ESSENCE is translated from English as «essence». The PANDORA brand chose such a comprehensive word as the defining name for its famous collection. So, what is the collection PANDORA ESSENCE and what are its differences from other masterpieces from the trademark?

Charms symbolizing character

The first line of products under the general name PANDORA Essence was presented in November 2013. The company focused on sets of charms that embody certain character traits and personal qualities of people. Thus, every fashionista can find a set of her own charms that accurately represent her inner state.

Shame on you PANDORA ESSENCE that is why they differ from ordinary ones, which carry a deep meaning (of course, the brand also took care of the unique and interesting design). If you learn to «read» the meaning of charms, you can learn a lot about their owners — and tell a lot about yourself. The creators of the collection call it a symbol of the manifestation of character and faith, a new philosophy of life in the world of jewelry.

How to choose the right Sharma for your image and character? How not to get confused? The company took care of customers here as well. Available on the official website, the survey-test allows you to determine personal values ​​and qualities, on the basis of which you can make an ideal choice. The test is a good help when choosing products PANDORA ESSENCE as a gift

PANDORA Essence: collection description

The bracelet itself PANDORA ESSENCE differs from the classical one. It is a little thinner and has no jumpers. Therefore, the diameter of the holes in Sharm is also smaller. Charms are also distinguished by the presence of an internal insert made of silicone, designed for a good fixation on the bracelet. They will not shift, get lost in a pile and make noise, which is quite convenient. However, the manufacturer warns that it is better not to soak the bracelets in water, otherwise the properties of silicone will be lost over time.

types of bracelets PANDORA ESSENCE:

  • silver classic — official number 596000;
  • silver bracelet with balls — 596002;
  • two-tone silver bracelet — 596003.

The 2013 PANDORA Essence collection had textile bracelets, but they are no longer in production. One of the possible reasons is the low level of sales. All types of bracelets are sold in sizes 16-21 cm.

As for the pendants, 24 variants were available in the first collection, symbolizing different qualities. Among them: Health, Freedom, Hope, Respect, Confidence, Well-being and so on. The PANDORA Essence collection includes gold and silver products with hand-crafted elements. The main focus is on openwork patterns, light texture, faceted and polished precious stones.

New jewelry in the collection PLEDGENOT ESSENCE

The manufacturer continued to supplement the series, keeping the original standards and philosophical direction. In the spring of 2014, 12 new charms symbolizing the signs of the zodiac were born. Zodiac symbols on silver charms are made of cubic zirconia.

Now there are new Charms of the line PANDORA ESSENCE the brand presents regularly, simultaneously with seasonal collections. In all new models, the original desire of the creators of Charms is preserved, symbolizing life guidelines and personal qualities that every woman seeks to manifest or nurture in herself. So the choice of opportunities is great, and now you can not only buy worldwide andwell-known jewelry, but also emphasize your individuality with their help. Excellent branded quality is an additional bonus for all buyers of bracelets and charms.

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