Pick a beautiful bouquet of flowers to make a delightful daisy chain!



The structure and design of Pandora Rose Pink Daisy Flower (788772C01) and White Daisy (798772C01) are identical. Exquisite daisy flowers rise above the ribbon wrapped around. Bright white enamel adorns the small flowers on the White Daisy. While a combination of pink and white daisies with an ombre effect decorate the Pandora Rose version.

Like a miniature garden, the charm of the chamomile flower attracts its own wildlife. Two bees are buzzing, collecting nectar, and a tiny ladybug crawls under them. Both insects are shaped like the latest Pandora pieces, such as the Pink Ladybird Pendant (387909EN160) and the Sparkling Bee Queen Bee Pendant (398840C01). A small heart sits between the wings of a ladybug and bees, with dots and spots creating patterns on their bodies.

Part of the beauty of Pandora openwork pendants is how they interact with light and space. The hollow core provides extra depth by creating three levels.

The Pandora engraving is engraved on one side of the chamomile flower charm, ALE MET on the Rose version, and ‘S925 ALE’ is written on the silver charm.


“Daisies, simple and sweet.
Daisies are the way to win my heart.”

Patrick Rothfuss The Name of the Wind

«I keep stars in my pockets, wear daisies in my hair, but gently tuck you into the folds of my heart and take you everywhere.»

Melody Lee Vine: Book of Poetry

«The night was so quiet that you could hear the whisper of roses in bloom — the laughter of daisies — the thick grass — many sweet sounds, all woven together.»

L.M. Montgomery Anna Islands

Located on the Pandora Rose Heart Clasp Bracelet (580719) is my first two tone styling design to compliment both the silver and Pandora Rose versions of the Daisy Flower Charm.

Fragrant flowers, pink hues and the delicate blush of Pandora Rose come together in this beautiful field of daisies. Hiding among the flowers, Pandora’s Nino the Hedgehog (798353EN16), Daisy the Rabbit (798763C00) and Patty the Sheep (798870C00) nibble and chew together.


«A daisy in the desert is worth more
than a rose in a rainforest. »

Matshona Dhlivayo

“The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not deprive the violet of its fragrance, nor the daisy of its simple charm. If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its charm.”

Teresa Lisieux

“Here is the blue sea in front of you,
turquoise sky above you
amber mountain under your feet
and a golden daisy in your hands.
How are you not the richest man on earth?

Khang Kijarro Nguyen

Vibrant fuchsia enamel from Pink Daisy Flower (788775C01) and Pink Peach Blossom Flower Spacer pendants (788111ENMX) create a gorgeous color effect against soft Pandora Rose. Elegant Pink Glass & Leaves (788244) and Iridescent Murano (787576) pendants balance silver and Pandora Rose Daisy Flower pendants.