Today’s post I want to devote to the topic of earrings from the well-known and beloved brand Pandora. The company presented us with a variety of earrings that are designed by young and trendy designers who have a great taste for truly beautiful jewelry. Handcrafted in 925 sterling silver, luxuriously 14 carat gold plated and plated with the innovative Pandora Rose metal alloy. I want to share with you my observations of the owners of Pandora earrings and highlight the TOP 5 best ones so that you are always in trend, and your style is perfect and unique.

Popular Pandora Earrings

The first place is occupied by Pandora “Shining Zirconia” earrings. Earrings are presented in 925 sterling silver, round shape, which will perfectly emphasize the sophistication of the image and at the same time the restraint of a woman.

Second place goes to Pandora “Openwork Heart” earrings. They are made of heart-shaped sterling silver studded with zirconium stones. These are casual, playful and romantic jewelry that will suit both a young girl and a woman who is open to life.

The third place belongs to the Pandora “Elegant Beauty” earrings. They are rich in their beauty: silver, elongated, adorned with zirconium stones, and at the bottom with white pearls. Wouldn’t these be the earrings you would wear to a festive event?

The Pandora Shiny Snowflake Earrings are in fourth place. If you are a blue color lover, then this jewelry is for you. Earrings are presented in the form of flowers, the middle of which is equipped with blue stones, and white on the outside. They are a great option for both winter and summer.

And the last, fifth place — Pandora earrings «Petals of Love». Gorgeous unusual shape earrings in the shape of leaves in the shape of hearts are also suitable for any event and season.

Be always perfect and unsurpassed in your image! All Pandora earrings are presented in our online store: “Fragola”.