New Year is a magical holiday, which both children and adults look forward to with great impatience. The time when many dreams come true. Why don’t you try on the role of Santa Claus and realize the cherished desires of dear people? As soon as the colorful autumn has transferred its rights to winter, you need to start preparing for the New Year holidays and choose gifts.

2022 is the year of the tiger, so jewelry gifts for the New Year made of precious metals and stones are the perfect way to appease the majestic symbol of the coming year and make a loved one happy. Without further ado, tell him how significant a place he occupies in your heart.

We offer you to get acquainted with the best ideas for New Year’s gifts — jewelry that will demonstrate your love, care and how the talisman will protect your loved ones over the next years.

General trends in jewelry fashion in 2022

  • Layering. It is fashionable to wear several chains of different lengths, rings and bracelets of different sizes at the same time.
  • Bright accents. The trend is jewelry with stones of rich colors and massive elements.
  • Asymmetry. Mono-earrings or products from the same series, but in different sizes, give the image an elegant glow.
  • Pearl. Popular elegant studs, wide rings or pendants with pearls.
  • Silver. Openwork chains and smoothly polished metal products of cold shades are in fashion.
  • Return of the 80s. Large clip-on earrings in rich color and wide bracelets.

General trends in jewelry fashion in 2022

Christmas jewelry for little princesses or princes

In childhood, almost all little girls love to try on their mother’s jewelry. wrapped in tulle, as if wearing a luxurious dress with a long train. Thanks to this, they present themselves as a rich fairy princess.

New Year’s holiday is a great opportunity to create a real miracle and make the dream of a little fashionista come true. Give her one of the children’s jewelry, high-quality hypoallergenic materials — medical gold or silver:

  • ring with cubic zirkonia;
  • delicate earrings (carnations or models with an English clasp) decorated with flowers, butterflies, hearts, animals, berries, etc.;
  • modular bracelets with charms;
  • pendants, medallions.

When choosing jewelry for your daughter, niece or goddaughter, give preference to small pieces that will not overload a small face or figure. They are much more comfortable, lighter and safer to wear than heavy bulky accessories.

A boy can be presented with a cross, a chain with a pendant that will become a talisman that brings good luck, or a waterproof watch.

Christmas jewelry for little princesses or princes

Jewelry for the New Year for mom

The most precious person in the life of every person is a mother. For all the sleepless nights, the tears shed and the great feats that mothers perform every day, raising children and supporting the family hearth, they deserve the best gifts.

Thank your mother and give her elegant women’s jewelry for the New Year, which she dreamed of for so long, but still did not dare to purchase. Favorites among jewelry gifts for women of elegant age are:

  • products with pearls, especially necklaces and headsets;
  • gold or silver hoop earrings, models with floral motifs;
  • necklace with diamonds;
  • a bracelet with pendants that can be freely changed and combined, which makes it a kind of diary symbolizing important events;
  • ring «Save and Save»;
  • retro brooches in the form of tigers.

A universal pattern for mom or grandmother can be a bracelet with a pendant in the shape of a heart, an infinity sign, a geometric figure, or a medallion for a photograph.

Trendy minerals in 2022 are moonstone, green emerald, agate, ruby ​​and tiger’s eye. White gold or silver is best suited for diamonds and snow-white pearls.

Jewelry for the New Year for mom

Decorations for a girl for the New Year

You can make your beloved happy not only with a valuable present, but also with a romantic recognition. Just imagine: the house smells like a Christmas tree and tangerines, the clock strikes 12, your chosen one is in a beautiful dress, you get down on one knee and offer to spend all the following days and nights together until the end of your life … And present your beloved girl with the desired decoration for the New Year, not necessarily a gift can be a ring. This year, both simple and strict products are fashionable, as well as rings resembling belts of the rings of the solar system.

Other surprise options:

  • earrings with cubic zirconias, Swarovski stones or a new trend — jegets. These are long earrings with pendants resembling Christmas balls;
  • a modular bracelet consisting of pendants symbolizing the desired events;
  • necklace;
  • choker with pendant.

Your bride will never forget such a sincere marriage proposal …

Decorations for a girl for the New Year

Jewelry for the New Year for men

Modern men love precious accessories no less than women. However, jewelry as a New Year’s gift for men differs from women’s in a perfect and elegant style, where bright decorative elements are unacceptable. It is customary to decorate the image of a business man with a minimum of jewelry, ideally matched to a laconic image. Men’s products indicate a high status in society, power and wealth, so you need to choose such gifts very carefully.

The main men’s jewelry for the New Year:

  • gold or silver signet ring with precious stones;
  • tie clip;
  • cufflinks (classic, engraved or enameled) made of silver or gold;
  • a chain with a pendant of the zodiac sign or a man’s hobby (guitar, bicycle);
  • leather (it is desirable to choose the color of a watch or a trouser belt) or a silver bracelet with a pendant.

The palette of men’s style is dominated by the colors of the earth: brown, burgundy and dark blue, black, dark blue, dark green and all the noble shades of silver.

If your man (boyfriend, friend or brother) loves yellow gold or silver and already owns one or more pieces of jewelry, then it’s best to gift an item in the same color to match your existing jewelry set.

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Jewelry for the New Year for men