Many women have a question: “How to complete your bracelet?”, “What charms to string on it to make it perfect?”, “How to decorate it so that it looks fashionable, stylish and without busting?”. All answers to these questions are posted here. Pandora’s charms come in a variety of designs and styles, from delicate and flawless to massive and vibrant. The choice is wide, so it is not difficult to get confused. To make it easier for you to think about creating your unique bracelet, I decided to write a post about the TOP 10 most popular charms from your favorite Pandora brand. When I was just starting to collect my first Pandora bracelet, I had many questions: first, which bracelet to choose so that it would be in the thread and fit everything (I already published this post), what charms to string so that the bracelet was assembled in the same style , and not chaotic, which charms would look best among themselves, and in general, which charms are the best and most fashionable, because this is important to me.

Most Popular Pandora Charms

As you can see, I’m a big fan of the Pandora Rose collection and give honorable first place to the Pandora Rose Pink Glittering Heart charm. This is a round charm, which is characterized by a central pink stone in a special alloy of copper and silver. Light pink decoration. On the side of the product there is an engraving with hearts.

The second place goes to the Pandora “Shining Geometry” charm. This charm is in the shape of a rhombus, with a central stone of white color, which is washed by more small stones from the side. On the edges of the product there is a dot engraving.

The third place goes to the Pandora Rose “Shining Weave” charm. The charm is presented in the form of a volume ball with an enamelled pink center, which is wrapped in lines from a special alloy of Pandora Rose.

Fourth place goes to the Pandora Rose Filigree Inner Glow charm. The product is presented in the form of a ball, sprinkled with white shiny zirconium stones.

All these charms are perfectly combined with each other, sparkle in the sun and under the evening lights, so you can safely combine your bracelet with charms from this collection.

If we talk about charms made of silver and gold elements, then this is: the Pandora “Princess Heart” charm, which ranks fifth. This is a silver heart-shaped charm with a pink stone in the center of the piece and a crown made of yellow gold on top.

Sixth place is occupied by the Pandora “Heart on the lock” charm. The product is also in the shape of a heart, but its middle is engraved with a golden insert of real gold.

Seventh place — charm Pandora «Heart of Cinderella». This charm is from the Pandora Disney series. Silver heart sprinkled with incredibly charming blue stones.

Charm Pandora «Beautiful Love» — ​​eighth place. This is a round charm with a soft pink enameled heart inside.

As well as charms from the new Pandora Shine collection.

Ninth place goes to the Pandora Shine Honeycomb charm. This is an incredibly beautiful charm in the shape of a heart in the style of a bumblebee honeycomb. The charm is covered with a sprinkle of small white zircon stones, and its base is made of 750 gold.

The honorable tenth place is occupied by the Pandora Shine “Romance” charm. The product is also in the shape of a heart, which is engraved with 950 gold.

All these wonderful charms for your Pandora bracelets, you can find on our website: “Fragola”.