Delicate and almost invisible or bright and ornate, the bracelets are all true works of art. Like rings and pendants, bracelets give a lot of feelings and emotions, so they are a fantastic gift idea for a person of any age.

However, like any other type of jewelry, the bracelet must fit perfectly, otherwise it will not be worn due to discomfort or there is a high risk of damage and loss.

When buying in a stationary store, how to choose a bracelet in size will not be a problem, because you can take and try on the model you like. In appearance and sensations, make the final decision on the purchase.

But if you want to buy this piece of jewelry as a gift or order its delivery in an online store, do not look on the Internet for a table with a size range. It does not always correspond to the actual manufacturer’s data.

In order not to miscalculate with the choice, use our tips.

How to choose the size of the bracelet on your hand

bracelet size

The best way to check the length of a bracelet is to order a piece of the same length. This will allow you to buy jewelry in advance and successfully make a surprise.

The easiest way is to choose bracelets with an adjustable clasp or one-piece massive jewelry made of rigid metal.

An option on how to choose the size of a bracelet for a girl is to secretly measure the length of the accessory she is wearing. Worst case, just ask directly.

If for any reason you are unable to check the length of an item or ask a question, please measure your wrist.

Take a tailor’s tape (centimeter), a piece of thread or rope, wrap it between the hand and the wrist bone — where the widest point is. Leave a small space between the thread and the skin.

To know how to choose the right bracelet size, measure the length of the thread with a ruler or check the circumference of your wrist with a centimeter.

The size (girth of the wrist) will be equal to the size of the bracelet.

For example, if the circumference is 15 cm, then the optimal bracelet size is 15 to easily put on your hand and quickly take it off. Then it will not cause discomfort when wearing.

But do not forget that the length of the bracelet after opening is not equal to the circumference of the wrist, it will always be longer!

How to determine the size of a gold bracelet

When ordering a bracelet in gold or silver, you need to add up to 3cm to your wrist circumference for it to be the perfect size.

In this case, one simple rule applies: the simpler the bracelet, the larger the circle inside it, the fewer centimeters you need to add:

  • to a chain bracelet or lace — 1 cm,

  • to a bracelet with pendants or other beads — 2-3 cm. The same applies to products with massive stones, inserts and volumetric weaving.

Please note that with the advent of new pendants or charm beads, the size of the bracelet increases. This happens because over time it stretches under their weight by about a centimeter, but this is imperceptible with constant wear.

how to find out the size of the bracelet

To find out for sure, additionally measure the girth of the brush. If the jewelry is massive or its elements are of different sizes, do not be too lazy to measure the circumference of your wrist in several places.

Do not worry that the product will hang out. On the contrary, it will sit perfectly and will not put pressure on the hand.

These are the most common ways to find out the size of a girl’s bracelet. It is more difficult for a guy or a man to do this, because he has a larger arm circumference. However, there is a little trick — measure the cuff of the clothes that he most often wears. Keep in mind that the cuffs of knitted pullovers, sweaters and T-shirts stretch over time, and jackets, jackets and shirts always fit snugly due to buttons or cufflinks.

Choose your favorite men’s or women’s bracelet from our catalog, where the length and weight of all products are indicated. Take a few minutes to take these simple measurements.

Voila, feel free to order. Your purchase will definitely be successful!