A round face gives a woman, regardless of age, type of activity and social status, girlish charm and youth. It has the same width and height, narrows both to the forehead and to the chin. The chin line is also rounded. The center is the nose. Characteristic features of a round face are a low forehead and a short neck. Unlike other forms, it urgently needs weight loss and lengthening.

round face earrings

This effect is easily achieved due to the right choice of accessories, such as earrings for a round face, as well as hair and makeup. What models of jewelry for ears should be preferred in this case — read more about it.

What earrings to choose for a round face and short neck?

Girls and women of this type need to visually stretch the lower part of the face and add sharpness to the cheekbones. It’s unbelievable, but the fact is that the more angular and long the jewelry, the slimmer the face and the longer the neck will look.

A round face really likes earrings with geometric shapes:

  • triangles,

  • squares,

  • narrow rectangles,

  • all kinds of irregular patterns, such as wings, zigzags, spirals, etc.

Long vertical tassel earrings are suitable for a round type of face. They lengthen the neck, emphasize the beauty of the ears and become the final element in the image. Their sophisticated design adds femininity and elegance to the appearance.

In this case, even those models that reach the shoulders will work perfectly. They will make facial features visually clearer and slimmer. As a result, it will look more like an oval than a circle.

The perfect combination of «evening dress and bone earrings» is appropriate for a prom, bachelorette party or wedding. An equally winning set with such products is an elegant knee-length cocktail dress or an airy summer sundress.

What earrings are perfect for a round face?

Chubby cheeks combined with a low forehead, short chin and neck look good when wearing statement earrings with vertical stripes that taper downwards.

Long drop earrings or drop earrings visually lengthen the face and reduce its roundness.

Everyday earrings for a round face are short pendants with a more complex design. They will optically reduce the face and give it the appearance of an oval.

A good choice would be earrings consisting of a stone and thin, hanging elements with a straight vertical line. It is from the upper part that the harmony of the accessory depends. It can consist of:

  • beads,

  • strass,

  • beads,

  • crystal,

  • pearls

Drop earrings to the middle of the neck will accentuate the neck and soften the chin line. The pendant, which is attached to the base of the earring, flirtatiously moves in time with the movements of its owner, giving her image femininity and sexuality.

If the girl chose pendant earrings as an evening accessory, then a necklace or necklace will be superfluous. This way, you can spoil the whole image by covering open areas of the body with an excess of accessories.

round face earrings

Pusets are universal decorations that will be appropriate at any event. For the office — classic without an insert, for a walk or a romantic date — with a scattering of cubic zirconia, for going out into the world — gold, inlaid with a diamond or other precious stones. Those who have pierced more than one ear can easily create a combination of several earrings with the help of Puseta.

What earrings are not recommended for a round face?

Owners of a round face should in no case wear earrings in the shape of a circle, balls or discs, which will give features additional roundness. They should avoid pusetta, as well as earrings with spherical details and round beads. They emphasize the cheeks, which visually widens the face and shortens the neck.

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