The ring is a symbol of unity and integrity. How this product appears when worn can tell a lot about the future fate of its owner. Why does the ring on the finger crack — to sadness or joy, you will find out after reading this article to the end.

Basic signs about the choice of rings

Since ancient times, it was believed that a man chooses and buys rings. The presence of a beloved woman is allowed when choosing this piece of jewelry, but he still has to pay for it.

In order for the amulet to demonstrate its power and effectiveness, you must choose:

  • simple, even and smooth products that will bring peace and mutual understanding into relationships;

  • you should not engrave personal inscriptions before marriage, so as not to divert your happiness;

  • choose gold jewelry as a symbol of material well-being, platinum — the strength and integrity of relationships, silver — the seriousness of intentions and mental purity.

Couple wedding rings must be made of the same metal and in the same style. If they are different (one is silver, and the other is gold), then the family will be dominated by a man with silver ornaments on his finger.

When choosing a ring, trust your taste and desires. Pay as little attention to fashion trends as possible. Fashion changes rapidly, and the jewel will adorn the hand for a long time.

Buying jewelry should always be in a good mood. If this is not the case, the purchase should be postponed. Signs say that such a ring may burst.

The stone must suit you, to make sure of this, you need to hold the ring you like in your hands for a while. If there are no negative experiences and feelings, buy.

Men are not recommended to buy rings with stones of a very dark color as a gift. Ideally, you need to choose a mineral so that it is combined with the zodiac sign of your beloved.

  • Aquamarine is the keeper of the home hearth, which prevents troubles.

  • Amethyst is the main luck catcher.

  • Turquoise is a stone of loyalty and love.

  • A diamond represents the success of both one person and his family.

  • Natural pearls give their owner health and longevity.

  • Emerald drives away restless thoughts and gives diversity to love relationships, because it is the stone of the goddess of love, Venus.

  • Adular (moonstone) protects against scandals and quarrels.

  • Opal is a symbol of trust and sincere feelings.

  • Ruby is a protector from the evil eye and a keeper of eternal love.

  • Sapphire helps maintain marital fidelity throughout life.

What does it mean when gold rings disappear or burst?

Most often, these jewelry notifies the owner of the partner’s infidelity, about the upcoming difficult period in the life of the family with raging scandals and mutual claims.

A folk omen indicates the appearance of an enemy who wants to quarrel with the spouses, plans against them, if the ring of both the husband and the wife cracks.

If a crack has formed on one product, there is no point in suspecting the other half. It is better to buy new rings and replace them. Moreover, it is important to buy exactly two new ornaments so as not to separate the couple.

If the ring has turned black, it means that there is a lot of negativity, enemies and envy around the owner.

When the decoration is not enough, it is a sign of an impending serious quarrel, which leads to a breakdown in the relationship or to a divorce. According to signs, increasing the size of the rings extends the happy period of marriage.

If a gold ring is bent, its owner will have to become the culprit of problems with a husband.

Losing an engagement ring or a wedding ring after marriage indicates a quick breakup. Although there is another interpretation: the decoration accepted the negativity aimed at the owner, fulfilled its protective function and disappeared.

If this jewelry was stolen, a loss of love affection is possible.

Signs about why a silver ring on a finger deteriorates and bursts

Despite its low cost, silver is still considered a noble metal, remaining indifferent to all kinds of irritants.

Sometimes products made of it look nobler than gold. They cost less, but they blacken and crack more often.

It is undesirable to wear the rings of parents, especially if their marriage was unsuccessful. It is believed that jewelry stores the energy information of previous owners.

In order for the relationship to be harmonious and the family to be strong, it is not recommended to remove the jewelry for a long time. But it is necessary to periodically rest the ring finger, problems with the genitals and glands of internal secretion.

If during the wedding it was discovered that the silver ring does not fit, it is a bad omen that promises an unsuccessful marriage. When it is put on the wrong finger at the ceremony, one of the spouses will change, and the other will never know about it.

When wearing the ring falls, its owner should expect betrayal.

It happens that the ring bought before the wedding becomes large in size and begins to fall off the finger. So, happiness and love run away from its owner.

In this case, it is recommended:

  • transfer the jewelry to the middle finger, which is thicker than the ring finger. This option is suitable for both men and women;

  • hang on a chain and wear around the neck;

  • contact a jeweler who will adjust the ring to the desired size.

Losing a silver ring is a very bad sign: to a quick divorce for married people, as well as to illness and death. If it was lost and then found, the owner will face difficulties in life.

The ring on the finger burst: for joy or trouble?

Jewelry that has lost its original appearance usually speaks of impending sad events in the owner’s life. If the ring broke, unable to cope with the flow of negative energy. It is already dangerous to wear it, because it has lost its integrity and unity and will bring only misfortune.

People say about why a silver ring breaks, that such a person had a strong shock in his life, even if he did not notice it — it is for the best.

Jewelry given by relatives or close friends often cracks in relation to these people from spoilage and cold.

If the gold ring that the groom gave to the bride-to-be for the engagement burst, it is a sign that she has someone else. In most cases, this warning turns out to be true, and the wedding is canceled and the relationship is broken.

Superstitions explain why the found ring breaks, that products made of precious alloys consider their first owner to be their lifelong master and indicate his fate.

If a stolen ring is broken, according to the signs, such jewels burst and cause trouble for both owners — both the former and the one who found them.

Often family jewelry bursts when a person needs the help of ancestors. This shows his protection.

Regarding what the breaking of a gold ring leads to, folk signs speak of changes in life, which can be both good and bad.

If a precious stone suddenly fell out of an ornament, and then it was found, know that this is great luck, and if not, then trouble.

The main thing that the omens in almost all countries of the world say is that under no circumstances should you continue to wear damaged jewelry. They cause negative emotions and take away life forces. A burst gold or silver ring on the finger, according to signs, indicates that someone wishes the owner evil. In any case, you should get rid of it and replace it with a new decoration.

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