Pandora uses metal in its products, which in ancient times was too expensive and inaccessible. This is 925 sterling silver. Over the years, Pandora has decided to diversify the classic silver color and release its unique Pandora Rose alloy, which is famous for its delicate pink color, and in 2018 released the Pandora Shine collection, which is completely different from the existing ones. It is silver with 18 carat gold plating, which is distinguished by the exclusivity of color, unlike traditional gold. Also, in their jewelry, the company uses enamel, and for decoration, zirconium stones and crystals. From all these precious metals, clips are presented — Pandora stoppers.

What are clip-on clips for?

Their main purpose is to fix your charms or pendants in the place where you wish. Reliable mechanisms are perfectly attached to the bracelet and do not allow them to open at unpredictable moments. These clips — stoppers are presented in any form, color or metal. The main task is to choose those clips that will perfectly match the design of your Pandora bracelet. Therefore, we note the Top 10 most popular and interesting in design.

The most popular clips — stoppers

The first place is occupied by the Pandora “Logomania” clip. This is a clip-on stopper made of 925 sterling silver, covered along two lines with zirconium stones with a carved Pandora logo.

The second place should definitely be given to the clip Pandora Rose “Bright Path”. Made of a unique alloy of silver and copper, it is characterized by a beautiful delicate pink color. The clip is completely covered with stones of various shapes. Perfect for Pandora Rose collection bracelets, as well as regular Pandora silver bracelets.

The third place belongs to the Pandora Shine “Brilliant Path” clip. This clip is from the new collection, which was presented in 2018. Features an 18 carat gold plating, with a yellow and silver gemstone track.

The clip “Flash of Love” takes the fourth place. This clip is original, thanks to carved hearts with pink stones inside. Presented by the company in silver. Perfect for a free and open to life girl, as well as for your child. Can be combined with the Pandora Disney collection.

Fifth place — clip «Openwork hearts». Characterized by a solid heart shape with various engravings. A perfect addition for the owner of the bracelet, who appreciates the exclusivity and precision in detail.

Sixth place is occupied by the Pandora “Blossoming Dahlia” clip. Ornament in the shape of a ball on which is an enamelled dahlia flower. Very light in style decoration, which will be suitable for the spring-summer season.

Clip Pandora Rose “Pink Cosmic Stars” takes seventh place. The product is in the form of a ball, from all sides it is covered with stones of different shapes and different colors. The emphasis is mainly on pink, which is what this collection is famous for. However, it will also work perfectly with a Pandora silver bracelet.

Eighth place — clip Pandora «Snowflake». Also shaped like a ball. It is more typical for the winter period. The basis of the product is silver, and a snowflake is laid out in the middle with blue and white stones.

The ninth place is occupied by the clip “White primrose”. Made entirely of white enamel. The shape is a flower. The accent of this product is a white pebble that defines the middle of the flower. I think this clip is universal. Perfect for any time of the year.

And finally, the tenth place is dedicated to the Pandora clip “Symbol of our love”. This clip is also from the new spring collection of 2018. It is in the shape of a heart, which is quite large. Covered on the sides with pink stones, also with the Pandora logo in the middle of the decoration. But she has one secret. And I will share it with you. On the top of the heart there is a ring, for which you can string your chain and wear this clip as a decoration around your neck.

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