With one week to go until the release of the new Pandora Spring 2018 Collection, today, as is tradition, we have beautiful photos of all the new Charms and Bracelets for you, as well as lots of personal commentary! Due out on March 15th, this release has been largely well-received by fans and offers something new after several years of exclusively floral Pandora Spring collections.

A separate Pandora Shine line will be launched next Thursday — we are not yet allowed to write about this collection until its official launch. The Pandora Disney Spring 2018 collection will NOT be released until April 12th, so we can’t preview it at this time either.

This post covers an overview of all the charms and bracelets coming out next week. Please see the Pandora Spring 2018 tag for more jewelry.

Pandora Spring 2018 collection bracelets

First of all, pay attention to the new concept of the Pandora bracelet — sliding braceletwhich can be unzipped at the ends to add new Charms.

bracelet Smooth Pandora Signature offers a more neutral version of the Lock Your Promise bracelet, which was released for Valentine’s Day. It has a removable lock and many have speculated that eventually the removable locks will be sold separately like Trollbeads.

The last representative of charm bracelets, Wildflower Meadow, Has a clasp in the form of a flower; however, our favorite detail is the little dangling purple sun. She is so cute! We would have preferred it without the lilac crystals to keep all the elements together, but we still really like it.

Charm collection Pandora Spring 2018

As usual for Pandora’s spring collection, we have lots of nature-inspired beads, but this time they’re special in that the key motif is water, not flowers! Blue Swirls imitates streams of water by contrasting bright silver beads with different shades of blue enamel.

AT Blue Ripples the same design is observed, but using a light blue stone.

A bead is also offered to your attention Aqua Heart.

Shame on you Enchanted Cobblestone offered with clear and blue crystals.

Next up we have a set of rainbow beads! They’re also nature-themed, but other than that, they’re fun in their own right.

Rainbow of Love has a rather childish design, but we’ve always loved the enameled multi-colored elements, and that’s probably why we’re always drawn to it! A few people mentioned that this bead would also make a great pride symbol, and we agree!

We think that enamel does not look so good on an openwork design heart beads — the yellow color is too bright, but to each his own!

The rainbow effect is also observed in the inlays of the next two beads — the separator and the protective chain Arcs of Love. We like the second design, as the small cloud decoration in the middle of the chain makes it very cute, although it is difficult to present this decoration on anything other than a bracelet in an exclusively rainbow theme!

And finally, we have our favorite «rainbow» decoration — a bead Iridescent Rainbow Glass from Murano glass. Rainbows and clouds are depicted under bright iridescent blue glass. This design is so fun and upbeat that we’ve dedicated it to a themed bracelet of its own.

Below you can see all the rainbow charms. The Hearts enamel bead looks much better in person than we expected.

Next, we offer to pay attention to the line of more traditional Pandora Spring beads, which combine floral and fairy-tale motifs in a very beautiful collection Enchanted Nature. Our absolute favorite is again the Murano glass charm, featuring delicate flowers and two small copper bees in soft pastel colors. If these beads will look as beautiful in person as in the photo, then they can definitely become one of the favorites.

The glass doesn’t look that bright in the real photos, but the beautiful fine detailing is definitely there:

Sparkling Snail — a beautiful bead that combines the more modern style of Pandora with all the whimsy of old beads.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Snail beads in this great shot:

This little bead Cute Mouse we also like it in the form of a mouse. Although it doesn’t look as detailed as most of Pandora’s classic animal charms, it still looks very cute and reminds us of an edible sugar candy mouse. And the charm of this mouse is that it has a small movable tail!

Here are two real photos — luckily, this bead looks just as cute in real life as it does in the production photos.

We absolutely love the intricate curls on the bead Enchanted Tea Cup, And you can see a small bird on the rim of the cup. The bracket they chose is thankfully not encrusted with crystals!

To combine with the previous one, Pandora made a bead Tea Pot, on the spout of the teapot, which also has a small bird. This is a beautifully detailed bead and it looks great in the production images as well.

We love the look of both of these beads — the tiny birds are very clearly visible.

Nice to see a simple silver design in the Spring Bird House. Of course, we still wished that the inscription «Sweet Home» (English — «Native home») was not on the back, as we think that it adds unnecessary sentiments to the bead, but in general it looks quite cute.

Glorious Blooms look quite tropical due to their coloring and, like the water-themed beads described above, are more suitable for a summer collection.

Pandora has begun releasing seasonal versions of its popular button charms Radiant Hearts, which this time reflect the spring version of the design. This one has silver flowers around the edge, as well as a very cute ladybug and dragonfly, as if crawling on the crystal.

openwork Promise of Spring you can read the words «Love Life» (English — «Love life»), it is outlined against the background of flowers and dragonflies.

Dreamy Dragonfly looks absolutely abstract from one side, but if you turn this bead, you will see a beautiful dragonfly! We love the combination of modern and romantic in this bead.

A separator is also offered to your attention Wildflower Meadow.

safety chain Wildflower Meadow also belongs to the collection of jewelry with floral designs, although we liked the other security chain with detailed floral elements better.

Chandelier Drops has an elegant design, but it is difficult for us to imagine how it will look on a bracelet in real life — the small details will look strange and uncomfortable, as soon as you want to add other charms and jewelry next to it. This bead can look good as a separate decoration on a leather bracelet.

Despite all the beauty and drama, you should think about how practical it will be Enchanted Tassel in everyday wear! It is interesting to see how this decoration will be placed on display bracelets in Pandora stores.

So, the Pandora store in the city of Stonestown styled it like this:

Enchanted Heart Tassel very reminiscent of the charm popular in 2014 Chinese Lantern in red enamel, and would make a great addition to this charm on an Asian themed bracelet!

Our favorite from the Enchanted collection is without a doubt the safety chain. It has such a subtle, complex design, while looking more reliable than the above chain Wildflower Meadow.

You can see this decoration in action together with the bead Enchanted Heart Tassel.

This clip reminds us of those beautifully decorated gingerbread hearts in the shape of a heart that you can buy at fairs in Germany! This bead would look great on a themed bracelet as a Hansel and Gretel fairy tale decoration.

And now we move on to beads of love and family themes, which depart from the main natural motif of this spring collection. chain Arcs of Love offers a more generic version of the rainbow design we’ve seen before — no cloud on the chain.

This safety chain is shown here with two of Bella Bot’s new beads Rose:

Perfect Palswith soft mother of pearl enamel and rabbit / bunny silhouette, can be perfectly combined with beads for Mother’s Day 2018.

Charm Princess not much to our taste, as her facial features seem quite strange!

Playful Wink in emoji style looks the same on both sides, judging by the production photos.

clips Arcs of Love will be sold with pink and clear crystals.

enamel beads Enchantment sold in two colors — blue and pink. The first goes well with the above «sea» jewelry, and the second — with softer, family charms.

The pink version is shown in this beautiful shot:

pendant Ribbon Heart Glass also available in pink and blue, offering glass droplets with a twisted ribbon pattern.

Blue pendants pair beautifully with the Blue Swirls Charm in this stylized bracelet:

They remind us of glass droplets, which Pandora released briefly in 2013 if anyone still remembers it — wonder if they can last longer!

Charm Pearly Dreams did not appear in the North American catalog we had a chance to look at.

In conclusion, we bring to your attention Beautiful Bot, Perhaps the most talked about charm of this collection at the moment! She has movable arms and legs, and she attaches to your bracelet with the help of a head. This is a rather unprecedented design from Pandoraand we can’t wait to see how customers will combine it.

In this live image, you can see both the silver and pink versions of the Bella Bot, along with a cute box for the Asian region! We don’t know if this pack will be available in other regions.