. Clean metal bracelets and waterproof envelopes with a toothbrush and soapy water, then dry with a soft cloth. Avoid alcohol-based cleaners, solvents, and household chemicals that may damage the material or fasteners. Every few years, the mechanism needs to be cleaned and lubricated with fresh oil when the display shows an indication error. In the case of expensive watches of well-known brands, it is best to do this with an official watchmaker.

Now you know what are the best watches of 2021, how to choose them, use them and how to care for them. Check out our catalog, choose your favorite model and place an order with delivery throughout Ukraine.