Millions of jewelry in the world created by the most famous jewelers is always alone. Of course, there are sets that were originally invented, but what if you like separate models from different styles, metals, shapes and sizes? How to combine incongruous? Can it be done? How to become an ambassador in the selection and combination of jewelry? Let’s try to understand all this with an example.

Why combine jewelry?

Most of us never ask ourselves this question, but there is jewelry etiquette in the jewelry industry and it should be followed. We often wear different kinds of jewelry. Combinations can be double or triple:

  • ring + pendant;
  • ring+bracelet;
  • ring+bracelet+pendant;
  • pendant+brooch+earrings;
  • earrings+pendant+bracelet.

The first pairs are the most common options. We are used to using them because of the completeness of the image. One piece of jewelry can be lost in a bright outfit or not enough to enhance a formal suit, but a ring with a pendant in tandem create a whole look.

Pandora is a jewelry brand that is often referred to as a designer. Jewelry released under different themes here can be combined as you like. A large range of jewelry allows you to choose any combination and create a whole look, and not just a separate piece of jewelry.

A duo or trio of products on you perform specific functions that an independent eye may not even be aware of. The combination of jewelry with each other is a whole philosophy invented to create the perfect image. Well-chosen combinations will help to hide flaws, emphasize advantages, point to something specific, or simply become bright strokes.

What is jewelry etiquette?

In the jewelry world, there are certain rules for combining jewelry. Buying a ring with a pendant is easy, but doing it correctly is much more difficult. Jewelry etiquette is a symbol of rules that will help you figure out how to create jewelry sets, combine different shapes and styles. They can be supplemented, combined and even broken, but knowing them will help you look perfect!

  1. Don’t mix metals.
  2. Consider the features of physiology.
  3. Consider the dimensions of the jewelry.
  4. Be careful with stones.
  5. Choose jewelry to match your style of clothing or a specific event.
  6. Create one versatile combination.
  7. Come up with a concept.


Naturally, gold and silver are the main materials. It is categorically impossible to combine them with jewelry. This is the only rule for the modern world. Despite the style, originality and originality of jewelry. It is, however, a separate type of jewelry than part of a similar combination. It is a completely different matter with silver and gold.

Even 30 years ago, the combination of gold and silver was something forbidden. In the modern world, the play of contrasts and styles, provocative forms and the most unpredictable combinations are an expression of one’s own individuality. That is why it is possible to combine gold with silver, but it should be done very carefully. There is one basic rule here — you can only combine products of the same niche! For example, a silver ring with a gold pendant is forbidden, but several different rings made of different metals are acceptable.

Using gold and silver in tandem will be successful if the jewelry has some kind of connecting element. This will give conceptuality to all decorations and visually create a single picture.

Shape of the face, hands and décolleté

The physiological characteristics of each person are exclusively individual. Jewelery can accentuate your strengths or hide your flaws. Such an effect will only be if they are chosen correctly.

When choosing a gold ring with a pendant, pay attention to your fingers and décolleté. If the brush and finger are refined, a massive wide product will not suit him. Here it is better to choose something gentle and unobtrusive. For example, the “Make a Wish” ring from Pandora. The ring «Spikes of Strength» or «Ethnomotive» will look appropriate on a more massive hand. Universal version of the ring with a movable pendant. Such decorations, as a rule, go to everyone.

The neckline is a separate topic for study. There is nothing complicated in this place, but you need to pay close attention. The length of the chain and the shape of the pendant on it will depend on the length of the neck. For short necks, jewelry similar to the “Dazzling Butterflies” necklace is ideal. Long necks choose round pendants or short chains. Pay attention to clothing, neckline and its shape.

Size Contrast

On the example of the fingers, it is clear that the dimensions of the decoration are very important. Thanks to such nuances, you can correct your own shortcomings and emphasize the merits. Jewelry can be quite impressive in size and will not always fit your style and physiology. If you have picked up and really want to buy a multi-tiered necklace or a massive one with jewelry, then you need to choose a ring a little less defiant. This is called size contrast. One product, in this case, should act as the leader, and the ring should only dilute the image, reminding that there is something to show off on the hand. The same formula should be applied in reverse.


There is a lot of enamel and cubic zirconia in Pandora jewelry. The first, in this case, does not solve anything. Enamel can be used as you like, the main thing is to combine the colors on the necklace and ring correctly, but you can go too far with stones. If you chose a gold ring with a pendant, where there is a large colored stone, then the necklace should match these colors. For example, the ring “With a round blue pendant” must necessarily be combined with a similar stone on the neck in color and size. If there are a lot of small stones on the decoration, then you should not be afraid. They can be the same number on the necklace. Whole cubic zirconia in small sizes always look elegant.

The main recommendation that can be given to stone lovers is to never combine different minerals. If you have chosen zirconium for yourself, then zirconium should be in tandem. The use of other types of stones is considered bad manners.

Clothing style and event

We are used to dressing the way we like or according to the dress code. Office, sports, urban, evening — these outfits all require their own decorations. Pay attention to clothing. Strict office stockings under a trouser suit. Here, the décolleté is the perfect place for a chain with a Revolving Heart pendant ring to look perfect. Under the sporty and urban style, we select more calm decorations. For example, the rings “Twisted”, “Exotic crown”, “With stripe logo”. The characteristic signs of evening decorations are the radiance of stones. A great example would be the Sublime Heart and Drop Cascade pendants. Such jewelry is perfect for an evening dress.

With clothes it is better to use an elementary formula. For simple clothes, you can pick up a bright multi-level necklace and, conversely, a small thin chain will be appropriate on a defiant outfit.

Universal combinations

Every girl should have some win-win jewelry combinations that are suitable for any occasion. This is a versatile style that looks simple but will accentuate any outfit. With Pandora, you can create a lot of such combinations. The basis for them are jewelry with a logo. Among the necklaces you can choose — «Pandora Heart», «With the Pandora logo», «Shining circle», «Pendant on the neck for charms». Rings will suit them well: “With a medallion”, “With a Pandora logo”, “Revolving hearts”, “Logomania”. These combinations are original and look radiant.

Jewelry with hearts and flowers are a universal combination. For example, the “Heart to Heart” necklace and a ring with a heart pendant «The symbol of our love.» The most classic option is chains around the neck. The latter can be both an independent decoration and repainted into a full-fledged necklace, you just need to buy pendants.

Thanks to such combinations, you do not need to select jewelry for a long time and combine them with each other. Here everything has already been thought up before you — a solid concept, a similar form, a minimalist style.

Conceptual combinations

If versatility isn’t what you’re looking for and you’re eager to shine like no one else, then you should go back to the previous tips and choose your jewelry carefully. It is easier to combine different ones, a single concept will help. For example, a gold ring with a pendant will match with a gold necklace with a pendant of the same style and shape. Already bought a ring with a blue zirconium stone, try to find the same stone on the necklace. It must be approximately the same size and shape. If one decoration is pavé, then the other should be matched in the same style. One decoration is themed or with flowers, then we select a necklace on the same theme.

Creating conceptual combinations with Pandora is quite easy. The most versatile way is to purchase jewelry from one collection. Their creator has already taken care of everything for you. Another option is to choose decorations with a single theme. Everything is extremely simple and visually clear, you just need to choose a product according to jewelry etiquette.

Summing up

There are several ways to find the perfect jewelry look:

  • trust the taste
  • accurately calculate everything;
  • heed our advice.

If you are already at this stage, then you have enriched yourself with enough information to personally pick up a ring with a necklace for yourself or as a gift. Trust yourself and do not forget about the elementary rules and your jewelry touches will become priceless!

❓ How to choose a pendant?

Choosing the right suspension is easy on our Fragola website. You can purchase classic shapes or Pandora branded jewelry for yourself. If you want to sparkle, then the best option is to choose a pendant with a large colored cubic zirconia stone.

? How to choose a ring?

On the Fragola website in the online catalog, you can choose what you need for yourself. A huge selection of goods on a different topic, can satisfy every taste. Just visit us and buy! If you need help choosing, contact the experts and you will be provided with the necessary advice!

❓ How to combine a ring and a pendant?

Jewelry combinations are always profitable and easier. In order to correctly combine the pendant and the ring, you need to choose similar jewelry in terms of colors, shapes and style. With Pandora jewelry, this can be done quickly, thanks to the division of jewelry into themes.

? How much does a jewelry combination cost?

The prices in the catalog are per item. The cost of the set will be equal to the sum of two decorations.