A few years ago in Ukraine, no one heard about the brand Pandora, and now it is difficult to find a woman who would not be delighted to receive such a piece of jewelry as a gift. Probably, the representatives of the brand themselves did not count on such a stunning success. Today, Pandora has become one of the largest jewelry brands in the world. Every year, designers delight fans with fashionable collections of jewelry, each of which instantly scatters around the world.

History of appearance

The development of the brand begins in 1982 in Copenhagen with the opening of a small store. They sold handmade jewelry, for the production of which noble metals, colorful enamel, zirconium, leather and even wood were used. The shop owner often traveled to Thailand, bringing home new ideas and materials. In 1989, he decided to open his own jewelry factory in Thailand.

Today, Pandora has grown into one of the world’s most sought-after jewelry manufacturers, on a par with established brands such as Tiffany and Swarovski. The manufacturer has four own factories, and products are presented in 100 countries. The popularity of the brand continues to grow, so every year the number of points of sale increases, currently amounting to more than 9 thousand.

Success Secrets

In 2000, the company, still unknown in Ukraine, introduced a charm bracelet, which became its hallmark. Despite the fact that the brand offers rings, necklaces, earrings, Pandora charms for bracelets are in the greatest demand, accounting for more than 80% of the turnover. The company did not invent charms, because they were worn by Queen Victoria and Elizabeth Taylor. But the brand managed to offer the right product at the right time, so well-thought-out advertising received a quick response.

The main secret of success lies in the combination of high quality and affordable price compared to other jewelry brands. Gold pandora bracelet every woman can afford. And if you pick up charms presented at an affordable price, a beautiful piece of jewelry will turn into an exclusive product, the ready-made analogues of which are not available in stores.


Today the range of the brand in Ukraine includes about a hundred bracelets and thousands of pendants for them, earrings, necklaces and pendants, rings, clip-on pandora. In just a few years in Pandora catalog included a lot of original collections, in which there are options for every taste.

Considering the jewelry presented recently, it is worth starting with the spring 2017 collection, made in delicate floral motifs. spring Pandora 2017 offered shining drops charms, made in six colors, and bright enamel bracelets with many enamel charms. The summer collection continued the floral theme with compositions on the theme of orchids.

Pandora 2018 in the fall, she pleased with vintage openwork jewelry, as well as interesting charms dedicated to Halloween. A special place among them was occupied by a silver pendant in the form of a pumpkin, because the analogue has long been discontinued. There are also many different keys and locks. At the end of the year, the Sphere bracelets with the possibility of tightening and Ice Beauty attracted special attention. The models turned out to be so self-sufficient that there is no need to match them with charms.

Pandora 2019 presented the Chinese New Year, embodying the holiday in coins of good luck, koi carps and cute pigs, symbolizing the animal of the year. Recently released a collection dedicated to Valentine’s Day. The brand could not stay away from such a holiday. The main theme was love with the inscriptions «loved» and romantic charms in the theme.

Each season, the brand’s designers try to offer interesting jewelry that matches fashion trends. visit often pandora site, where you can always find the right one original pandora braceletto always be aware of the latest news and popular trends.

Pandora in Ukraine

In 2009, as a result of the economic crisis, the price of gold in Ukraine, as well as throughout the world, rose sharply, so buying gold items has become a luxury for many. Fashionistas, who found it difficult to deny themselves the purchase of jewelry, drew attention to the Pandora brand. Already popular in the US, the brand quickly gained ground in Ukraine.

Now Pandora in the original presented in 39 stores located throughout Ukraine, including Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa, many other regional centers and large cities. If there is no official brand store in your city, you can always place an order on the Internet. At the moment, jewelry is presented in 10 thousand authorized points of sale around the world. Pandora Kiev offers products from popular collections with prompt delivery to any city.

In addition to favorable prices for jewelry Pandora often holds interesting promotions and offers great discounts in connection with festive events. Fully considering the interests of its customers, the company has long taken a leading position in the list of the most popular jewelry brands not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world.