No matter how difficult and unusual 2020 may seem for us, Pandora continues to delight us with new additions to the basic collections, as well as unexpected new products. Even such a well-known global brand has experienced quite a few upheavals in 2020 — the transition to online mode, the disruption of the release of the collection and the loss of past powerful sales. But at the same time, such extreme conditions forced the brand to discover a whole new way of working — online. What awaits brand fans in 2021? Updates or brand new collections Introducing the upcoming items from Pandora 2021!

Pandora Winter Collection 2021

All winter collections from Pandora are a huge number of patterns, stones and other winter themes. At this time, you can take a moment and fill your bracelet with unusual New Year’s charms or other festive elements. Conventionally, Pandora produces winter collections in two directions — winter and New Year holidays. With these themes, Pandora fills almost all collections in which you can find such jewelry:

  • rings;
  • earrings;
  • bracelets;
  • charms;
  • pendants;
  • separators.

You can choose your favorite jewelry, but with a new story!

Despite a tough year, Pandora’s new arrivals have not bypassed us. You can buy decorations for the holidays and the coldest time in such collections as Pandora Shine, Pandora Disney, Pandora Moments, Pandora Rose, Pandora Me, Pandora Reflexions and Pandora Harry Potter. The most exclusive offer on the threshold of 2021 is a winter ornament! The brand also took care of Christmas gifts. You will be able to purchase several sets to choose from for mother, grandmother and daughter at an affordable price.

Collection off-season from Pandora 2021

The most anticipated collection of 2021 is “Colors”. This is a novelty that should please us at the beginning of the year as part of the renewal of the brand and its style. There will be all sorts of colors and shades in this collection! As in any full-fledged collection, there will be all the components from which you can create your own jewelry. The “Colors” collection will include:

  • bracelets;
  • charms;
  • pendants;
  • rings;
  • necklace;
  • earrings;
  • dividers;
  • clips.

With bright colors, as usual, we will be pleased with cubic zirconia stone in all its manifestations and forms. Such a bright Pandora has not yet been, as it will be next spring!

Valentine’s Day with Pandora 2021

No jewelry brand can miss such a love holiday, but only Pandora makes it so gentle, stylish and bright! Collectible love-themed jewelry is not new to the brand, but Valentine’s Day is a special holiday that pairs perfectly with Pandora jewelry. Novelties on this topic will begin to go on sale from mid-January. It will be an extravaganza of hearts, flowers and confessions that no girl can resist!

Pandora Spring 2021 Collection

After the Valentine’s Day, everyone’s favorite time of the year follows — spring, and after it the new collection from Pandora. This time of the year everything smells of fresh air, in which notes of summer are already heard. Bright spring colors and, of course, flowers are the hallmark of the Pandora spring 2021 collection! Pandora Jewelry House in 2021 will give spring freshness to such basic collections:

  • Pandora Shine;
  • Pandora Disney;
  • Pandora Moments;
  • Pandora Rose;
  • Pandora Me;
  • Pandora Reflections;
  • Pandora Harry Potter.

The Pandora spring collection will go on sale at the end of March and will delight us with products of a different plan. It is still not known exactly what exactly can be purchased from the new products on this topic, but you will definitely be delighted! As usual, the highlight of the collection will be charms and pendants, which you can easily add to an existing bracelet!

Pandora 2021 celebrates Mother’s Day with us

Mother’s Day is a special holiday for each of us, including Pandora. On such a day, I want to congratulate my beloved and dearest person with something special, stylish and meaningful. Pandora jewelry is just that! Here you will find any products for mommy. All this can be decorated with words of gratitude or bright gems. Plus, Pandora has made sure you can find the right gift every year! The brand annually renews decorations for Mother’s Day. About a month before the holiday, brand new jewelry appears on sale, which you can give to your beloved mom.

If your mother prefers a certain collection, then you can easily pick up something in the same style. For Mother’s Day, Pandora will release updates in the collections: Pandora Shine, Pandora Disney, Pandora Moments, Pandora Rose, Pandora Me, Pandora Reflexions and Pandora Harry Potter. You will definitely find what you need!

Summer collection from Pandora 2021

Summer is a time of lightness and holidays. In the outgoing year, not everyone had a chance to relax as usual, and we managed to enjoy the Pandora summer collection only in the news, but next year promises to be more jewelry. pandora will finally release the full summer collection and we will be able to enjoy brand new charms, pendants, clips, bracelets on the theme of the sea!

In the Pandora 2021 summer collection, we are promised to please us with interesting charms with bright shades of blue, unusual sea shapes and other sunny themes of the summer season. The TOP theme will be the sea. Not only silver bracelets will be relevant here, but also leather products in different color interpretations. At the end of this season, we will not be bored for long and the autumn additions to the Pandora collection will be released as a preview of the main autumn novelties.

Autumn colors from Pandora 2021

The fall collection from Pandora 2021 is gold tones and themed charms and pendants. This line of jewelry will be calm and as light as possible. It should not distract us from routine life, work or study, because it is in autumn that the period of intense activity begins. These days require a great return from us. A lot of forest and autumn motifs are expected in the Pandora Fall 2021 collection.

Summing up

Despite a tough 2020, Pandora has done the impossible and continues to function as hard as ever. We talked about what to expect in 2021 from the jewelry brand, so if you were planning to buy gifts or treat yourself to jewelry from Pandora, then you can be sure that next year you can definitely choose something new!

?What to expect from Pandora in 2021?

The complexities of 2020 have made us fearful of tomorrow, but Pandora is a brand that will never leave us without jewelry! Despite the difficulties in economic and social terms. Pandora continues to delight her admirers with novelties! An extravaganza of emotions, colors and impressions awaits you only with Pandora!

?What new collections will be released in 2021?

Pandora made sure that we had something to give to loved ones and please ourselves! In 2021, you will find new items in the already beloved collection, as well as brand new jewelry! It’s worth the wait!

?How much do new Pandora jewelry cost?

It is impossible to generalize the price of Pandora jewelry. The cost of Pandora jewelry depends on the specific jewelry, as well as additional elements on it. In our online store you can choose for yourself any interesting brand products at the most affordable price or at a discount!

?How to choose a gift from Pandora?

Pandora has made sure that you do not rack your brains over the gift. In our online store you will find a huge number of jewelry on different themes! Finding a gift for any occasion is easy!