The desire to preserve the original appearance, shine and other properties of jewelry is quite natural for owners. Indeed, correctly placing jewelry and protecting it from various negative factors is as important as taking care of the material in a timely manner. If you properly organize the storage of jewelry, their quality will remain unchanged for a long time.

standard requirements

Each piece of jewelry has its own storage rules, but there are several universal standards:

  • articles made of precious metals and jewelry must be stored separately. The conditions are the same: a cool, dark container with a low level of humidity. Neither metals nor stones like excess moisture in the atmosphere;
  • in the same way, it is necessary to organize a separate storage of jewelry on a silver and gold basis;
  • it will be most correct to separate all products. Precious metals are soft, so they are easily scratched by mechanical influences. For example, the greater the fineness on gold jewelry, the softer the material, and the more prone it is to the risk of scratches;
  • there are many options for organizing non-standard storage, but it is best to give preference to classic special boxes. Only they will ensure compliance with all necessary conditions;
  • even with ideal storage, regular care and cleaning is required.

How to store gold jewelry?

Gold products need protection from direct sunlight and a dry microclimate. The best option is a box made of plastic or wood with a soft bottom. An alternative is the use of specialized soft bags. It is better not to put jewelry in cardboard boxes. Cardboard contains sulfur, which provokes the appearance of dark spots on gold.

How to store silver jewelry?

Each silver product must be placed separately, not allowing the metals to come into contact. The best «container» is ordinary polyethylene bags ZipLock fasteners. They can create an ideal microclimate that prevents the metal from tarnishing. In addition, you can protect jewelry from moisture by adding a regular tablet of activated black carbon to each bag. It will absorb excess water molecules. The bags can be hidden in a box or box — this way the requirements for storing silver jewelry in a place protected from the sun will be met.

How to ensure stone storage?

The main thing is to protect precious stones from scratches. If you put the jewelry separately, avoiding mechanical contact, this will be enough. You can organize compact separate storage by buying special boxes with partitions that divide the internal space into many compartments. Stones also need professional cleaning 2-3 times a year.

Storage of jewelry PANDORA

Products from the brand PANDORA it is enough to place it in a box lined from the inside with a soft fabric. You can additionally put each piece of jewelry in a specialized fabric jewelry bag. A few years ago, the brand produced branded boxes with compartments designed for all popular types and variants of products from the brand.

However, this production has now been stopped. But this is not a problem: many companies producing analogs have appeared on the market. You can buy them, but in general it is enough to choose any suitable box with compartments and soft filling. The main thing is that the products are separated from each other. Well, it won’t hurt to pay attention to the color and style of the casket — it should complement the jewelry stored inside.