The cutest Pandora collection of all time! Get ready, because the Pandora Disney Babies collection will melt your heart!

The Disney x Pandora Babies Collection released worldwide on Thursday, April 2, 2020.

Decorate your bracelet with a new friend from the Disney x Pandora Babies collection! These characters are not only cute, but also represent such wonderful qualities as loyalty, perseverance, and bravery. Treat yourself or show a friend what quality you love about them.

Created in collaboration with the Disney Toy Development Team, the collection includes eight of our favorite Disney babies!


Each character from the Disney x Pandora collection is a figure with a small body and a large head. Since children tend to have larger eyes and heads than adults, this does not look distorted.

Shiny silver trim matches Marie’s bright white fur, and the head bun is adorned with a pink enamel bow. Glossy black enamel emphasizes her large beautiful eyes and fluttering eyelashes. She sits like a woman, her fluffy chest is pushed forward, and her tail is wrapped around one side.

«PANDORA» and «© Disney» tags are engraved on the back of the Aristocats Marie Charm (798848C01) . The massive bow and collar are painted in bright pink enamel.


Pandora’s main silver engravings, ‘S925’ and ‘ALE’, are engraved discreetly at the bottom of the Pandora Marie charm.

The Aristocats Marie charm looks quite massive, but very, very cute!


Marie: I’m first! Me first!

Toulouse: Why should you be the first?

Marie: Because I’m a lady. That’s why

Walt Disney Cats Aristocrats



«Ladies don’t start fights, but they can end them!»

Walt Disney Cats Aristocrats

«I’m ready, maestro.»

Walt Disney Cats Aristocrats

Disney x Pandora Charm Aristocats Marie (798848C01) is Crazy Cat Lady style! This pretty style is a mix of sterling silver and Pandora Rose charms on a Pandora Rose Snake Chain Bracelet (580719) .

The glamorous charm of Puss Marie takes center stage with Pandora Rose Pride Blue (781968PCZ) and Shimmery Heart (781241CZ) on either side. Simple Sparkling Row clips (791972CZ) and stunning Peach Blossom Spacer charms (788111ENMX) provide vibrant color. Set opposite each other, the Disney Princess Crown (791580CZ) and Castle & Crown (791133PCZ) pendants symbolize that the kitten is always a princess in her castle.


“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens Bright copper teapots and warm woolen mittens Brown paper bags tied with thread. Here are some of my favorite things»

Julie Andrews my favorite things



“Cream colored ponies and crispy apple strudel.
Doorbells, bells and schnitzel with noodles.
Wild geese flying with the moon on their wings.
Here are some of my favorite things.»

Julie Andrews my favorite things

“Girls in white dresses with blue satin ribbons Snowflakes that remain on my nose and eyelashes Silvery white winters that melt in the springs. Here are some of my favorite things When a dog bites, when a bee stings, When I’m sad, I just remember my favorite things And then I don’t feel so bad»

Julie Andrews my favorite things
The second style with Disney x Pandora charm Aristocats Marie (798848C01) is a free interpretation of the song «My Favorite Things». Of course, the «whiskers on kittens» are presented with Marie’s charm. «Raindrops on Roses» is a combination of the sweet delights of Teardrops (796460) and Pavé Mystic Floral (791419CZ). The two-tone teapot (790250) acts as a «bright copper teapot», while the twisted ropes on the Binding Beauty pendant (790410PSA) transform into «brown paper bags tied with ropes»!

«Silver white winters that melt in springs» is symbolized by the beautiful Magnolia Bloom Clips (792078PCZ) and the sparkling charm of Heart of Winter (791996CZ). Finally, the retired two-tone queen bee mascot (790227) can cause painful «bee stings»!

All of the Disney x Pandora favorites are incredibly cute, and Maria’s charm is especially adorable. This is a fantastic charm for Disney cat lovers!