Jewelry made of medical steel is ideal for everyday wear. They are more durable, scratch and warp resistant than silver or gold jewelry and will not rust or oxidize.

Since this 316L alloy is nickel-free, even allergy sufferers can wear this jewelry. But she has one major drawback. After a while, it darkens, losing its original color, and begins to stain clothes and leave marks on the skin. This is due to the reaction of this material with air, especially moist air, and skin.

To be able to enjoy the beauty and attractiveness of stainless steel rings, earrings, bracelets for a long time, it is necessary to clean them periodically. Here’s how to do it right.

Steel jewelry: basic principles of care

In order not to spoil or damage steel jewelry, you must:

  • avoid their contact with salt and thermal water, chlorine and other chemical compounds. Despite resistance to external factors, contact with detergents or chemicals should be limited. Before doing housework, cooking, cleaning, remove rings, bracelets, or at least put on waterproof gloves;

  • do not allow accessories to be exposed to sudden changes in temperature on the beach, in the bath, sauna, solarium;

  • remove jewelry before bed;

  • store them separately from other jewelry in a box, special boxes upholstered in soft material (suede or velor), or in fabric bags.

Stainless steel products should never come into contact with alcohol and acetone. Even for the sake of getting a bright glamorous shine, they should not be sprayed with perfume and lubricated with gel. These products contain alcohol, which destroys the top coating and stone fixings. It is important that a lot of water and sweat do not get on the surface of steel jewelry, so that they are not subjected to strong mechanical stress. These accessories should be worn after applying care and decorative cosmetics, perfumes and using hair fixatives, especially spraying varnish.

Can steel jewelry be washed?

Yes, but don’t do it too often. It is enough to wash your favorite accessory under running water once a month. This procedure takes no more than a minute. Then it must be wiped dry with a napkin or dried in the open air. But not under the sun, so that the stone insert or colored enamel does not fade.

Another care for stainless steel jewelry should be when there are scratches or dirt on their surface. For light soiling, a mild soapy solution of warm water or vinegar can be used.

Jewelry made of steel: how to care for darkening

In case of severe darkening of the surface of jewelry made of medical steel, you can use baking soda with a small amount of water or toothpaste without dyes. But in this case, you can not use rough and hard washcloths. A foam sponge, a soft cloth or a soft bristled toothbrush is ideal to avoid scratching the top layer of jewelry.

To fix the effect, after cleaning and drying, you can cover the chain, earrings or ring with colorless nail polish. This will block the access of air to the material. If you do not want to cover the entire surface, you can treat only the part that is in direct contact with the skin.

Jewelry made of medical steel must be worn, admired and loved, but this must be done carefully and carefully. Then they will repay with excellent brilliance and good condition for many years. But if the above methods turned out to be ineffective and the original appearance of the jewelry cannot be restored, you can always purchase new medical steel jewelry in the Silvers online store. Choose your favorite products from the catalog and order them with delivery in Ukraine.