This post will tell you about a beautiful bracelet released especially for the Valentine’s Day 2017 collection. The bracelet has a classic thread and a round clasp with a heart of stones.

The Pandora company rarely pampers its customers with new bracelets, but such an event as Valentine’s Day 2017 could not be left without attention.

The shining heart bracelet is the latest bracelet released by Pandora. It has a classic soft thread with a thread to secure the clips. The clasp is made in the form of a ball, on which a heart is laid out with cubic zirconia stones.

This shape has been known to Pandora lovers since 2013, when a clip was released in the same style. This clip was extremely popular, so perhaps Pandora decided to use it in the design of the clasp of the new bracelet.

The bracelet is available in all popular sizes. From 17 to 21.

I really like the ball clasp. It lies very comfortably on the hand. A smooth circle does not create any inconvenience, does not cling to anything and does not crush anything. For example, last year a bracelet in the form of a heart in stones was released. He is beautiful, but sometimes the heart can turn over and David in his hand with his nose. With a new clasp, this will never happen.

Conclusions: I really like the collection for Valentine’s Day 2017, especially the bracelet with a spherical clasp. This is not a groundbreaking solution, but it will still arouse the interest of many Pandora fans. The clasp is very bright, sparkling, romantic, perfect for a set of charms of spherical shapes.

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