Have you been thinking about buying a fashionable women’s watch for a long time, which will not only show the time, but also add brightness and personality to your everyday look? We present 10 models that will be in the TOP of hot trends in 2022 and will certainly not lose their attractiveness in the coming years. And what to choose from these fashionable and stylish women’s watches this season — decide for yourself.

10. Fossil is the best expression of elegance

Made in almost different styles, the Fossil Fashion Women’s Watches 2022 collection has one thing in common: they are incredibly elegant and feminine.

The Fossil ES5185, finished in a beautiful rose gold tone, looks like it was painted in pastel. The ES5168, with a stunning sage color strap, can also be a hit accessory.

9. Calvin Klein for those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd

The Calvin Klein brand loves to play with modern fashion — whether it’s clothes, perfumes or watches. His designs often surprise with their form and are easily distinguishable from others at a glance.

Which Calvin Klein women’s watch will be trendy in 2022?

In the ALLIANCE model, the classic silver bracelet contrasts sharply with the iridescent mother-of-pearl dial.

A similar combination is used in MINIMAL. They combine a sporty elastic strap with an elegant case, emblazoned with a huge logo all over the dial.

8. Versace — chic, worthy of love at first sight

What are the fashionable women’s watches Versace Versus in 2022:

  • SOUTH BAY radiate luxury and splendor. Their key element is a yellow gold colored metal bracelet. Each of its links has the shape of a lion’s head — one of the most characteristic symbols of the brand. The dial is decorated with cubic zirkonia;
  • CLAREMONT, despite the great minimalism, look noble due to the fluted bezel, the design of which resembles an exclusive braid.

7. Guess — sophisticated jewelry classic

The women’s Guess Jewel zirconia watch shines like expensive diamond jewelry. Despite the many shiny elements, thanks to their special arrangement, the accessory has a stylish and sophisticated look.

The Guess Zoom looks like a retro watch from years ago, when digital displays were in vogue. They will definitely appeal to lovers of vintage-style gold watches.

6. Michael Kors — accessories that have a rejuvenating effect

Women’s Michael Kors watches from the new collection have a special energy and give a sense of courage. Their design combines elements of different styles and shades.

What are the fashionable Michael Kors watches for women in 2022:

Models that are more like jewelry than a chronometer:

  • CAMILLE embellished with silver cubic zirkonia. There are shimmering elements on every fragment of the dial, case and bracelet.
  • JARYN is a similar piece, but with zircons and a strap in rose gold tone.

5. Timex for those who value freedom of choice

Women’s watch TW2T78800 with many interesting details of mother-of-pearl and Swarovski crystals, amazingly shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow with every movement of the wrist.

The Classic TW2T57900, an intricately woven bracelet embellished with cubic zirkonia, is so spectacular that this watch can be worn with an evening dress without other accessories, and the effect will be phenomenal.

4. Adriatica — many-sided classics

The Adriatica brand is famous for creating lines of women’s watches in a classic style. Its range includes:

Classic Sapphire is a traditional women’s watch with a silver case and a black leather strap that can be successfully passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom;

Fashion A3712.514ZQ — a metal bracelet in a slightly modernized version of Milanese mesh. Its blue dial is devoid of numbers, their place is taken by shiny rhinestones.

3. Tommy Hilfiger is the epitome of street fashion

Even as fashion changes like a kaleidoscope, one thing remains the same: a women’s watch with the Tommy Hilfiger logo. This year, among fashionistas, the most in demand are such models as:

  • Project Z rose gold oversized dial;
  • Quinn in nautical style.

2. Swiss Made — synonymous with prestige and luxury

Previously, the products of this Swiss brand were distinguished by high cost, but this year it released the Atlantic budget line:

  • 29035.41.61 — unnamed model, in which the black dial harmonizes beautifully with a silvery metal bracelet;
  • Classic Sapphire — completely black, except for the rose gold case.

1. Cluse: simple design — amazing effect

The Cluse brand knows perfectly well that minimalism will never go out of style. His models are universally simple and suitable for almost any occasion.

What are the most fashionable women’s watches in 2022:

  • Gold Boho Chic Petite Mesh fits in perfectly with this year’s trends.
  • La Tétragone is an elegant design with a gray leather strap and rose gold case.

These and other models are in the catalog of the Silvers online store — here you will find the perfect women’s watch for every taste!