For more than thirty years, Pandora has been pleasing its fans with magnificent jewelry, releasing them in its characteristic individual style.

Its products won the hearts of the inhabitants of many countries with their originality and special charm in each product. Everyone knows Pandora, but few people know that the history of the famous brand is rooted in a small jewelry store, the owners of which, without thinking about world fame, were doing their favorite thing — making women happy.

Excursion into history

In 1982, a shop was opened by a pair of jewelers Evoldsen, which sold precious stones and jewelry by Thai masters. But soon the spouses get acquainted with a young talent — Lun Fransen. The fresh ideas of a talented designer in just a few years brought fame to the company and whole crowds of distributors who challenged their right to sell Pandora charms around the world. But most of all, people liked the bracelets with interchangeable charms, which became the hallmark of the brand. At the end of the 20th century, such an idea turned the consciousness of the entire fashion industry, expressing the mood and worldview of every woman, emphasizing her individuality and rich inner world.

Manufacturers could not ignore such a lively interest and responded to their customers by increasing the volume of their products. What is special about Pandora bracelets?

  1. The product consists of a bracelet and a whole arsenal of elements, the combination of which makes it unique.
  2. All jewelry is made by hand.
  3. A successful combination of different materials: Murano glass with pearls, wood with natural stone. Only the owner decides what exactly he wants to see on his wrist.
  4. Pandora jewelry is not only unique, but also the most affordable.

Brand products will always help out if you are looking for a beautiful gift for a woman. And the occasion does not really matter here, since a large selection of charms and pendants allows you to assemble a themed bracelet for any event in a woman’s life. High quality and unique design — Pandora knows how to make this world a better place!