The exact origin of topaz is still unknown, but there are two theories. The first of these is associated with the Greek island of Topazios, where a mineral called “peridot” was once mined. According to the second theory, topaz in Sanskrit means «fire». Like many natural stones, topaz has a sacred meaning and magical abilities — it has a positive effect on people who are suitable according to the zodiac horoscope. It endows its owner with a sense of justice and generosity, protects from the influence of ill-wishers and evil forces, the occurrence of diseases and troubles. Its male owners become prudent and bold, and women become charming and attractive.

Where in the world is topaz mined?

In nature, this gem comes in different shades — from colorless to dark brown. It occurs in rock voids in granites and rhyolites, as well as in pegmatite veins. The largest deposits are in South America, especially in Brazil, where specimens weighing up to 200 kg are found. The largest topaz, 1 m long and weighing 1.5 tons, was found in Mozambique.

Honey-brown topaz is found in clay in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais in the form of single crystals. When heated, they give an attractive pink color. There are also white and light blue topazes that are specially irradiated with gamma rays to enhance the color and increase their attractiveness.

Reddish, orange and yellow topaz are found in the USA near Pikes Peak in Colorado.

Blue, colorless and light brown topaz from Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales. Often they are found in Australia, Sri Lanka, Burma and Japan.

Topaz stone suits according to the zodiac sign?

Topaz of pink and red shades is most suitable for Aries. He has been observed to:

  • reduces the degree of passion in a relationship;

  • eliminates feelings of anger, envy and hatred;

  • promotes healing of injuries and improves digestion.

If an Aries wears blue topaz jewelry, they protect him from energy exhaustion and stress.

Taurus astrologers, especially Vedic ones, do not recommend wearing products with topaz. Due to different energy, this one is capable of destroying families, causing mental disorders, negatively affecting the immune system and deteriorating health.

Transparent topaz — a stone sign of the zodiac Gemini. Wearing it improves the financial situation, helps to get rid of troubles and suffering, helps to build mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with influential and high-ranking people. Topazes framed in silver improve well-being, and in gold they stimulate non-standard creative ideas.

Topaz of any shade is suitable for those who are Cancer by the zodiac sign. Wearing accessories with a transparent stone sharpens intuition, attentiveness, brings success in work and harmony in personal life.

Golden or orange topaz protects Lviv from chronic diseases, worries and insomnia. Products with him to face all lions, regardless of the type of appearance.

Virgo charm pendants with this stone, as well as rings, pendants and bracelets, save from the evil eye and damage, anxiety and depression. Helps to overcome sexual and emotional problems. Women — successfully conceive and give birth to a child.

Dark blue London topaz, who suits it, is Libra. He gives them devoted friendship, energy, assertiveness in achieving goals, a sense of humor, success, independence and happiness in love.

Topaz of any color is the main talisman for Scorpions. It helps to control emotions, concentrate attention, establish contacts with the right people and solve problems in difficult situations.

Sagittarians vitally need dark brown topaz, which soothes and prolongs their youth. If Sagittarius will always have a product with this gem with him, he will be able to strengthen the immune system and even get rid of some diseases, pain in the back and joints.

Green topaz protects Capricorn protects against betrayal of the second half, helps to overcome life’s difficulties, prevents disagreements between parents and children.

Smooth and polished, blood red or maroon topaz is an excellent amulet for Aquarius. It looks chic in designer pendants, earrings and rings, endowing them with strong protective properties. Wearing this jewelry provides clarity of thought and peace of mind, no matter the complexity of the situation.

Pisces astrologers strongly recommend wearing jewelry with green topaz to preserve youth and attractiveness, and for peace, health and longevity — with blue or blue.

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