Sterling silver has excellent consumer characteristics. From it they minted a metal means of payment, produced cutlery, made interior items, accessories and clothing accessories. Metal enjoys special honor in jewelry.

Choosing a ligature is not an easy task.

What is 925 sterling silver, why was it created at all? AT XVII century, pure silver was mined in significant volumes, which surpassed gold in value. However, the metal darkened in air and was quite soft. It was decided to find a composition that would be distinguished by mechanical strength and resistance to atmospheric conditions.

The composition allowed the introduction of only one metal. Scientists tried to get rid of blackening, reduce porosity, make wear resistance higher. Initially, copper was introduced into the ligature, then it was replaced with zinc, platinum, the mixture was corrected with boron and silicon. The addition of germanium eliminated the darkening of silver, platinum provided an increase in the strength parameter, but the final cost of the alloy increased significantly. Cadmium «helped» make silver more expensive than gold.

Manufacturing process

Sterling silver is produced by mixing «pure» argentum and copper, heating the mixture to 893.4°C. The resulting material after cleaning and chemical clarification retains a shiny surface for a long time. Jewelry created in the past from it can be stored for centuries and passed on to the next generations in the form of family rarities.

925 sterling silver — what is it? Alloy having 92.5% Ag 999th sample and 7.5% copper. In terms of weight, this means the following: to obtain 1000 parts of the alloy, 925 parts were taken Ag and 75 pieces Cu along with other impurities.

Advantages of the modified argentum

  • Corrodes with prolonged exposure to light and humid air.
  • Has high strength.
  • It retains antiseptic properties, therefore it has a positive effect on the body.
  • It is well forged and takes the desired shape, which is valuable in jewelry.
  • Differs in durability at storage and a practicality at operation.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Due to the low price, it is available to most people who want to buy jewelry or other products.


Excessive moisture in the air and active sunlight can change the color of the metal. A similar result is formed upon contact with chemical media. It is advisable to store products in the dark. Each type of jewelry is recommended to be wrapped in natural fabric and placed in a common storage place. The ideal option is a tightly closed wooden box.

Where such silver is in demand

925 sterling silver has been used in the jewelry industry. Lightweight openwork rings, necklaces and earrings, chains with a thin interlacing, elegant pendants, bright designer tiaras, and attractive bracelets are obtained from it.

The alloy is in demand in the manufacture of table setting items: forks, spoons, glasses, cups, knives, saucers, trays.

Collectible coins are minted from hardened metal.

As a raw material, it is excellent for making accessories: brooches, men’s tie pins, cufflinks, cigarette cases, hairpins, watches, piercing elements.

Silver candlesticks, figurines, picture frames, etc. are involved in decorating the premises.

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