a ring is not just a piece of jewelry, but a symbol and a talisman, which, depending on the finger on which it is worn, can strengthen certain character traits, change a person’s fate and the opinion of others about him.

Why should you wear rings on your middle finger?

Can you wear a ring on your middle finger?

The middle finger is the longest finger, on which jewelry looks great. You can get used to wearing the product in this place as soon as possible.

In ancient times, family rings and seals were worn on the middle finger of the left hand, which emphasized the connection with the family and ancestors, protected the owner from negative energy, troubles and temptations, attracting luck, success and well-being into his life.

What does the ring on the middle finger mean?

According to the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, any ring on the middle finger should be worn in order to distinguish good from evil. Chinese sages insisted that it develops intuition, helps to find harmony in life, peace and balance, that is, to achieve a life balance that all people without exception strive for.

A wedding ring on the middle finger in many countries of the world is worn either by widows or widowers, or by those whose wedding ring falls off the ring finger.

If a man wears a seal on this finger on his right hand, he is a narcissistic egoist who makes high demands on relatives and others. He always wants to lead people.

A woman is self-confident and freedom-loving. She loves communication and noisy companies, knows how to control her emotions. The more the product and the stone, the more feminine and seductive she feels with such jewelry. In order not to attract attention, both women and men should wear it on the left hand.

According to psychologists, those who wear a ring on their middle finger increase self-esteem and self-confidence. Those who are shy, afraid to communicate with strangers, to be in the center of attention, to speak in front of an audience, to express their opinion, should wear a ring on the middle finger of their right hand. This is a very bold choice, thanks to which a person will be noticed even before he speaks. Over time, it helps to accept and love yourself as you are, with all the quirks and flaws of appearance and character.

What does it mean to wear a ring of different materials on the middle finger?

middle finger ring

Astrologers believe that rings on the middle finger of both hands indicate that a person is sure that everything in his life has already been decided. He is a fatalist. This is the finger of Saturn, responsible for justice, responsibility. The decoration on it helps to make wise decisions, overcome difficulties, avoid mistakes, reveal your talent and potential. There are often cases when it attracted new opportunities into people’s lives — work, career growth, monetary gain, travel and even true love.

This is due to the fact that Saturn prefers favors to those who wear products of a cold shade on the middle finger — made of white gold, platinum or silver, which will protect against envy and the evil eye.

Gold, especially red, also has enormous energy, it attracts changes in the owner’s life, promotes the emergence of new aspirations and stimulates action. When a gold ring is put on the middle finger, a powerful energy flow is activated. In order to strengthen it even more, you should wear an ornament on your right hand.

The only exception is the taboo on jewelry of black color and with inserts of black stones. They are believed to cause depression, fatigue and frustration. To avoid this, it is better to give preference to products with stones of neutral colors according to the zodiac sign:

  • light green emerald brings true love and material goods to life, helps to achieve emotional stability, balances internal and external conflicts and eliminates irrational fears, gives inner strength and supports mental work. Emeralds also attract material goods.

  • pink-purple amethyst helps to make appointments, meet fate, harmonize partnerships, gives life wisdom. He is an excellent talisman for artists and people who create;

  • delicate opal brings good luck and calms the owner;

  • pink-red ruby ​​allows you to use all the depth of feelings, gives courage, bravery and a sense of self-worth;

  • gentle blue sapphire cleanses the mind, eliminates chaos and errors, promotes adaptation to new conditions, stimulates interest in life, slows down the aging process. It is known for its beneficial effect on the digestive system, soothes insomnia.

But since the ring on the middle finger prevents the movement of others, from a practical point of view it is recommended to wear simple and as flat products as possible. Massive jewelry will look too defiant and in some cases wearing it will cause discomfort.

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