twins, according to zodiac, one withthemselves energetic and in that same time contradictorysigns. or peopleendowed huge creative potential, a their dualismconstantly manifests in many sphereslife and activity.

Features mascots twins and requirementsto him

AT ancient times, yesand in nowtime, many believein that, whata person from troublecan protect right matched mascot. them usuallyis completely certain subject (stone or decorationin in the form certainsymbol). at choicemascots mandatory condition is accountingthe sign zodiac of the futurehim the owner.

twins, according to data horoscope, itpeople, were born in period with 20 May by 20 June. Basictheir element — this air. To the twins responds planet Mercury, so and so flowersas troubles, jasminea also narcissus,symbols the sign is masks, twinsand snake.

Talismans should to be always easyand unobtrusive, it they can to beas openwork chain,So and laconicpendants or earrings.amulet for twinsis symbol masks, a alsodecorations, performed in such form.

exactly the main thing conditionscorrect of choice mascot it that,what he shouldlike of the future him to the owner. ATto another case, action mascot canto settle down to zero.most powerful are considered mascots, which were receivedby legacy orgifted.

also, extremely strong talismans is those, whichmade own hand, carry energy the manufacturerand ago isunique.

bought in shopmascots though and performed innecessary form andwith necessary material,for beginning theirimpact with themnecessary spend simple manipulation. for this necessarytake mascot in any hand,look on himand certain timespeak with him.only after thismascot insist on the owner andonly then it is possiblewill be ask him about help.

alone mascot completelynot necessarily is made in in the form certaindecorations. it quite can to betrinket or madesmall figurine.

Color mascot also plays back hugevalue, So asTo the twins fit more cold Tony.it gray andblue, violet and blue, lilacand coffee, aalso and yellow.

see mascots for twins

according to beliefs and legends fortwins more fit sprat speciesmascots. So, example, itmask, which talk aboutmultiplicity character twins. key allowsto the owner to close internal world a personfrom ill-wishers.

Talismans, made with stones, ableprotect from negativeimpact others, to bestow with the ownerby force.

So as patronthis the sign Mercury,very agile andskillful Roman god, that for twins mascot quite can to serveand any thing,symbolizes as information, So andmovement. it canto be as flash drive,So and a book,money or car.

Stonesmascots for twins

at choice inas mascot stone necessary consider,what twins mostfit bright, brilliant and overflowingon light stones.

So, lunar stonewill fit for creativepersonalities, will strengthen their creative potentialand is a symbolpreservation home fires. Agat doesa person more punctual and deprivesfrom depression, strengthensspiritual beginning. opal inspires inhim the owner sense harmony andbalance. alexandrite, that is situated on averagefingers, will do a person more successfuland strong, protectsfrom diseases. jade,according to beliefs and legends, increasesduration life and at this owns big healingproperties, helps calm sleep andfast recovery after diseases.

To the twins NOT preferablywear heavy precious stones, whichthey can deprive theirowner lightness character. rubies and diamonds they canworsen well-being, a aquamarine makescattered.