Pandora fashion house jewelry has been in the TOP 5 fashion trends for several seasons in a row. Celebrities and fashionistas follow the verdicts of fashion experts every year to always be in the trend of all fashion novelties. For such women who want to be unsurpassed in everything, and most importantly, in their appearance, I decided to compile a review of the TOP 10 most popular Pandora bracelets so that you can choose the best one for yourself without any hesitation. And so, a review of bracelets that will be a great addition to your usual look, as well as to a festive look.

What are the most popular pandora bracelets?

The first place, for me personally, is occupied by a Pandora bracelet with a Pave clasp. The bracelet is completely silver. This product is characterized by a classic shape, and the clasp is covered with small stones. I wear it with pleasure! Perfect in combination with various silver charms, as well as a wonderful exclusive option: in combination with charms from the Pandora Rose line. Just imagine: silver with a combination of pink coating charms! Will go well with both silver and gold accessories. This way you can kill two birds with one stone.

The second place is occupied by the incredibly beautiful Pandora Rose “Moments” bracelet. This is a silver bracelet from the Pandora Rose collection. This piece of jewelry is made from an alloy of copper and silver specially developed by Pandora. Characterized by a delicate pink color. Charms from the Pandora Rose collection, as well as ordinary silver charms, will fit this Pandora bracelet.

If you are a lover of gold inserts, then this bracelet is for you. The third place belongs to the Pandora bracelet with a gold-silver lock. It is characterized by a silver base, and a lock with a gold insert. Embossed brand logo on the clasp. For this position, Pandora has released a line of charms with gold accents.

Next 4th Place Bracelet: Braided Silver Bracelet. Interesting in its idea, since its base is wicker, and not ordinary, as in traditional versions. It is completely in silver, can exist as a separate piece of jewelry that does not require additional charms, and also completed with beads.

Fifth place is occupied by an incredibly original bracelet: Open bracelet signed “PANDORA”. It looks great in addition to other bracelets on the arm. This bracelet is silver. You cannot hang any charms on it, but only clips. This is an open type bracelet with Pandora inscriptions on both sides.

Sixth place goes to a piece from the new Pandora Shine 2018 collection: The Pandora Smooth Bracelet is the closest thing to the traditional Pandora Shine bracelet. It doesn’t have any sections, however if you want your charms to stay in place you will need clips or silicone stoppers.

The sliding bracelet “The Sliding Bracelet” takes the seventh place. Also from the new collection. Incredible jewelry that is suitable for both a business woman and one who prefers the classics.

Honorary eighth place: Bracelet “Bee and Honeycomb”, a version of the bracelet also without charms, and it is this one that is presented in a limited edition. It is characterized as a sliding, charmless Pandora bracelet, which is decorated with two small bumblebees. I think he’s amazing!

Silver bangle Pandora is an excellent option both on its own and in addition to other bracelets and takes ninth place. Not all charms are suitable for this bracelet, but only charms from the special Bangle series!

And finally, top-10 closes: soft weave Pandora bracelet. Features a large Pandora logo clasp.

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