One of the most anticipated charms from the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2017 collection. Detailed review and high-quality photos.

After the cold, dark, winter days, everyone is looking forward to a wonderful holiday — Valentine’s Day 2017.

It is like a ray of sunshine through a cold winter, as an omen of imminent warming and the arrival of spring. The first holiday that tells us — spring is coming!

The Pandora company has tried very hard to make this collection bright, juicy and desirable. Today we would like to focus on one of the brightest charms from this collection, this is the Cherry Heart charm (Cerise Hearts Murano).

First of all, we note that the idea of ​​placing stones inside Murano glass is not new; Pandora has been producing such charms for a long time. The highlight of this charm is that the stone is made in the shape of a heart! There are 4 of them in the charm. The charm has a lively pink color. Which we like better than last year’s Valentine’s Day. It is very deep and fresh, a richer burgundy color than rosé. If you look at the side of the charm, you will see that the color is uneven, closer to the edges of the charm it is almost transparent, and closer to the silver core it is dark. Most charms are made in this shade.

This charm will look great in combination with openwork hearts from the same collection or with white muranka from last year’s collection with hearts. It goes well with all pink charms, but it can also be placed in splendid isolation and will be the highlight of the whole bracelet.

Detailed high-quality photos are posted below in the gallery.