Cuffs are earrings that are attached not only to the lobe, but along the entire length of the auricle, sometimes without the need to be inserted into the puncture hole.

This accessory was popular in ancient Greece, ancient Rome, India and Thailand — both among women and men — at holidays, important ceremonies and official events. He testified to a high social status, authority and wealth. We will talk about how to wear cuffs fashionable today and how to properly care for them in this article.

How to wear ear cuffs?

The answer to this question depends on the design of the jewelry and the owner’s imagination — in the middle of the ear, at the very top, or in several places on the sink.

It is better to put on ear guards, having a short haircut or having a high hairstyle, otherwise they will not be visible behind long hair.

Cuffs are worn on one ear or on two?

  • Minimalist line earrings without gemstone inlays are suitable for business and everyday looks. Due to their light weight and lack of decor, they are comfortable to wear on two ears, even to the office. They look elegant, do not cling to clothes and hair.

  • A single massive earring with a stone in the form of a cuff in one ear, and in the second — a stud (carnation) looks original with an asymmetrical haircut, Hollywood curls laid on one side and an evening dress with bare shoulders.

  • Cuffs with inserts of unusual elements. The trend is ethnic and boho style — plant and animal motifs, such as the head of a lion, eagle, snake or peacock tail. They are also customary to wear only on one side, usually on the left. Among bikers, rockers, emmu and punks, spikes and skulls are popular.

  • With one or more chains that smoothly pass into hair accessories and allow you to create a wedding or evening voluminous hairstyle.

  • Ear cuffs are worn in the middle of the ear shell. There is no need to pierce the hole, since the cuff of a special shape is attached to the edges of the sink. These models are suitable for teenage, sports and casual style.

What can be worn with cuffs?

  • With glasses — with ordinary and from the sun.

  • With dresses with a deep neckline or bare shoulders.

  • Bulky scarves, stoles and scarves around the neck.

  • With a big hat or crown.

  • With wireless headphones.

How to properly care for cuffs?

Due to the openwork design and bizarre shapes, the corners of such products are always dirty. As a result, they fade. To prevent heavy soiling, it is necessary to remove the earrings before showering, sleeping, cleaning, exercising and hiding them in a jewelry box. This is necessary to completely exclude contact with dust, air, moisture, chemicals, household, perfumery and cosmetics.

Each time before putting on cuff earrings, it is necessary to check their integrity and cleanliness. They need to be cleaned monthly.

The most effective and cheapest way is soaking for 2-3 hours in a solution of warm water with liquid soap, ammonia. But with a high degree of contamination, the product can be kept longer. Then you need to remove the jewelry and rinse thoroughly under running water. After that, dry and polish to a shine with a soft microfiber cloth.

Cuff earrings for girls and women: how to wear in 2022

The most popular models in 2022 are pearl cuffs in both silver and gold frames. Previously, pearl earrings were worn mainly by adult women. Now they have become popular among young fashionistas and brides. Milky and light pink pearls on twigs and inflorescences symbolize tenderness and purity. Gold, silver and brown — give the image elegance and sophistication.

Cuffs with dark stones, such as emerald, ruby, garnet, sapphire, onyx, are appropriate in official business and solemn evening style.

  • Louis Vuitton this year released a collection of gold-plated cuffs with cubic zirkonia in the form of all the signs of the zodiac.

  • Fashion house Dior has created an exquisite jewelry series of diamond cuffs.

  • Oscar De La Renta jewelry in 2022 impresses with openwork cuff models in the form of floral ornaments and stars.

  • No jewelry collection by Maison Margiela and Givenchy is complete without ear cuffs with sparkling rhinestones. These are massive jewelry that is worn on one ear only and with an asymmetrical haircut.

  • Attached to the top of the ear with a strong clasp, Lanvin earrings look like bright chandeliers.

  • Balenciaga designers created the original snowflake-shaped cuff earrings, which immediately became popular in many countries, even where there has never been a cold winter.

A variety of cuffs are worn by fashionistas all over the world. Beyoncé, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Emma Watson and many other celebrities appreciated their originality. Do not neglect this decoration, because there is never too much beauty! Order it in the Silvers online store — and you will look no less bright and stylish than the stars of the catwalks and the world of show business!