Do you know your lucky stone? What jewelry can be for you not only an ornament, but also a talisman or a protective amulet? If not, then be sure to read this article prepared on how to choose gemstones for each zodiac sign.

How to find out your stone by Mayan zodiac sign?

Mayan signs

The Mayan zodiac differs from the classic zodiac horoscope in that the creators of this famous ancient calendar divide the year into 18 months. Each of them corresponds to a certain stone. This explains the fact that traditional zodiac signs have more than one lucky mineral.

Those who want to find out what my zodiac talisman stone is, need to focus on their date of birth.

What are the stones of the zodiac capable of?

  • They help in the treatment of various ailments,

  • increase self-confidence,

  • ensure success in love and in professional activities,

  • allow you to control your anger

  • increase concentration of attention,

  • attract wealth …

Believe it or not — everyone’s business. But after reading about your stone according to your zodiac sign, you will surely admit that there is something magical about jewelry!

What stones are suitable for the zodiac signs?

stones according to the horoscope

sign period A planet element Stones
Aries 21.III-20.IV Mars fire Hematite, carnelian, jasper, garnet, amethyst, tourmaline, ruby
Taurus 21.IV-20.V Venus Earth Agate, aventurine, citrine, malachite, agate, rose quartzite, chrysolite, emerald
twins 21.V-21.VI Mercury air Carnelian, tiger eye, amber, citrine, topaz, chalcedony, aquamarine, rock crystal
cancer 22.VI-22.VII moon water Carnelian, aventurine, jasper, coral, opal, moonstone
a lion 23.VII-23.VIII sun fire Citrine, rock crystal, tiger eye, amber, topaz, garnet, diamond, ruby
Virgo 24.VIII-23.IX Mercury Earth Amethyst, lapis lazuli, jasper, carnelian, citrine, tiger’s eye, sapphire, amber, sodalite
balance 24.IX-23.X Venus air Sapphire, chrysolite, jasper, rose quartz, aquamarine, jadeite, coral
Scorpio 24.X-22.XI Pluto water Malachite, jasper, tourmaline, hematite, garnet, amethyst, agate
Sagittarius 23.XI-21.XII Jupiter fire Amethyst, chrysolite, sapphire, topaz, chalcedony, obsidian, lapis lazuli, opal
Ibex 22.XII-20.I Saturn Earth Jasper, obsidian, rock crystal, tourmaline, quartzite, diamond, moonstone
Aquarius 21.I-19.II uranium air Turquoise, chrysolite, opal, topaz, aquamarine, fluorite, sapphire
Pisces 20.II-20.III Neptune water Turquoise, coral, opal, aquamarine, fluorite, sapphire, moonstone


period: 21.III-20.IV, planet: Mars, element: fire

Hematite collects scattered energy, giving strength. Even in the most difficult moments, this mineral preserves spirituality. Hematite helps to draw conclusions from one’s successes and failures, teaching patience and prudence.

Carnelian supports the implementation of ideas, giving perseverance and creativity. It brings joy to life and allows you to enjoy every moment.

Jasper gives perseverance and patience without losing enthusiasm. This adds prudence and wisdom to his impulsive energy. Gives sympathy and impulse to do good.

Pomegranate allows you to feel physical love more strongly and use your potential more consciously. Garnets of dark blue color give strength, will and energy to carry out constructive projects, directing to the right path and showing the goals to which he should strive.

Amethyst gives the ability to know one’s inner space and reveal the spiritual aspects of one’s being.

Tourmaline of red or dark pink varieties adds energy aimed at achieving certain goals and fighting one’s own weaknesses.

Ruby promotes spiritual development, strengthens intuition and gives creative power.

a lion

period: 23.VII-23.VIII, planet: Sun, element: fire

Citrine gives warmth and faith in one’s abilities. Helps to look at one’s weaknesses and shortcomings in order to achieve greater inner perfection. Influences the development of creative abilities.

Rock crystal affects inner development, removing obstacles to achieving perfection.

The eye of the tiger opens the mind, teaching to recognize one’s own mistakes.

Amber affects the success of any activity, helps to improve well-being, gives a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Topaz, more precisely, its golden variety, helps to respond correctly to all life situations, increasing generosity and sincerity.

Pomegranate adds courage and strengthens willpower. This affects the success of all projects undertaken.

Diamond motivates to constantly strive for perfection. Helps in achieving goals regardless of the opinion of others.

Rubin opens an understanding of the essence of love. Helps turn all love into concrete actions aimed at doing good.


period: 23.XI-21.XII, planet: Jupiter, element: fire

Amethyst helps to find the meaning of life and to believe in one’s strength.

Chrysolite helps Sagittarius not to be influenced by other people when expressing their thoughts. This has a positive effect on the successful implementation of the assigned tasks.

Sapphire gives depth to goals.

Topaz brings order to life, inner inspiration, honesty in relationships with other people.

Chalcedony gives composure and sensitivity to one’s inner source of inspiration, teaches how to clearly and clearly express one’s thoughts.

Obsidian has a positive effect on the process of searching for knowledge.

Lapis lazuli teaches you to trust your intuition and inner voice. Helps to apply your ideas and thoughts in everyday life.

Opal opens the mind and heart of the world. It has a positive effect on internal development, revealing and activating new, previously closed abilities.


period: 22.XII-20.I, planet: Saturn, element: earth

Jasper makes people more patient. This promotes modesty and the need to work for the benefit of others.

Obsidian has a positive effect on the process of expressing emotions.

Rock crystal gives the ability to look into oneself. Helps to get rid of dark sides.

Green and black tourmaline helps in overcoming obstacles on the way to achieving goals.

Quartzite contributes to the acquisition of the meaning of life.

Diamond cleanses emotions, helps to focus on important matters.

Moonstone increases confidence, affects the destruction of internal blocks in emotional life.


period: 21.IV-20.V, planet: Venus, element: earth

Agate gives self-confidence, perseverance and patience.

Aventurine allows you to regain strength and find peace, gives a sense of security and joy of life.

Citrine makes a person more self-confident, helps to honestly and freely express their feelings.

Malachite opens for any changes in life. Gives strength and courage to enjoy what fate brings. Deepens love and understanding of oneself and other people.

Agate gives harmony and balance with the forces of Nature. Gives vitality and a sense of security.

Pink quartzite allows you to express your feelings and bring love into life, see beauty.

Chrysolite opens the way to the knowledge of the secret of the universe. Fills the heart with love, joy and peace.

Emerald deepens love in the heart and makes this feeling the driving force of development in all spheres of life.


period: 24.VIII-23.IX, planet: Mercury, element: earth

Amethyst reinforces the need for altruism. Develops the ability to understand things intuitively.

Lapis lazuli helps to trust your own intuition. Opens the mind to understanding the universal laws that govern the world. Provides the ability to see all issues and problems in a wider context.

Jasper strengthens the sense of modesty and the need to selflessly help others. Strengthens common sense, helps to find strength, energy and desire to live and act.

Carnelian gives a feeling of security and confidence, bringing spontaneity into life. Deepens the joy of performing daily duties.

Citrine bestows the ability to cope with one’s own experiences, teaching rational thinking. It relieves anxiety, opens the mind to new impressions and ideas.

Tiger’s eye sharpens the mind and strengthens rational thinking, promotes the acquisition of self-confidence.

Sapphire helps to achieve inner security and self-confidence.

Amber strengthens self-confidence, helps to get rid of fear and nervousness.

Sodalite gives Virgo peace and inner focus.


period: 21.I-19.II, planet: Uranus, element: air

Turquoise fills with inspiration, peace and strength to achieve the set goals. Provides protection from adverse influences from others.

Chrysolite helps maintain inner independence, inspiring the fulfillment of daily duties. Strengthens the ability to sympathize and communicate harmoniously with others.

Opal opens up to the world, allowing you to enjoy your life and your own experiences.

Blue topaz helps to open up to the world and other people, to better cope with one’s emotions.

Aquamarine gives a feeling of limitlessness and freedom, the opportunity to freely express one’s opinion.

Bright blue fluorite develops the ability to think and act intuitively.

Light blue sapphire teaches to give priority to certain ideas, intentions and tasks.


period: 21.V-21.VI, planet: Mercury, element: air

Carnelian makes you realize your goals without unnecessary dissipation of energy.

Tiger’s eye promotes mental flexibility, which opens completely new horizons of intellectual cognition.

Amber gives warmth and well-being, helps to get rid of nervousness and anxiety.

Citrine helps to cope with emotional problems. Develops the ability to learn from your mistakes, allowing you to draw constructive conclusions from your own failures.

Topaz gives wisdom and increases intelligence, which allows the surrounding world and the phenomena that occur in it.

Light blue chalcedony affects the ability to control oneself, helping to listen to the inner voice and draw inspiration from it.

Aquamarine cleanses the mind and soul of twins, revealing love and truth from them.

Rock crystal allows you to master knowledge and pass it on.


period: 24.IX-23.X, planet: Venus, element: air

Sapphire supports in the search and understanding of oneself, teaches attachment and devotion.

Chrysolite helps to achieve inner harmony and peace, teaches to enjoy the beauty of the universe and live in balance with nature.

Jasper teaches perseverance and helps in achieving goals.

Rose quartz gets rid of emotional problems and teaches you to enjoy life.

Aquamarine helps you learn to trust your intuition.

Jadeite teaches to extract joy from the beauty of nature and helps in achieving goals.

Coral helps to skillfully cope with emotional problems.


period: 22.VI-22.VII, planet: Moon, element: water

Carnelian promotes creative expression of thoughts and feelings.

Aventurine gives emotional calm, reducing inner restlessness.

Jasper affects the ability to understand others. Strengthens perseverance and a sense of reality.

Coral gives a sense of security and stability. This affects the ability to adapt to changing living conditions.

Opal adds vitality and strength of feelings.

Moonstone harmonizes emotional life, allowing access to a wealth of feelings and drawing strength from them. Sharpens intuition, helping to understand your dreams.


period: 24.X-22.XI, planet: Pluto, element: water

Malachite helps to get rid of bad habits. He teaches understanding of himself and others, makes them more open to the world and people.

Jasper gives strength and wisdom, supports selfless actions.

Red tourmaline helps to get rid of rigid emotional habits and opens the way to development. Its black variety frees from negative energies.

Hematite gives self-control and calmness, helps to overcome difficulties, using previous experience.

Pomegranate supports courage and strength.

Amethyst teaches to use one’s own intuition and develops dedication.

Agate allows you to find inner clarity and purity.


Period: 20.II-20.III, planet: Neptune, element: water

Turquoise protects against adverse and unwanted effects.

Coral gives greater stability and the ability to float smoothly with the flow of life.

Opal learns to use her own experience, even unpleasant ones.

Aquamarine inspires creative expression.

Fluorite develops the ability to work intuitively and feel specific situations.

Blue sapphire helps to trust yourself, distinguish illusions from goals.

Moonstone strengthens sensitivity and compassion for others, harmonizes sometimes conflicting feelings and allows you to draw inner strength from them.

How to wear stones according to the zodiac sign?

zodiac sign jewelry

Precious stones can be worn in any way. They are usually used to decorate rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces or keep them in a wallet. To improve health, it is best to wear them next to the sore spot.

Choose products with the right stone associated with your sign. Your intuition will tell you how and where to wear such a charm.