If the «Save and Save» ring is broken or lost, it’s a disaster.

To prevent trouble, their owners should know the interpretation of folk signs that are associated with damage to this jewelry. All of them have been rewritten below.

Why wear a «Save and Save» ring?

In many peoples of the world, it is customary to give these rings with the best wishes and good intentions. In Ukraine, many different superstitions are associated with them, often contradicting each other.

Our ancestors firmly believed that this ring can be given as a gift only on certain days — on the name day (Angel’s Day) or Christmas.

  • If a guy gives a girl an engagement ring with such an inscription and precious stones, then the hardness of the stone shows how confident he is in his intentions and how strong the relationship, feelings, and then the marriage union of this couple will be.

  • When a woman gives birth to her first child, her husband should give her an expensive gift with meaning. In such cases, many men give the very ring «Save and Save» with internal engraving. It is believed that his protection also extends to both the mother and the child.

Such a gift should be accepted only from a benevolent person.

If the relationship between the giver and the recipient of the ring is unfriendly, then the powerful flows of energy impulses enclosed in it will negatively affect the future lives of both people.

Refusal to accept this decoration can lead to a quarrel with the donor and a break in relations.

Since the new owner of the ring does not always know how the one who gives it treats him, when putting on the jewelry for the first time, you need to whisper: «Save and keep.» So he will thank the person and neutralize his negative thoughts.

Those people who are afraid of trouble in the future, but still want to accept this ring, need to give some money for it, at least a metal hryvnia.

If a man suddenly gives such a present to a girl who is not his bride. In order to protect yourself from the adverse consequences associated with the influence of male energy transferred to the ring, the first time you put the jewelry on your finger, you should say «Save and save» about yourself.

The meaning of the «Save and Save» ring when damaged

Since these ornaments are a powerful protective talisman, their sudden breakage is a bad sign.

According to folk omens, if the «Save and Save» ring suddenly burst, a negative energy flow was directed at its owner. Due to the fact that the amulet reflected negativity, it lost its power.

In this case, prayer rings are engraved like wedding rings. But the breakdown of a wedding decoration means that evil intentions and actions are directed against the family, this portends:

  • adultery;

  • relationship breakdown;

  • the appearance of a dangerous enemy / s.

If the engagement ring has broken, to prevent sad consequences, it is necessary to buy a new pair of jewelry.

To the question «do you need to consecrate the «Save and Save» ring after purchase?» the priests answer: this must be done before exchanging wedding rings again and pledging eternal love and loyalty to each other again.

Losing the «Save and Save» ring: what will happen soon

All jewelry made of precious metals has a strong energy connection with its former owner.

The older the jewelry, the greater the probability that its loss was an accident. This is a sign from above — a warning about possible troubles.

In the old days, it was said that together with the lost ring will go:

It has been repeatedly confirmed that the loss of a wedding ring portends separation from a loved one, a breakup of a relationship, divorce or death.

If a person lost a «Save and Save» gold ring, then luck will turn away from him in the near future. Problems with money, troubles at work, up to dismissal and closing of the business are possible.

Losing a silver ring signals that a person is sinning, he is dishonest with the Lord, himself and the people around him. He urgently needs to visit the church, receive communion and confess.

The sudden disappearance of the «Save and Save» ring may indicate that it has fulfilled its protective function. Someone tried to harm its owner, was very jealous of him, wished evil, death. And the charm took on this strong blow and repelled it, it did not affect the life of the owner of the ring.

What to do if you lose a «Save and Save» ring?

You just need to make up for the loss — ask a loved one who treats you well and whom you trust, to give a new, similar ring.

Sometimes it happens that a missing thing, the loss of which has already come to terms, is suddenly found. According to ancient folk signs, finding a «Save and Save» ring after a loss is a good sign. It confirms that the charm prevented trouble. When the owner was no longer in danger, he returned to continue his security mission. It is not possible to put on and wear it immediately after finding it, because it is not known which magicians or sorcerers have visited this decoration. Clean it with Thursday salt, mixed with water from a holy spring, read the prayer «Our Father» over it. Only after these ritual actions can the jewelry be worn without fear of trouble.

Finding the «Save and Save» ring

The value depends on the place of discovery. Some are considered safe, others portend trouble.

Many magicians use «Save and Preserve» rings in case of conspiracy, corruption, and evil spirits. After the ritual, they take the ornament, filled with evil and negative energy, to the crossroads and leave it there. Therefore, in no case do not lift the rings, even if they are several meters from the intersection. They were pushed away and passed by in a car or on a bicycle, but this negativity did not diminish.

Only a person who wishes evil to the owner of the house could throw a so-called religious ring into a house or apartment. You should get rid of such a find as soon as possible, without touching it with your bare hands. It is necessary to use a cloth, a ball or a glove.

Sometimes in the forest there are jewels left by freshly buried dead people, so you can’t pick them up and take them away from the burning.

To find a ring near a waterfall is a wonderful sign that portends a long life in abundance, success and wealth. The same, if you find it in public transport, it means a fateful acquaintance or the restoration of an old friendship.

No matter how gracious the place is, you need to listen to yourself. If your soul is restless, then do not touch the ring. The involvement of its former owner is unknown. The heavier it was, the worse it will be for the person who finds and starts wearing this piece of jewelry.

Why does the «Save and Save» ring burst?

It depends on what metal it is made of. If the silver «Save and Preserve» ring is cracked, something bad is being planned against its owner. After all, silver is a symbol of the crystal purity of the soul, which is why even the scales of holy icons are made of it.

When a silver ornament has changed its shape and color (bent, cracked or blackened), it means that the owner of the «Save and Preserve» ring will be ill or have a loud scandal with the other half, followed by a break in the relationship.

If only a stone fell out of the ring, but the rim remained intact, you need to take the jewelry to a jeweler so that the master can put it back and fix it securely. If the stone is missing, the ring must be disposed of immediately, handed over for remelting, and the money received must be donated to charity. This will prevent failure and bring positive events into life.

If the «Save and Save» ring that the woman chose and bought for herself suddenly burst, serious troubles in her personal life are possible. If it was given as a gift, then unpleasant events will be associated with its donor (it does not matter if it is a male or female relative).

Remember: under no circumstances should you wear damaged jewelry!

If the ring suddenly has an almost imperceptible scratch or microcrack, remove it from your hand. It has the property of accumulating negative energy, which will negatively affect health and luck already in the near future.

If the ring with the engraving «Save and save» is broken, it cannot be repaired or restored, then you need to mentally thank it for its faithful service for many years, take it to the nearest church or give it to a pawn shop for melting. Then buy a new similar ring in the Silvers online store with delivery across Ukraine. Buying from us, you can be sure of its good energy.