This post is dedicated to my review of the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 collection, namely the presentation “Symbol of Our Love“. I didn’t expect to own a piece from this collection, but my boyfriend gave me a bracelet for Valentine’s Day. I looked at a lot of Pandora bracelets and was not going to buy a pink bracelet at all, however, due to the fact that it was quite popular, my boyfriend, knowing my love for Pandora, purchased it for me. At the shareholder meeting, Pandora emphasized that they are going to continue to innovate and change their products in order to maintain interest and popularity in the market, therefore this bracelet is a slight deviation from the usual Pandora bracelets, which is characterized by a variable heart clasp instead of the usual design. «Barrels». This was an interesting fact for me, since I did not possess such an ornament. Read on to find out about my experience with the Symbol of Our Love bracelet and how it performs in use!

Bracelet Symbol of our love

Bracelet Symbol of our love

Review of the bracelet “Symbol of our love” from Pandora

The clasp is characterized by a cute, modern design that emphasizes the love theme and attracts the attention of others with its size, which indicates that this clasp is not as versatile and familiar as other Pandora clasps. If you decide to buy a Pandora bracelet, you should choose charms for it that would complement the pink castle. The clasp has a few inconsistencies as it is indeed quite large and, as can be seen in this image, hangs fairly low off the bracelet. To open the clasp, you need to press the small tab on the side panel. In use, it is not as difficult as opening the clasps of previous bracelets. It is also worth noting that the “Heart” clasp is so large that your fingerprints remain on the smooth surface of the lock after opening or closing the bracelet. The clasp is completely removable and you can easily wear it as a necklace pendant or even hang it on another bracelet. The new Mother’s Day 2018 bracelet also has a removable clasp, so it looks like Pandora is considering introducing a new section of interchangeable clasps for bracelets. Consider the other side of the fastener, which is not often shown in the reviews. It is made of silver, which is polished and looks good enough. By the way, «Pandora» in China for Valentine’s Day offered its customers the opportunity to engrave this surface, for example, initials or something special and personal. You won’t be able to see one moment from the picture — the lock is a little scratched due to its size and smooth surface. I wear this bracelet with other Pandora charms and at the same time, due to my work, I type a lot of text on the computer, so I already see a little wear on the jewelry.

Bracelet Symbol of our love

Bracelet Symbol of our love with clips

This Pandora bracelet has spacer sections to help keep the charms in place on the surface of the bracelet. If you want to buy Pandora charms that move easily around the bracelet and are not fixed, then in order to set the charms in a certain order, you will need to use silicone stoppers or regular clips. As I said, this clasp is very different in style from other Pandora clasps, so the design of the bracelet should also be different. You can, of course, completely decorate the bracelet with charms, pendants or clips, however, in my opinion, the clasp is so large that it makes no sense to fill the bracelet completely. I think that in the end the bracelet will look oversaturated. It is the clasp on the bracelet that attracts the most attention, and therefore the emphasis should be placed around it. Therefore, in my opinion, the decorations on this bracelet should be used to complement the castle. I’ll decorate my bracelet around it as a centerpiece and place two separate «Double Heart» clips on either side of the clasp to give the bracelet a more classic look. Size note: I usually wear 19 cm but the consultant convinced my boyfriend to choose a bracelet 2 sizes too small. This type of clasp means that it must be chosen depending on how many kinds of charms you want to put on the bracelet. Unlike a traditional barrel clasp, this clasp doesn’t tighten the ends of the bracelet, so there’s plenty of room. However, the bracelet with the size of 17 cm fit me perfectly, since I did not plan to buy many charms for this bracelet. However, it is worth noting that if you plan to fill this bracelet with a copious amount of charms, the “go 2 sizes down” rule is unlikely to apply. Another idea I had for the bracelet design was to place two of my favorite Disney charms on opposite sides of the clasp, namely the Tiger and Eeyore. They both have inserts with pink enamel, and therefore I thought that together with the clasp they would look very harmonious.

My impressions of the Pandora bracelet “Symbol of Our Love”

I am very pleased with my bracelet, although I have not yet fully decided on its design. I consider it as the Bangle bracelet, which looks good both on its own and in combination with other bracelets. I think the interchangeable lock concept is a good idea, but it will work better when Pandora focuses on the versatility of the bracelet design. For example, a design with pink cubic zirconia looks cool, but at the same time limits you in style and color. If you have multiple Pandora bracelets, it will be difficult for you to use this lock on another bracelet. That is why the idea with universal locks still needs to be improved. But I look forward to Pandora continuing to develop this concept. If you want to buy a Pandora bracelet in Ukraine, we invite you to visit the Fragola online store, where all the jewelry from the Pandora spring collection is presented.