Immediately after our first brief introduction to Pandora Spring 2018, we now have more information and some further photos to share with you 🙂 In addition to the usual petals and flowers, this collection seems to be trying to offer something different, including a new line of gold-plated jewelry and pendants made of natural materials, aquamarine.

Collection Overview Pandora Shine

In our previous publication, there was a certain amount of yellow gilded beads, which caused a certain buzz. Now, we can definitely confirm the name of this new line, as Pandora Shineoffering gold-plated jewelry as an alternative to the existing collection Pandora Rose.

Her presentation jewelry is centered on a stunning bee motif. Bee jewelry is one of our favorites and very popular, at least in the UK. For example, we love Olivia Burton’s bee jewelry and watches. Therefore, we must admit that we are intrigued to see so many bee decorations that we can afford.

We only show here those decorations that were not presented in our last review. As soon as we have complete information about the sets from this collection, we will provide you with a full review 🙂

We absolutely love the first pendant set! In it we can see a set of beads in which a bee motif can be traced. Our favorite is the openwork pendant ornament. Honeycomband we would love to add a bee evidence pendant to our collection, Sweet as Honey, if there was no addition at the top, in the form of a mosaic of precious stones. We love how these charms manage to be both modern and cute at the same time, and are sure to pair well with a two-tone bracelet.

Among the accompanying jewelry, we certainly liked the ring Honeybee, on which we see a small bee drawn in black enamel. Stud Earrings Heart & Bee also really beautiful, although we have not fully formed our opinion on how they fit together.

The choker necklace and bracelet will be in a limited edition.

Additional overview Pandora SS18

In addition to decorations Pandora Shinewe also have a brief overview of some of the other jewelry that came out with the collection SS18. Instead of focusing on ordinary flowers, Pandora for inspiration, she also looked into another phenomenon of nature — in this collection there are also blue pendants, as a result of inspiration from rivers and the sea. We also offer a set of absolutely gorgeous jewelry. Enchanted Tasselas well as in the pendants in my previous publication, there is a spare chain and beads with openwork ornaments.

We only have two new images from spring 2018 jewelry, matching earrings Enchanted Tassel and a pretty ring with flowers:

This pendant Rose we missed from our last pre review. This is a new suspension Valentinewith the difference that the word happy:

This subsequent bead is also an echo of the beads Valentine 2018 in the style of emoji depicting a princess — cartoon character:

Next we have a set of seasonal images. We liked the bright silver mesh bracelets with blue inserts, you can also see 3D a heart-shaped clip that we think will be finished with silicone.

In addition to decorations Enchanted Tassel, which we wrote about above, there will be a massive decoration in the same style. On it, the pendants move freely and are not fixed.

Suspension BellaBot aroused some interest in our previous review, as some have already suggested, now we can safely assume that both she and Rose will be presented in silver.

pendants BellaBot put on a bracelet over their heads. Brief abstract from Pandora claims to have movable arms and legs! They are one hundred percent completely different from anything we have seen before.

Wider View of Spring/Summer 2018 Photos

And now — the last item on our agenda! “We have an amazing and quite lovely last minute addition to this. Jandra from MyXpressions managed to find even more images from the Pandora US review and it has some very interesting parts. She was kind enough to let us use her images, but please don’t copy them without claiming her copyright.

First, they have a variety of additional Pandora Shine design options:

We imagine that these models with two teddy bears are models for Mother’s Day 2018.

However, we are all for the next bead! Thanks to the details that were not in Pandora muranothis sophisticated lavender pendant features an image bumblebeeembellished with richer shades of pink. Now, this is what we must have! This would be a great pairing with Pandora Shine bee design jewelry.

This is another pendant that we really like. Her design features mother-of-pearl enamel and a cute blue stone in the center.

Suspension Shape of Love from the Valentine 2018 collection appears in orange-red:

The following pendant has a nautical theme, which makes it more romantic:

The next pendant seems like a summer release: it’s a new brand with New York-themed pendants. It’s cute, but I think the yellow taxi would make it less versatile than the existing Statue of Liberty suspension.

The next batch of pendants seems to be the Mother’s Day 2018 design. We saw this in our previous review in the yellow (gold plated) Pandora Shine collection. finish — here we have the silver version.

The following three models feature mother-of-pearl enamel and patterned pendants mice. Pandora has definitely gotten creative with this collection, which features three mice climbing on pendants in very cute designs.

In the following model, a teddy bear hangs from a pendant accompanied by a small rabbit toy:

The next pendant is more conventional, with silver Mickey Mouse against the background of white enamel:

Finally, we have a bunch of new necklace designs, including the Pandora Rose Floating Locket Necklace and the Pandora Rose Essence Necklace. Our favorite among them is the design of the Spring Bird necklace which is very beautiful and done simply in silver and the Enchanted Tassel necklace.