A topic that constantly causes a lot of fierce disputes both among parents and among doctors is the first earrings for a child. As in any business, there are supporters and opponents of ear piercing in young children.

Which earrings to choose for a girl is an individual question. The answer to it depends on the material, the type of fastening and the appearance of the decoration. But it is worth knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of products.

How to choose the first earrings for a child?

According to most scientific and medical studies, for a quick healing of the piercing, the first children’s earrings, as well as the earrings for adults who pierce their ears for the first time, should be made of precious metal — gold or silver.

Here we are talking not only about disinfection, but also about the possibility of an allergy to the raw materials from which the jewelry is made.

Many cosmetic factories that have models for ear piercing and piercing in their catalog produce special earrings for beauty salons from corrosion-resistant surgical steel, which contains up to 35% chromium, which guarantees corrosion resistance, and up to 25% nickel, the task of which is the strength of the structure metal

The main problem is that both chromium and nickel are allergenic ingredients for 15% of the world’s population, so they are not suitable for children. This is an important requirement because the products come into contact with the post-procedure wound, which can easily get infected. Gold and silver earrings not only speed up the healing of the puncture, they also prevent infections, infection and inflammation from entering the wound.

Which children’s earrings are better, more convenient and safer?

Jewelry for little girls should be light and as small as possible, comfortable to wear, do not disturb during sleep, because the first time they cannot be removed.

An important requirement is that they do not cling to hair and clothes, so as not to injure the child, not to cause pain and discomfort.

For this reason, as the first earrings for a child, it is impossible to choose hanging and richly decorated models with stones, which do not suit small children at all. In such jewelry, they look tense, unnatural and afraid to move once more.

The ideal option is the classic first gold earrings for a child with colored enamel in the form of miniatures:

It is customary to choose the color of the stone insert according to the color of the baby’s eyes or according to the zodiac sign according to the date of her birth. White transparent zircon is considered universal — a neutral stone that suits every little lady.

As for the design and lock, children’s earrings of a smooth and round shape, without sharp edges, are produced with a classic fastening, which is located in the front for ease of dressing and washing the wound. It is called «brisura» and is considered the most reliable, safe and fastens with a click.

Pussets are allowed from 6 months, but it is uncomfortable to sleep in them. Sometimes such a fastener weakens, and they can get lost.

Models with a «screw» fastener are allowed from 9 months. But their peculiarity is the loose fit of the lid, under which dirt, dust, cream, soap fall, so you will have to periodically remove and clean them.

It is undesirable to buy earrings with adult English, French and Italian locks for small children due to the risk of injury and discomfort.

When to give the first earrings for a baby?

Most pediatricians recommend piercing the ears of a child between the ages of 3 and 6 months, provided that he is completely healthy. It is during this period that baptism is performed. On such an occasion, earrings are a good gift from godmother or father.

Children’s jewelry with the sign of the zodiac is suitable for a birthday, with a beautiful shiny stone — for the New Year. Such an accessory will cause more joy and delight in a little fashionista than traditional sweets.

Another reason why you should not delay piercing children’s ears for too long is that at the age of one year, the child is not yet very mobile. Older children have more strength, they move more and faster, they can touch their ears, so their wound will heal longer.

The first proven method, which is quite fast and almost imperceptible, is piercing the ears with a gun, where special stud earrings made of surgical steel are immediately inserted. However, this method is not suitable for everyone due to a possible allergic reaction to this material. Only when the puncture site heals can you put on and wear the selected earrings made of any material. To prevent the holes from getting overgrown, the child must wear the earrings without removing them for at least 6 months.

The second option is to use a piercing needle. This procedure lasts much longer and is more painful. It is desirable that it be performed by a professional cosmetologist or a specialist with a medical education. Its big advantage is that you can immediately put on the desired jewelry.

What earrings to choose for little princesses?

The most used precious metal is natural 14 carat gold. Silver is more affordable.

Almost all children tolerate gold very well without irritation. Since it is resistant to external influences, such products can decorate a child’s appearance for years and be inherited by several children.

  • Yellow gold is marked with the number 585/1000, which indicates the ratio of gold to the total gold alloy. 58.5% of the entire alloy is pure gold, the other 41.5% are other impurities.

  • White gold is an alloy of pure gold with other metals such as palladium and nickel. However, nickel sometimes causes allergic reactions.

  • Rose gold is a compromise between white and yellow gold. It is made with the addition of copper, which gives it a reddish tint, which is especially suited to the face of people with light skin.

  • Silver with minimal addition of nickel for strength — 925/1000. It contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals.

Get acquainted with our assortment directory. There you will definitely find original products for the fashionable image of little princesses. In order not to make a mistake with the size, measure the distance from the place of the piercing to the end of the earlobe and add a few millimeters as a margin so that the child can wear the jewelry for several years.