Today we bring to your attention a very exciting post — a preview of the new Pandora Spring 2018 collection! Thanks to spring iridescent flowers, a marine palette and charming animals, this year’s spring collection departs from the traditional floral theme, turning more to the natural.

On March 15, the Pandora Spring 2018 collection will go on sale worldwide; therefore, you will not be able to buy any of the products presented here before the specified date.

Regarding Charms, we want to say that our definitions of the theme of each collage are very vague, since there is quite a lot of overlap between Charms. This first collage features beads inspired by the natural world, with rainbow and water themed motifs. We think it’s great that this time Pandora was inspired by nature and not just flowers, thereby adding something new to this collection.

The cheerfulness of rainbow designs is refreshing, and the direct image of a rainbow can be used as pride.

The following collage features some of our favorite designs from this set! the whole Enchanted collection so beautiful and the detailing of most of the silver elements is very refreshing. Tassel threads very thin, and we feel that from a practical point of view, they would look better on a necklace. Кліпса Enchanted Heart resembles a decorated gingerbread; it will look good with other elements enchanted tea party in our next collage.

There is one more bead that we missed in our first collage — this is a charm Pearly Dreamswhich will be available in both pink and mother-of-pearl enamel.

Next up are nature-themed beads, most of which we think once again have some of the best and most interesting designs! The Enchanted Garden Glass instantly claims our all-time favorite Pandora Murano glass bead — we’re always into pastels and we love the little bumblebees. Enchanted Tea Pot is made of pink enamel and cubic zirconia, and we assume that it can be opened.

The Sparkling Snail — a very ambiguous small bead.

From this set, protective chain Arcs of Love — our favorite thing, it is best to decorate it with a red gold bracelet from the collection MomentsWith a fastener Love of my Life. However, we also like beads Ribbon Heart Glass — it is nice to see that Pandora is once again creatively referring to the use of glass in its products; also Perfect Pals pretty cute

If any of you end up deciding to purchase Beautiful Bot (Which will also be available in Rose), we’d love to see how and what you pair it with!

Miniature versions will finally be released for Charms! They are worn in necklaces or with pendant beads.

At the end, it is worth noting that for the bracelets of the collection Moments there are three new designs. The most innovative, perhaps, is this Sliding Bracelet, which is sold in one size and adjusts to the size of your wrist. You can wear it with beads or as a regular bracelet.

Our favorite is Wildflower Meadow. This little enamel ladybug is so cute.