SToday, in the first days after the celebration of Christmas, we present to you the new trends of the Pandora collection of jewelry and pendants — Spring 2018! Journey beyond the ordinary in the rays of the bright colors of the rainbow — that’s how you can call this jewelry set.

I that’s not all, we hope to be able to see a lot more, but the post contains the main ideas of the new collection. Usually, spring releases go on sale in mid-March.

We bring you our review!

Spring 2018 collection: Pandora announcement

SFirst, we present new charms and a bracelet inspired by all the colors of the rainbow and spring. A light cloudy shade of blue, like a piece of the summer sky, froze in the Venetian glass, like a rainbow in a whirlpool of reflections.

NThe new bracelet will change its size depending on the type of its owner’s hand, only now we do not see the possibility of attaching charms, except with the help of hooks. Or maybe it will be possible to separate it in the middle? See you soon, very interesting!

Further, in the bright light of spotlights, we see the following decoration, also inspired by the theme of the rainbow.

Announcement: Mother’s Day 2018 with Pandora

We still don’t have photos, but we have already been told about several pieces that will be featured in the collection. Pandora for Mother’s Day 2018:

  • All of these pieces are in the style of the complete Valentine’s Day collection.

  • A child with a balloon — a bracelet with a balloon in the hands of a child freely floating with him;
  • Tree «Lifestyle»;
  • Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 Heart Bracelet.

Pandora Conducts Consumer Survey on Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

A very unusual selection of announcements from the company Pandora, who conducted an email survey of opinions about the new Spring/Summer 2018 Collection among select buyers in the United States. We’ve compiled everything we’ve seen in this post. These decorations were predetermined by their future buyers.

The company notes that all announcements are preliminary, and we will see our favorite designs in stores in spring and summer. We suspect that all of the designs from the announcement will be featured in the new collection due to the fact that some of them are repetitive.

water hearts for those who cannot imagine their life without blue. Perhaps we will see them next summer?

Completely clean version charma-povewhich was already presented at the beginning of our review of announcements:

Charm radiant hearts and paves open your heart can be put in line with the rainbow pendants presented by us earlier:

rainbow mosaic — one of our favorite pendants, it looks like essence mosaic collections of 2016, or on a charm moments. Incredibly skillful vision of the rainbow theme

Topic rainbows closes with a chain clasp. Look how beautifully framed a small cloud. Although, to be honest, we won’t be sure about the quality of the rainbow pavés on top until we can see them in the store in person.

Also, there is cubic zirconia version the same clasp

The company knows a lot about offers for women for their main holiday, presenting a charm with pink cubic zirconia tracks:

Our first impression of what we saw is super! And it doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen before. Perhaps in everyday life it will be difficult for her to find a use because of the unusual shape, but everything is presented in the photo in the best possible way. Sleek, light, elegant.

We approached the new designs of 2018 in style Disney. Chain climbing mickeyexcellent and very nice. Lately, Pandora has been at the forefront of chain design.

Mickey’s pure silver chain of gestures is also amusingly done

Charm vintage minnierather tasteless, likely to be difficult to perform

We continue. Pandora in pink presented the first design of this series, part of my heart. A mixture of pink and purple with pure cubic zirkonia crowns a pink lamellar heart.

Mother’s Day Proposal 2018

Details meadow flowersthat we liked: a small ladybug, as if climbing on a decoration, ocher floral cubic zirconias on a background of pink metal. The only thing we think is that the design is a little oversaturated with details.

Spring designs from two years ago are reflected in the color pink of 2018 — design magnolia flower:

Finally, we leave the most interesting copy of the pink part of the collection — charm bella bot, which will move its body, hanging from your bracelet! This year, Pandora has brought a fresh twist to its pink collection by adding a character with such a bold, unconventional design.

New concept in the form of gilded heart charms:

In love with love refers us to the charm presented in the 2016 collection bride and groom:

Radiant elegance impresses with its fashionable look…

Amber and clear cubic zirkonia decorate the clip shining path:

Again, Mother’s Day Offer 2018: Reversible Lettering Pendant love you more and love you more than anything.

Suspension You are my joysimilar to a small sun, in which you can put a small message.

Beautiful, but most likely inconvenient charm to perform golden honeylike a chocolate waffle candy. Extraordinary design in enamel and gilding in a warm yellow-gold color.

Let’s move on to other decorations. Your attention — a collage with all the earrings. In an unexpected way, in our opinion, here are some of the best designs of this entire review. simple silver earrings design spring bird reminds us of the style of jewelry company trollbeads. Also, we cannot but mention the feather earrings with pop blue hearts and purple meadow ladybugs. I would also like to see the whole palette of complementary charm designs!

To conclude, check out the new Disney necklace pendants and medallions.