PANDORA — a well-known jewelry brand, originally from Denmark. The products of this company have been a popular trend all over the world for several decades. The only production of jewelry is in Thailand, which makes PANDORA brand products more affordable. All jewelry is carefully checked for quality and has the appropriate marking. It allows you to easily and accurately distinguish original products from counterfeit products.

Pandora gold charms

PANDORA gold charms have branded hallmarks that can be found on the inside of the jewelry. Ordinary gold jewelry is marked with a breakdown of «g585 ale» and «g750 ale», where the numbers indicate the percentage of pure precious metal in the product. In addition, there is a separate marking for charms made of rose gold «ale r».

The “ALE” stamp is the abbreviated initials of the full name of Algot Enevoldsen, the father of the founder of the PANDORA jewelry house, Per Enevoldsen. It is noteworthy that until 2011, the products of this company had several other marks that did not contain the letters “g” and “s» to indicate a quality sample of gold and silver.

PANDORA Charm: Top Quality Sterling Silver

All PANDORA silver jewelry is stamped to prove the originality of the product. The proof on charms and other jewelry looks like s925 ale, where the numbers indicate compliance with the international silver standard. It is this precious metal copper alloy that makes it possible to achieve two valuable indicators of jewelry — high mechanical strength and magnificent appearance.

Bicolor charms, for the production of which silver and gold are used, always have only one stamp — this is the hallmark of silver. Such products are considered silver with gold inserts. Therefore, no samples are put on inclusions of gold!

PANDORA brand identity

The original products of the company have several additional types of markings that allow you to avoid buying fakes:

  • The presence of the image of the crown above the letter O in the embossed PANDORA logo;
  • Clover in the middle of the castle on a bracelet or clip.

Also, a silver charm or any other jewelry of this brand is sold in branded packaging. Those who produce counterfeits seldom venture into the additional expense of producing the boxes. After all, for full compliance, you have to exactly copy the corporate color of the package, the company logo, choose a unique font and duplicate the slogan «Unforgettable moments».

Also, do not forget, according to the legislation of Ukraine, all officially imported jewelry made of precious metals must have a special marking. These are the hallmarks of the assay office, which are easy to recognize, as they contain images of the small state emblem — the trident.