Favorite jewelry made of different precious metals wear out and become dirty over time. They are affected by the sum of factors: mechanical, atmospheric, temperature. To return them to their original form, it is necessary to provide
proper care and cleaning. Cleaning of jewelry is possible both in specialized places and at home. Of course, the ideal result can be provided by a jeweler who not only cleans the jewelry from dust and dirt, but also polishes the product and sands all the scratches. But self-cleaning is also effective.

Professional jewelry cleaning

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning — A fairly popular and affordable care procedure. On sale you can find ultrasonic cleaners that can be operated, including independently. An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner has a number of advantages:

  • the process does not take much time;
  • reliable purification from all types of pollution, even in hard-to-reach places;
  • product disinfection.

However, an ultrasonic device is not suitable for all products. If for gold and silver jewelry this is a real salvation, then this method can ruin models with stones. Therefore, it is worth talking to an experienced jeweler in advance in order to assess which jewelry can be cleaned using an ultrasonic device, and which ones can be taken to a professional for cleaning.

There are more affordable way: jewelry cleaner. On sale there are options from different brands: liquids designed for silver or gold, as well as universal products for all types of metals. Applying them is elementary, but it is important to read the instructions first.

Cleaning jewelry at home

Cleaning silver jewelry at home is a fairly simple procedure. You can take improvised means to combat pollution. Silver often darkens and tarnishes. To solve these problems, it is important to soak the model for two hours in soapy water, after which the model should be rinsed well and polished with a microfiber cloth. On the cleaned product, apply a mixture of dental powder composition and ammonia purchased at the pharmacy, and rub it with a napkin. In the final, you need to scald the product with boiling water and rinse well under the tap. After the decoration is ready to wear.

Everyone can clean gold jewelry. The simplest and most effective option is processing microfiber cloth. With regular carrying out of such a procedure, jewelry will always shine and remain clean.

To combat old pollution, it is recommended to use soda (but it is strictly forbidden to rub the product with it). To clean the jewelry, take a compact container, pour 250 ml of water into it, as well as jewelry. The container can be set to heat up and add 1 tbsp to the water. l. soda, mix thoroughly and let it brew for 2-5 minutes. After the expiration of this jewelry, you need to remove it, clean it with a brush and dry it.

Video on cleaning gold jewelry: