Today’s post features a preview of Pandora’s new SS18 collection, with a look at all the accompanying jewelry pieces coming out next month as part of Pandora’s Spring 2018 collection! We covered charms and bracelets this week, but this preview offers an in-depth look at rings, necklaces, and earrings.

The collection will be available worldwide on March 15th — we’re not usually too excited about new jewelery without Charms, but this time we think Pandora Spring 2018 has some really beautiful pieces. Read on for a preview!


Let’s start with some themed rings, which we think have some of the best designs in the collection. Example, Glorious Blooms.

Next is the ring, the design of which we liked the most from this set — Spring Bird. It is made of silver, beautifully oxidized and looks very cute! It’s like a symbiosis Pandora and Trollbeads — that kind of older, old-fashioned detail, but cuter than the usual TV aesthetic.

Dreamy Dragonfly has elements of the same vintage aesthetic in the oxidized wing details, but looks more modern overall.

Enchanted Crown — this is a design that we could hypothetically like, but it is still worth evaluating how this ring will look on your finger.

ring Heart Swirls made of silver, but its main focus is on the inlay.

Chandelier Droplets corresponds to one of the rings we described in the previous preview.

We love the cute little silver hearts on the inside of the ring Swirling Droplets — although that’s not what you’ll see when you put it on!

Signature Hearts of Pandora has a fairly simple design and is made of silver.

a series of rings Arcs of Love will be available not only with the usual inlay, but also in an iridescent version, where the stones change color from purple to blue.


Next — necklaces! There are some interesting things included in this set. The rainbow theme continues in two new encrusted necklaces. Example, Heart.

necklace Arch does not have a very large number of encrusted stones. The length of the chain is 50 cm.

Chandelier Droplets has a classic design.

And now we’re on to some of our favorites! Charms and jewelry series Enchanted Tassel was one of the most popular previews among collectors, and we think the design is particularly well represented in this necklace.

Spring Bird returns as a necklace! It also looks a lot like a ring, but we think the rod shape of the design is a little less refined. However, this necklace is still very cute.

Dreamy Dragonfly looks very attractive and in the form of a necklace.

Then we have something more unusual! In the catalog, this ornament is indicated as a brooch or a pendant. It can probably be worn as any of the above, but we’d like to see the back of it to make our own definitive conclusion. There is something tropical about this decoration, therefore, it can also belong to the summer collection.

Our next hot item is this cute choker. Last year Pandora released their fabric choker, which probably prompted them to create a proper silver version. It has a pretty good design and will be quite popular among buyers.


Spring Birds will also be available in the form of hoop earrings — they have even more cute elements, in the form of small stumps made of silver. So beautiful!

Earrings Ladybug Meadow is another one of our favorites from this collection! This purple enamel looks very attractive.

Earrings Enchanted Tassels look lovely but wonder how heavy they will be with so much silver!

Chandelier Droplets end with a large inlaid pendant at the base of the earring.

Elegant Waveswhich we think echoes the nautical-themed beads featured in the previous spring preview, but their design is quite abstract.

Earrings are also offered to your attention Enchanted Crown і Heart Swirls.

Playful Wink — it’s an odd design choice to turn charms into earrings, we think, but they’re pretty interesting!

And, finally, we bring to your attention the relevant ones rainbow earrings.