Just over a week left until the launch of the collection Pandora for Mother’s Day 2018 around the world, and as usual, today we want to please you with beautiful images and some real shots of new charms and bracelets! This release was received quite positively by collectors, offering some pretty bows and charms dedicated to anniversaries and anniversaries.

The collection should go on sale April 12. The UK has already received part of this collection back in February, as they celebrate this holiday a little earlier. The rest of the charms will be released as part of the second part of the spring collection.

This post covers all the charms and bracelets coming out of this collection. If you are interested in other decorations, please see our previous post!

Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 Collection

bangle bracelet Flourishing Hearts has a beautiful design, and is produced in limited quantities. Its feature is that the lock in the form of a heart can be removed if necessary. The only downside for us is the general «family» message, although overall the design is so beautiful! As it turned out, in the UK, this bracelet was sold very quickly almost everywhere, which justified its limited release.

Bracelet Sparkling Floating Heart is another new clasp bracelet design this year, the highlight of which is that the clasp is also a pendant! We really like this idea, as it gives new opportunities for personal design and customization. Pandora offer such a large selection of small versions of the beads that your bracelet can truly match any of the themed designs, be it Christmas, summer or Valentine’s Day.

The next bangle bracelet is a stunning limited edition piece of jewelry! All over the world it is called Patterns of Loveand in Britain Celebration. You may be pleased with the fact that there are no engravings on it.

Plentiful Hearts is the only new Murano glass bead design, but it still looks interesting. We would like to see real photos of this jewelry.

Security chain Bright Hearts would look great on a purple bracelet! I really like how different stones contrast with each other.

Enamel balloons have drawn quite a bit of attention from this collection — they are a little different from the general style. Pandora, and they seem to have received quite mixed reviews among collectors. Personally, we find them quite cute! Mouse & Balloon

The contrast of bright silver and mother-of-pearl enamel looks great on real images:

However, our favorites are charms. Elephant & Balloon. In pink and blue, they are great options for celebrating the arrival of a new family member, although they can be attractive on their own. And the silver elephants are very beautifully detailed!

The pink version has some blue inlays in it (the blue version has an exceptionally clear one).

Balloon & Teddythe latest in a series of animal charms, would be the perfect complement to the Perfect Pals bead that came out of this spring collection.

Shiny Bow is another one of our favorites from this collection. The clip will look great on a Disney bracelet

Brilliant Bownew charm from Pandoramuch larger than a regular bead and has a more voluminous shape.

Although the price of this jewelry is quite high, the production advertising images make it clear to us how much larger it is than standard beads. Pandora. This bow is just huge, especially when compared to the size of the clasp on the bracelet! We can’t imagine how it would be possible to wear this «bead» with any other charms of the usual design, but it looks great, either as a separate piece, or on a bangle or leather bracelet.

We are not thrilled with this bead, because we think that this is the case where a little splash of color would be useful to make the bow stand out from the background of the heart. Even at least the usual oxidation!

Your attention is invited to a wonderful suspension design Harmonious Hearts.

Bead Bouquet is an obvious choice for wedding themed beads, but even on its own it is very attractive.

A beautiful charm Best Bridesmaid looks the same on both sides.

Love Couple is a humorous version of bridal charms, with a more lighthearted and fun tone than some of the previous beads. The top of it is engraved with «Love of my life», as you can see in the images.

A wonderful gift for graduation from school, university or college can be a pendant Graduation Scroll.

It looks like this bead will be quite big in real life, but we like the design Achievement Trophy! The small flowers and roses are very nice and keep the design from looking overly clunky.

On the other side of the trophy is written «1»:

This piece of cake is also one of our favorites, but we think the ‘Congrats’ lettering is a bit redundant here as it limits the charm’s versatility without making it more beautiful. However, we doubt the lettering will be that prominent or intrusive if you want to use it for some other design (some users have suggested great tea party design ideas!).

The actual images show some of the beautiful details of this charm — the different colors of enamel representing the layers inside the cake and the silver ribbed icing on the back!

Then we offer five new charms dedicated to anniversaries and anniversaries!

This pendant Perfect Home has already been released in the UK — we really like the concept, but in real life it seems quite big. The jewelry hangs quite low, and it is also quite wide, so before choosing it, think over the whole design of the bracelet in detail.

Bead Love Mm Perfectly combines pastel purple and pink tones.

Flourishing Hearts — this is a beautiful silver pendant that can be combined with other jewelry from the «enchanted» collection!

The same design doesn’t look as good on this charm, but it’s still a great option for a regular silver bead. It is engraved with the inscription «Love makes a family», which can also be seen on the corresponding barlet bangle.

On beads Degrees of Love there is an inscription «Love you More, Love you most«(English -» Love you more, love you more than anything «). I really like how this text acts as a decoration design, and not like an ordinary engraving. This makes it more versatile, as the writing is not so conspicuous.

The clip Shining Pathalready available in other colors and metals, will now also be available in pink.

Suspension Perfect Mm looks attractive.

Suspension Mother & Baby Bird is a very cute way to represent Mother’s Day, and perhaps more subtle than some of the usual charms. But we would like to see this inlay replaced with some kind of oxidized silver pattern.

Existing medallion Floating Locket from silver is already quite outdated, and its sparkling version is offered to replace it!

Also as part of this collection comes a set in the form of simple letters of the alphabet for use in a medallion.

Suspension Love For Mother — Exclusive Jared bead.

Lotus deservedly attracted so much attention! In their description of this piece of jewelry, Pandora highlights its «peace» and the double lotus design of enamel and filigree silver.

Unfortunately, we could not find more information about this pendant with small birds. Most likely, it belongs to the collection of a country that we have not yet had time to get acquainted with, or it’s just a design that we decided not to make anyway.