Pandora is famous for its wide selection of 925 sterling silver jewelry, as well as a variety of gold plating in various carats. In the assortment of the brand you can buy Pandora bracelets, charms, pendants, rings, chains, earrings, clips — stoppers, as well as connecting chains. Today I’ll tell you what the connecting chains are for and outline the Top 5 most popular of them.

What are Pandora Link Chains for?

All the owners of the Pandora bracelet faced the problems of its daily use, which consist in opening the bracelet somewhere on the street or at home, as well as when removing it from the hand. Pandora charms that are strung on a bracelet often fall out of it. Thus, they can be lost due to your carelessness, or simply corny, this phenomenon is not convenient in everyday use and constantly stringing them. You need to be very careful that all the beads are strung on and do not “run away” from your accessory. To solve this problem, the company has released connecting chains, which are divided into collections according to their style and coatings. These connecting chains are designed to fix your charms on the bracelet. They are placed on both sides of the bracelet latch, which are interconnected by a chain. The purpose of the chain is to hold both ends of the bracelet in order to keep the charms on the bracelet. Since they are long enough, you can easily put on a bracelet. In the closed form of the bracelet, the chain will hang from the hand. For a better understanding, see the pictures below. And now, the Top 5 most popular connecting chains.

Most Popular Pandora Link Chains

The first place is occupied by a protective chain with the inscription “Pandora”. This is a classic discreet version of the connecting chain, which is characterized exclusively by 925 sterling silver and Pandora branding. The decoration is suitable for business women or those who do not like any decorations.

The security chain with the “Pandora” logo is in second place. Characterized by 925 sterling silver. Her charms are stoppers covered with two lines of stones that sparkle beautifully in the sun. The charms are also engraved with the company logo.

The third place will be given to the security chain “Elegance” from the Pandora Rose collection. If you are the owner of a Rose bracelet or charms from this collection, this option is for you. A very delicate, rich pink pleasant color chain, the charms of which are covered with zirconium stones, which are chaotically densely placed. This connecting chain is universal because it can also be combined with a silver bracelet.

Fourth place — connecting chain chain Pandora “Pavé”. As far as we know, the company owns Pave-themed charms and bracelets. Pave is a charm — a ball, which is equipped with stones. Pave balls can be of different colors.

And finally, an honorable fifth place is taken by the connecting chain Pandora “Raindrops”. A casual, in my opinion, connecting chain that will suit any — the design of your bracelet. Charms — stoppers are characterized by an ornament.

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