Here comes Spring. On March 16, the Pandora Spring 2017 / Pandora Sprong 2017 collection was released in the USA.

So winter is over, soon the world around us will be filled with bright spring colors. It will be necessary to fill your wardrobe with accessories corresponding to the riot of spring colors, and the Pandora Spring 2017 Collection will help us with this.

As usual, the spring collection consists of delicate pastel, pink, lilac shades and a variety of flowers. Here I will give a brief overview of the collection with small overview photos, and whoever wants to see large, detailed photos, go down to the end of the article, there will be a lot of photos!


The first set of charms contains two beautiful murano «Field of Flowers» charms in Pink, Purple and in the detailed photos there is also a blue color. The price of such a charm in the US is $50. They depict a flower with a ribbon and sparkling splashes.

Divider — Dazzling daisies, very similar to daisies 🙂 The cost in the US is $85.

Charm Dazzling daisies with a suspended flower. The cost in the US is $85.

Charm Dazzling Daisy Meadows/Dazzling Daisy Meadow. The cost in the US is $85.

Lovely set of petita daisies. Until now, I did not pay attention to pendants with petites, but I really liked this set. I think he will look great.

The bottom row in the photo is a brand new set — magnolias. Separator, charms, clip. Everything looks amazing bright, fresh and new.


New bracelet with soft classic thread and daisy-shaped clasp. Looks very springy. Such a gift immediately looks like with one bead. Fans of the Pandora brand have been asking for a flower clasp for a long time, and now their dreams have come true!


In the second group of new products, we see an unusual security chain. Which is made in the style of clips. I think it will fit perfectly with the threadless bracelets that came out last year. In the same style, a retainer with silicone is made. Pebbles on the sides and the inscription Pandora in the middle. We are also presented with a new crown. Fairytale crown. Below we see a number of charms with stones of different colors, these are Radiant Droplets. Now they are presented to us in 7 colors. The two-tone charm of this collection is interlocking circles and a classic heart clip.


Charm Generous heart, in stones and in the middle — a golden heart. Pendant Signed heart. Round pendant with the brand’s inscription and a gold heart set in stones in the middle. Wedding heart with the inscription Just Merried. Charm Thank you and Pandora’s Silver heart with many engravings.


This collection has been replenished with gold jewelry! Pendant Romantic heart Decorated with flowers and my favorite Luxurious flower. The stones are of such a delicate pink color that they fascinate.