Gemstones are always a desirable piece of jewelry for many. They were of great value, and the most unique ones were passed down from generation to generation and were relics of noble families and even peoples. It is difficult to underestimate the beauty of precious stones, which is why today they occupy an honorable place in the world’s jewelry collections. Thanks to the development of science and technological processes, scientists and craftsmen are trying to make stones affordable with the same excellent qualities. Therefore, new types of artificial stones are constantly appearing. But, for more than a century, cubic zirconia has been holding the ratings of the most sought-after artificial diamond, which has a democratic price and many color schemes in design.

Ring pandora zirconium

What is cubic zirconia?

Everyone knows that a diamond is a precious stone that is considered one of the most expensive, beautiful and desirable. Some diamonds are worth a fortune, and collectors are paying millions of dollars for diamonds. What is its uniqueness? A diamond is a natural diamond that acquires its own shade over many years of formation. Thanks to the skillful work of the master, natural stone is processed using a special technology — turning, giving the desired shape. So the stone acquires smooth edges that reflect the rays of light, giving each instance an incredible radiance. A diamond is a durable stone, so its surface is not susceptible to mechanical damage and scratches.

Colored cubic zirconia

Cubic zirconia stones are the most popular stones in jewelry. Their diversity helps to create beautiful compositions on jewelry. The Pandora brand also uses cubic zirconia, also called cubic zirconia, to create jewelry. Cubic Zirconia is an artificial, man-made diamond. In appearance, it imitates natural diamond, although it has differences in the evenness of surfaces and edges, they are ideal for cubic zirconia. Thanks to special formulas, cubic zirkonia create different colors and shades. The stones take on an amazing design, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. Cubic zirconia is compared to a diamond in terms of beauty. But, its color range is much more extensive than the “natural diamond”.

Cubic Zirconia Pandora Jewelry

Pandora Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

The Pandora company has managed to very successfully create products from precious metals, decorating with cubic zirconia stones. Almost every collection of the brand contains incredible combinations of zirconium of different colors with gold and silver. Each accessory, which is decorated with cubic zirconia, is elegant, sophisticated and delicate. Beautiful shine gives the product uniqueness. Pandora uses cubic zirconia stones to decorate charms, clips, pendants, rings and earrings. Some models are complemented with cubic zirconia and enamel. If these are floral motifs, then a scattering of stones imitates dew drops, which is very nice.

pandora cubic zirconia jewelry

How does zirconia fit in with Pandora?

Due to the bright radiance of zirconium stones in Pandora jewelry, you should not combine many shining charms or pendants on one bracelet. It is better to use such products as accents. Try to choose cubic zirconia enamel in the same color scheme, so you will achieve a harmonious look of the Pandora bracelet. It is worth noting that the price of such jewelry with cubic zirconia stones is affordable for every customer in the Fragola store. And the beautiful external design is not inferior to jewelry with diamonds. In the store, customers can choose original Pandora jewelry from any collection with a warranty period. And also receive a gift from Fragol for purchase. The Fragola store operates throughout Ukraine and helps to delight your loved ones with gifts from Pandora.