It has been known for a long time that women love jewelry. The larger the gemstone and the brighter the product, the more expensive it is. Wealthy connoisseurs of luxury items never spared money for themselves expensive jewelry.

The wives and mistresses of the rulers of many countries wore diadems, rings, necklaces, earrings and pendants made of diamonds and emeralds.

Many of these jewels entered the TOP-10 and are now sold under the hammer at the most prestigious auction houses in the world. They have an impressive history and famous owners, which we will talk about in this article.

One of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world is Princess Catherine’s engagement ring

It was worn on the finger of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, by Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana. The precious stone, bought by Prince Charles in 1981, is now valued at 10 times more expensive. At that time, the ring cost 28 thousand pounds. Today it is estimated at 300 thousand pounds.

The most beautiful jewelry in the world with blue diamonds

These stones are called «mussanites». They were first found in 1893 in a meteorite by the French scientist, Nobel Prize laureate Henri Moussau.

The most famous blue diamond is the 112.25 carat Nadia rough. It was found in India and sold to Louis XIV. After processing, it became 67 carats. Experts consider them the most expensive in the world in terms of estimated value. The price of real branded products with their inserts starts at 1 million dollars.

One of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world is the Riviere necklace

According to experts, the price of this product is about 2 million dollars. This necklace of large diamonds belonged to the British Queen Mary — the first woman to successfully rule Great Britain.

The most expensive jewelry in the world is a gold ring from the Bulgari brand

This piece was commissioned by a well-known European collector and set with an extremely rare blue diamond with the signature engraving of the Sotirio Bulgari brand in 1984. Its price ranges from $6.08 to $30.3 million.

The cost of the most expensive diamond earrings

Apollo and Artemis — this was the name of the luxurious diamond earrings sold under the hammer at the Sotheby’s auction in Switzerland. They were put up for sale for 57 million 425 thousand 478 US dollars. This is the world record for the amount spent on a pair of diamond earrings. Until now, more was paid only for one blue diamond.

The Apollo earring is the most expensive blue diamond in the world, sold last year for $57.6 million.

The pink «Artemis» earring cost the new owner 15.3 million.

Together, they belong to a pair of ancient twin deities that symbolize strength and beauty in Greek mythology. Although the earrings differ in color, their shape and cut match.

Last year, the luxurious Miroir de l’Amour diamond earrings fetched $17.6 million at the Geneva jewelry auction. Their name means «mirror of love» in French.

The most expensive antique jewelry is Marie Antoinette’s necklace

It once belonged to Marie Antoinette, daughter of Empress Maria Theresa and Austrian Emperor Francis I. The value of this necklace is estimated at 3.7 million dollars.

One of the most expensive pieces of jewelry is the legendary bracelet in the form of a panther

Its owner, Duchess Wallis Simpson, who once owned the collection the most expensive and luxurious jewels, was a very ambiguous figure in the British royal family. A twice-divorced woman had an affair with King Edward VIII. This emerald bracelet was one of his gifts. After the breakup of the relationship, it was sold for 12 million pounds.

Among the best jewelry and decorations in the world — a ring with a green diamond

«The Green Pearl» was first presented at the Sotheby’s auction. This green diamond weighs approximately 2.52 carats. The value of the ring is estimated at 3 million dollars.

The most beautiful jewelry of the 20th century

This title belongs to the Heart of the Kingdom necklace and Maria Josefa. She was the daughter of King Albert I of Belgium and Queen Gabriela Elizabeth. In 1930, she married the Duke of Piedmont in Rome. Her emerald and diamond necklace is now worth $5 million.

«Heart of the Kingdom» is a magnificent masterpiece of one of the oldest jewelry houses, House of Garrard. Its main feature is an inlay with a large Burmese ruby ​​weighing 40.63 carats and diamonds of 155 carats. A light movement of the hand — and this necklace becomes a tiara for an elegant hairstyle.

The most beautiful jewelry: a diamond bikini and a Chopard watch

The legendary luxury watch brand Chopard has released a real masterpiece of jewelry art. This watch consists of 874 diamonds of different sizes. The largest stone weighs 15 carats. The dial opens with three large diamonds that slide to the side. These luxury watches were sold to an unknown collector for $25 million.

The diamond bikini, released in 2006, is not intended for swimming. The author of this extravagant platinum accessory is designer Susan Rosen. It consists of diamonds with a total weight of 150 carats.

The most beautiful jewelry of the 21st century

So far, this title is shared by:

  • exquisite ring «Pink Graff» set with a crystal clear pink diamond weighing 25 carats. In 2010, it was sold at an auction for 46 million dollars to the famous jewelry collector Laurence Graff;
  • restored by modern jewelers tiara made of Colombian pearl-shaped emeralds and diamonds, which belonged to Princess Katharina Henkel von Donnersmarck. Before that, it was worn by Yevgenia, the legislator of European jewelry fashion, the wife of Napoleon III. Today it is worth 25 million dollars;
  • the most expensive in the world — luxurious diamond necklace with a symbolic name «Incomparable» worth 55 million dollars. It is decorated with the world’s largest internally flawless yellow diamond weighing 407.48 carats and smaller clear diamonds totaling 230 carats. It was born thanks to a little girl from the Congo who accidentally found a yellow diamond weighing 890 carats.

The most expensive jewelry brands worn by actresses at the Oscars

  • Emerald earrings and a ring from the Lorraine Schwartz collection, which Angelina Jolie wore in 2009, cost 3.5 million dollars. This set belongs to the category «the most expensive jewelry«In the history of awarding the film award» Oscar «. This American actress did not dare to buy herself diamonds for a long time. Jolie’s 115-carat dangling earrings pair perfectly with a 65-carat Colombian emerald ring.
  • The Neil Lane jewelry worn by Jennifer Lawrence at the 2014 awards ceremony also cost $3.5 million. In addition to a 100-carat diamond pendant and a necklace with rhinestones, the actress wore a chic set of 10-carat earrings for half a million dollars and a colored diamond ring for 100 thousand dollars.
  • The winner of the Oscar 2010 for the main role in the film «The Road to Happiness» Kate Winslet was awarded a golden statuette in Tiffany jewelry
  • Charlize Theron’s Oscar-winning look in 2013 — emerald-cut earrings from the late 1950s, a 1959 57.30-carat platinum bracelet and a marquise-cut diamond ring. In 2014, she wore a gorgeous Harry Winston necklace worth $15.8 million to the ceremony.
  • Nicole Kidman’s spectacular diamond necklace in 2008 from the L’Wren Scott brand cost $7 million. It took 7,500 diamonds weighing 1,399 carats and more than 6 million hours of work by several famous jewelers to make it by hand!
  • Sandra Bullock’s Lorraine Schwartz bracelet and earring set cost $8.2 million in 2014. Thanks to these accessories, she won the title of one of the most elegantly dressed and stylish stars at the gala evening.
  • The Tiffany Lucida Star necklace, earrings and ring, in which Anne Hathaway was seen in 2011, cost $10 million.
  • A set of jewelry from the fashionable jewelry house Chopard, in which Cate Blanchett received a statuette in 2014 for the film «Blue Jasmine», cost $ 18 million. It consists of stunning long white opal earrings by Chopard, an openwork bracelet and a massive diamond ring.

However, the undeniable title «the most beautiful jewelry in the world»Owns a blue diamond Heart of the Ocean necklace from the famous Harry Winston collection. Gloria Stewart starred in it in the movie «Titanic» in 1998. Its cost is 20 million dollars.

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