The most beautiful and fashionable jewelry is those that suit their owners. Do women’s and men’s engagement rings have to be gold? The answer to this question is unequivocal: «NO!». After all, silver looks no less stylish and attractive than gold and other metals. Its products inspire with a bright glow, unique design and high craftsmanship. And silver wedding rings have a gracious energy and a sacred meaning, which is associated with many folk signs. Believe them or not — you decide for yourself after reading this article.

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Why can’t you buy silver wedding rings for a wedding?

At all times and among all peoples of the world, a wedding ring was and is a beautiful symbol of love. Like this feeling, it is infinite. It is difficult to destroy. That is why wedding rings represent the indissolubility of marriage.

Silver rings are often worn by couples, not always married, but engaged. This is a premarital symbol that confirms a romantic confession of noble love and devotion. Wedding rings made of silver are worn on the ring finger of the right hand to emphasize the presence of a second half, and gold rings are worn as a symbol of eternal passion.

Can I wear silver rings for a wedding?

Why not? It is not prohibited anywhere. And wedding fashion is constantly changing. Rites and traditions are no longer given as much attention as before. Today, no one is surprised:

  • a bride who gets married after several years of living together in an interesting position, in a wedding dress of a bright color or in a completely black embroidered dress;

  • the groom in leather pants or jeans;

  • a DJ who plays club or popular music at the wedding;

  • dishes of exotic cuisine, with which guests are treated at a banquet …

Therefore, wedding rings can also be not gold, but platinum, palladium and silver.

These pairs of jewelry are a symbol of emerging mutual feelings and the beginning of a relationship. They emphasize that the hearts of lovers are occupied with each other. Although it is difficult to establish one general symbolism in the case of silver wedding rings, this interpretation of the signs associated with them is practically the same among many peoples.

Are wedding rings made of silver?

Many people, for various reasons, are interested in the question of whether wedding rings can be silver. This is due to various reasons:

  • financial capabilities of the future family,

  • religious affiliation,

  • individual taste preferences in the style of clothes and accessories,

  • features of thinking and worldview.

Rings can have a special meaning for each couple.

Can all people wear silver wedding rings?

Modern silver rings are made from stronger and higher-quality alloys. Thanks to new seamless technologies, they differ:

  • impeccable appearance,

  • perfect clarity of form,

  • maximum strength and durability.

Regarding whether a silver wedding ring can be worn by everyone, scientists and dermatologists confirm that they are suitable for people with any skin type because they do not cause allergic reactions. So far, there has not been a single negative feedback that tells about the appearance of a rash on the skin or irritation on the finger.

The raw material for making such rings is a silver tube, from which a product of the appropriate shape is cut. Then there is rolling and processing to create an ornament of a given shape and size. Rings made in this way do not have unattractive joints and discoloration, they perfectly fit the wearer’s finger, as if made to order. Some models are additionally decorated with yellow or rose gold inserts. To increase resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage, the surface of the rings is additionally hardened or rhodium-plated.

Can silver wedding rings be used for a wedding ceremony?

Traditionally, unspoken rules for choosing rings for a wedding ceremony have been established, according to which future brides have the most questions.

  1. Is it possible to buy second-hand silver wedding rings from strangers?

These should be exclusively new products, not remelted metal. Used jewelry may have negative energy from previous owners.

  1. Is it possible to use silver wedding rings received from relatives at a wedding ceremony?

It is allowed to transfer wedding jewelry as an inheritance, provided that the relations of that family were harmonious and happy relations.

  1. Should the bride be present when buying wedding rings?

It is advisable to choose and buy wedding rings together, store them in one box. After the wedding, it is not customary to keep this box for yourself, but to give it to an unmarried girl — a friend or sister. Then she will also get married soon. The groom must pay for the rings and the casket. After buying the rings, before entering the house, say: «For a good life, for a faithful family. Amen.»

  1. Can there be engagement rings made of silver with a non-standard angular shape, burning, openwork, with scattered precious stones or with a massive insert?

According to the signs, it is necessary to buy classic models of wedding rings with a perfectly smooth surface so that family life is smooth and calm. In order not to program future fate, do not put any inscriptions or engravings on them, except in cases of conscious purchase of «Save and Save» rings.

  1. If you want to buy silver couple rings with a stone, which sign is better to choose?

  • Aquamarine protects the home hearth from troubles.

  • Amethyst attracts happiness and harmony.

  • Turquoise promotes marital fidelity.

  • A diamond strengthens the bonds of marriage.

  • Pearls predict long life.

  • Emerald drives away bad thoughts, makes you think about love.

  • Moonstone protects against family quarrels.

  • Opal promotes trusting and sincere relationships between lovers in marriage.

  • Ruby protects each other from the evil eye and envy.

  • Sapphire protects against adultery.

  • Topaz relieves mental suffering.

  • Zirconium saves from sadness.

6. Is it possible to let relatives or friends try on silver engagement rings bought for a wedding?

According to superstitions, no one should be allowed to try on and put on someone else’s rings. They accumulate problems that will be borne by the one who wears someone else’s jewelry. By giving someone your ring to try on, you are giving away your own happiness.

Since a woman’s silver wedding ring has a special energy, you should not brag about it in front of strangers, who may be envious and taunt. Female sorceresses can use the product to talk about troubles that will increase after the wedding under the influence of the powerful energy of this decoration. This may cause the ring to fall to the floor during the vows at the wedding ceremony. According to belief, such a marriage will not last long and will be unhappy.

Some folk beliefs are funny and surprising:

  • if the groom loses his wedding ring, after the wedding he will leave his family, the bride will only have a big quarrel with his relatives. It is believed that several sins of the owner of any gender will go in the lost ring;

  • the more expensive and massive the groom’s wedding ring will be, the more diverse and brighter family life will become;

  • to pick up someone else’s wedding ring — to a quick wedding of your own, but in no case should you measure such a piece of jewelry, and even more so, keep it for yourself. It is desirable to find its owner. If this is not possible, take it to the church. If they don’t take it there, then hand it over to a pawn shop for remelting, and donate the proceeds to charity;

  • lose a ring in your house, and then find it — to unexpected luck and favorable changes in life;

  • a silver wedding ring helps to get rid of toothache. If a tooth is sick, then you need to rinse your mouth with water, at what time it was there. When there is pain in the joints, you need to move them along the sore spot — and everything will pass.

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