Pandora silver charms are definitely the trend of the season. Pandora also includes pendants in its catalog of charms. They are chosen by energetic people who are always in search of themselves, are in a constant rhythm of life and strive to constantly develop and change their style and image. Pandora charms are elongated pieces of jewelry that hang from your Pandora bracelet when you put them on. The number of pieces in the bracelet, in principle, is not limited. The main thing is that they alternate with charms and clips — stoppers, otherwise your bracelet will look clogged and tasteless. Pendants are presented from different precious metals, which are decorated with stones or brightly enamelled. I just advise you to buy charms for the bracelet, because then it will be noticeable among others and especially interesting! You will remember my words. To facilitate your choice, I decided to compile the Top 10 actual pendants, which are diverse in style, appearance and shape. So, let’s begin.

The most popular Pandora charms for your bracelet

The first place is occupied by the Pandora “Blossoming Dahlia” pendant. Wonderful spring-summer pendant, which is made of special enamel in the form of a flower.

The second place should be given to the Pandora Shine “Honey Queen” pendant. This pendant is presented from the new collection of 2018 and is made of silver with 18 carat gold plating. Characterized by a hanging bee with zirconium stones.

The Pandora Family Tree Pendant takes third place. The product is made of 925 sterling silver and gold inserts in the form of leaves. Also embellished with zirconium stones. Pendant in the shape of a tree with leaves, which symbolizes family unity and strength in general.

I give the fourth place to the “Key to the Heart” pendant. Decoration in the form of an elongated key with a pendant lock. The key is made of 925 sterling silver and the lock is made of gold. A great option that will suit both silver and gold bracelets.

Fifth place — pendant Pandora Rose «Love and Mentorship». This product is from the Pandora Rose collection, which is famous for its unique alloy of copper and silver, as well as a delicate pink color.

The Pandora Rose Snowflake Pendant takes sixth place. Also from the previous collection. In the shape of a snowflake, covered with zirconium stones. However, it is worth remembering that this is a winter version of the suspension.

I prefer to give the seventh place to the Pandora “Family Roots” pendant. The middle of the product is presented in gold, and the base itself is in silver. Behind the jewelry there is an inscription “forever”, which symbolizes the eternity and strength of family members.

The Pandora “With Pandora Logo” Pendant ranks eighth. The classic version of the pendant with the brand’s logo. Perfect for women who appreciate classic style.

Ninth place – Pandora Rose “Autograph” pendant. An analogue of the previous classic Pandora pendant. It is made from the unique Rose alloy.

And finally, tenth place goes to the Pandora “Tropical Parrot” pendant. Decoration in the form of a parrot sitting on a branch, part of which is enameled and the other part is covered with stones. It is characterized by a green-marine color. A wonderful summer version of the pendant for lovers of originality, travel and exotic.

You can buy all Pandora pendants on our website: “Fragola”.