Pandora jewelry designers practice using a large number of stones of varying degrees of value. In products Pandora artificial and natural stones are successfully used, and the result in each case is perfect. For their own convenience, Pandora divides all stones into four categories: artificial stones, artificial pearls, precious stones and diamonds. Each category is worth considering.

Artificial stones in Pandora jewelry

The manufacturer widely uses artificial stones in products Pandora. The modern production of such elements is debugged at a high level: you can achieve such an ideal imitation that only an experienced jeweler will notice the difference. Naturally, the main advantage of artificial stones is an affordable price. Another feature is the uniformity of structure and color.

For decoration Pandora most often used artificial stone zirconium (cubic zirconia, cubic zirconia). It is a substitute for the natural mineral zircon. Characteristics — sparkling shine in the sun, good overflows. No wonder it was created as an analogue of expensive diamonds. The brand uses zirconia in different shades and colors for jewelry. Among the artificial stones that are used for Pandora jewelry:

  • crystal of different shades and colors;
  • Murano glass;
  • blue topaz;
  • amethyst;
  • quart of different colors;
  • sapphire;
  • ruby;
  • spinel.

Speaking of Murano glass. Pandora uses faceted murano of different sizes and colors exclusively handmade. Craftsmen apply hand-drawn drawings to classic glass, creating unique tiny paintings. When hand-cutting Murano, seven rows are created, each of which includes 10 facets.

Decorations Pandora with faux pearls

Artificial pearls are now the most common — natural ones are hard to find, and their cost is extremely high. Therefore, 95% of the pearl market is occupied by imitation pearls. Their creation in many ways resembles the process of growth of natural elements. The level of value is determined by size, color and roundness (the more correct the roundness, the higher the price).

Gemstones in Pandora Jewelry

Pandora use exclusively high-quality precious stones for their jewelry: beautiful, durable, rare. All of them are formed in natural conditions and have been professionally carefully processed by Pandora’s personal jewelers. So the appearance of the minerals is perfect. Minerals used include:

  • amethyst;
  • aquamarine;
  • rock crystal;
  • topaz blue, pink;
  • lemon or milk quartz;
  • turquoise;
  • onyx, etc.

Diamonds in jewelry Pandora

This is the most expensive natural stone of mineral origin (comprising 100% carbon). A distinctive characteristic is exceptional hardness. In Pandora, only natural diamonds are used, created in natural conditions without any human influence. This determines the value of jewelry from the brand.

What to look for when choosing

The same types of stones in different products may differ in shades — more saturated or calm. This is an acceptable rate, especially for natural minerals. The manufacturer guarantees the quality of stones and pearls used for jewelry, charms and other items and products. This is possible thanks to manual selection and preparation directly at the factories. Pandoralocated in Thailand. The list of stones used is quite wide — sufficient to implement any unique design ideas.