The fact that buying jewelry lifts the mood, relieves stress and improves well-being has been proven by scientists and psychologists more than once. Even their selection in the online store puts you in a trance that allows you to distract yourself from everyday thoughts. This process is more beneficial than 8 hours of sleep.

However, jewelry made of gold and silver with natural stones is not affordable for everyone. Even Hollywood stars cannot afford to buy them, and more often rent or buy analog jewelry. It is produced in such original designs that a classic jewelry store could not even dream of.

What metal is jewelry made of?

jewelry composition

Coco Chanel is considered to be the founder of jewelry. It was she who started creating inexpensive accessories, the distinctive features of which are chic and luxury. She was one of the first to give up jewelry, preferring bright clips, pearl necklaces and trendy bracelets with pendants. In her stylish products, restrained extravagance and saturated colors, ethnic ornaments and geometric shapes were skillfully combined.

modern jewelry is:

  • elite — imitates brand jewelry Chanel, Dior, Tiffany, Gucci, etc. For its production, foiling and electroplating are used — a method of spraying silver and gold with tin, brass, copper, and nickel. Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia pearls are what make expensive jewelry;

  • jewelry — made of medical gold (surgical steel) and semi-precious stones, high quality. Amber, corals, artificial pearls of various shapes and shades are used in its creation. Some models are made with an enamel coating. Thanks to high-quality materials, as well as an impeccable exquisite frame, these accessories are in no way inferior to natural jewelry, except for the cost;

  • avant-garde and vintage — highly artistic original works of steel, platinum, bronze. They are mostly made by hand from stainless steel, artificial resins, plastic, rhinestones. They are absolutely self-sufficient products and do not even claim the status of jewelry;

  • ethnic — a special style in which motifs of various peoples of the world are used. Ethno-jewelry is made of copper, tin, bronze, Murano glass, mother-of-pearl and beads.

What is a jewelry alloy?

It is a substance consisting of two chemical components. It contains the base metal for jewelry and an alloying additive that gives the alloy the desired properties, such as strength, hardness, good processing and color depending on the proportion (white, pink, red, etc.).

Most often, a jewelry alloy with the following compositions is used:

  • for silver — copper, cadmium, titanium, zinc, aluminum, coating with ruthenium, rhodium and brass;

  • for gold — palladium, copper, nickel, zinc, platinum, coating with osmium, rhodium, palladium.

Disadvantages of the jewelry alloy are the risk of an allergic rash on the skin of the body or on the hand (usually this happens due to the nickel content), as well as darkening later due to contact with water, then with human sebum, cosmetic products such as cream, perfume and air when stored in a plastic bag together with other accessories.

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